Chapter 327: Anya

Chapter 327: Anya

SpyingBlade thought highly of this skill. This skill, for a normal person, would be worthless. If not used well, it was just courting death. Archer were originally a hard class to play, even the very first step required skill. Archery in the game and in reality didn’t differ by much. It might be a bit simpler, but it was hard to say if even high level archers could use this skill effectively. Taking Renoir for example, that backwards leap and shoot. He not only had to dodge an attack, he also located the mage, aimed and shot. In the former games, these skills were sought after by high level archers. Looking at Ye Cang, though he didn’t want to admit it, but that guy was one of the best archers he’d seen. His accuracy and shooting speed had to be acknowledged. As for trick shooting, he would probably be like he normally was, extremely concise, without any wasted movements. It was because of this that SpyingBlade categorized Ye Cang in the same level as CloudDragon. No matter who it was, there would always be some superfluous movements at times, even a little bit. But this guy’s movements were so perfect that they couldn’t be further optimized. Just what kind of boring training process would be required to master such movements?

Ye Cang tested a few trick shots. For example, shooting during a flip, during a wall jump, and while dodging the rocks Lin Le threw. His three shots all landed on a specific pillar. “Mm, not bad. It saves some time and guarantees shot completion and accuracy.”

Little Ye Tian revived Wu Na and Fang Ci. The two looked at the food Ye Cang was passing over, and broke out in cold sweat. Thank god it was the sashimi platter. They added some wine, making it safe. Meanwhile the others were searching the surrounding rooms.

Little Ye Tian very quickly looked through the books and arrived at a conclusion, “This place is different from the last. This place was attacked by an evil cult. It’s written that they had discovered members of Natural Disaster Paradise hidden among their own people. It looks like it didn’t turn out well…”

“Let’s go look at the back.” Ye Cang brought everyone around the palace. At the back was a lake. A stone dock was on the side, and at the center of the lake, everyone could see a sculpture under the moonlight. It also seemed to be covered in blood. Ye Cang took the lead to jump into the lake and swam through the water like a swordfish. Even though the others already knew he was awesome in the water, they still gasped at his speed. Meanwhile, Fang Ci wiped his sweat. He was even faster than a damn fishman! They all followed him, but their speed wasn’t much faster than the average human.

Ye Cang took out his pike and once again turned it into a mop. He began to clean wherever his heart desired - mainly the lower body’s private area. Suddenly, OldWangFormNextDoor screamed. FrozenCloud quickly looked over. He was completely submerged. Looking at his groin, there was a fish with teeth biting onto it. Swimming over, she ruthlessly attacked that place, even going so far as to use Collapsing Palm. Hearing Wang’s bloodcurdling scream, Fang Ci imagined the scene of eggs breaking and sausages snapping, and felt a chill in his groin. He quickly summoned Bali. Zhang ZhengXiong shivered. His left hand covered his groin as his two legs worked to keep him afloat.

SpyingBlade couldn’t help smiling. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain. Sh*t! I’ve been bitten by the fish! He saw Lin Le helpfully raising his enormous blade, entering his angry little bull mode. “SpyingBlade! Don’t worry! I’ll chop it off for you! Fish that bite wieners are too evil!!”

“Get away from me!!” SpyingBlade shouted alarmed. In the water, he couldn’t put his agility to use. If that giant blade was to come at him, oh god, when that fish dies, he will end up even worse than Wang. He decisively chose to swim away, swimming at full speed and enduring the pain. Lin Le pursued him relentlessly, shouting, “Stop! Lele will help you eradicate it!”

F**k off! You want to eradicate everything that I, your father, have down there! SpyingBlade understood these three brothers too well. None of them were good people. This Lele might seem naive and innocent, but he was full of evil tricks! SpyingBlade’s health continuously dropped, but he endured the pain on his crotch. He clenched his teeth, not letting down his guard, otherwise he would be hit while he was down. Lin Le laughed mischievously. He jumped out of the water, rapidly flying towards him. Sword Draw - Flash! SpyingBlade cursed in his heart. F*cking hell! How is this helping! Who in the world attacks from the top to hit the bottom, you want to cut me in two before hitting the fish!? This distance is enough! He shadow stepped, appearing behind Ye Cang. The two of them ended up in an exceptionally erotic position. Ye Cang was sticking out his butt, and SpyingBlade appeared with his crotch against Ye Cang’s bottom. Down there, there was even a stiff fish.

Ye Cang indifferently turned around, reached out, and grabbed the fish. He looked at the somewhat embarrassed SpyingBlade, and faintly smiled, then with all his strength, tore it off. For an instant, everyone thought they could see a fountain of blood from that place, and they all felt a chill.

“Are you alright, Brother SpyingBlade…” Ye Cang held the fish, acted concerned. Currently, SpyingBlade was on the ground, gasping for breath. My XX, you son of a b*tch! Who in their right minds would tear it off like that! You bastard did it on purpose! However, another burst of pain enveloped him. Mother! Sooner or later I’m going to kill this guy!

“I must hurt a lot. I told you to let me help you…” Lin Le muttered.

Bullsh*t! Whose fault is this!? SpyingBlade glared fiercely at Lin Le. He slowly got up, with shaking legs, and began to wipe the goddess’s butt with his handkerchief.

Soon, everyone reached the shore and began to clean the goddess. Their actions looked vulgar in the eyes of the two women, especially those belonging to the shattered eggs and broken sausage OldWangFromNextDoor. He sat on the goddesses chest, cleaning in great detail, continuously muttering, “My XX, My XX…”

The statue began to glow with emerald green light.

“You brazen bastards! You dare to tease me!” A dignified and clear female voice was heard.

Wu Na and FrozenCloud gasped. It was a normal goddess! They were also somewhat worried whether they would suffer some sort of divine retribution.

Ye Cang raised his brows, then sneered and began wiping with more strength.

“Iyan~~ Brave warrior with the pike, please be gentler. That’s my most sensitive place…” The goddess said. Wu Na and FrozenCloud felt their image of goddesses shattering.

Ye Cang and the others stopped.

“Cough cough. Brave warriors, you’ve already freed my older sister Mallows and two of the ruins on Black Peaks. This is a commendation for you heroes!”

“Congratulations, you’ve received Anya’s Blessing of the Hunt: permanent +4 ranged weapon proficiency, permanent +5% damage against beasts, a chance to learn a hunting or earth skill.”

“Congratulations, you’ve learned the hunter skill - Hunter Imprint.”

Hunter Imprint: Gain an imprint every 3 hours. Can store 2 at a time. Can consume one and choose either attack or concealment. Attack will add half your dexterity as damage to your next attack. Concealment will enter stealth for 10 seconds and increase movement speed by 15%.

Other than Ye Cang, Lin Le also learned a passive that increased movement speed. To Lin Le who wasn’t fast when he wasn’t using his movement skills, the effects of this passive was especially apparent.

“I’ll leave Jam to you, brave warriors…” The emerald green light gradually faded.

“Let’s go, back to Bal Village. We need to see what’s going on with ThornyRose, then to the final ruins…” Ye Cang cleared away the materials on this little island, then said.

Everyone came to the shore. Due to their trauma, SpyingBlade and Wang were a bit worried. SpyingBlade’s eyebrows were furrowed, making sure not to be careless. Wang was also vigilant. They jumped into the water, one after another. This time, the first to fall victim was FrozenCloud. Wang looked at her with a vulgar smile and charged over, but was once again sent flying by a Collapsing Palm as well as Wu Na’s Ice Spear. He was left pathetically covering his crotch in pain.

Another unlucky one was Fang Ci. Everyone watched as Bali helped him attack the fish on his XX by biting at it. They couldn’t help by stare, how was she any different from a prostitute. Wang, whose crotch had suffered again, looked at him enviously. How nice would it be if I had a vengeful spirit like Bali. She’s just like an understanding wife. Ah, I really want a summon like that. He turned to looked at his water elemental. Although it had a feminine shape, he felt nothing…

Climbing ashore, Ye Cang appeared indifferent to the scene happening behind him. He looked at Wang, who had been sent flying to the shore, and yet another fish on his crotch. He reached out, grabbed the fishtail, then once again quickly pulled it off. Another fountain of blood appeared, and Wang’s mournful screams echoed through the night.

Ye Cang gave ThornyRose a call, “I’m done over here and preparing to return to Bal Village.”

“Mm, I’ll call you when I get there.” ThornyRose replied briefly. If possible, she didn’t to have to ask them for help. She sighed. A holiday was approaching. It seems like this weekend, they would be coming to the capital, and there just happen to be another banquet.

Ye Cang ended the call, and began to search the surroundings for materials. He was pleasantly surprised to find many uncommon ones, such as Demon Blood Flower which could be used for alchemy, medicine compounding, and cooking. What Ye Cang was was concerned about most was the crystal inlaying business. They really had too many crystals, but there weren’t many people who could afford them. Perhaps it’s because he hasn’t been openly advertised it. Next time they return to Block Rock Village, they should try to get rid of those middle and low quality ones. Keeping them is just taking up space.

“Father, don’t worry about the crystal inlaying business. Lord’s Reign is a big market that we can tap into. We can have sister Rose refer us.” Little Ye Tian reminded.

“Lord’s Reign is?” Ye Cang, who didn’t watch anything but dramas, expressed his confusion.

“Lord’s Reign, although not one of the four great guilds, but is no weaker than the four. In fact, they are actually a bit stronger than Misty Rain House and the Freedom Alliance. The reason they aren’t part of it is because the successive guild leaders all insist on not associating with the four great guilds. The current guild leader is one of the four heavenly kings, with the nickname Tyrant - LordAsked. CloudDragon, FlameEmperor, MistyVeil and NalanPureSoul have all been defeated by him before, but his temper is bad. Although he had defeated FlameEmperor, but it was only a few times. Against CloudDragon, he has roughly a 40% win rate. However, he’s the public recognized strongest duelist. If he was to duel CloudDragon one on one, his win rate would probably rise above 50%.” FrozenCloud supplemented.
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