Chapter 331: The Dance and The Elephant

Chapter 331: The Dance and The Elephant

The show continued. The songs accused people of their hypocrisies, society’s injustice, and the federations incompetence. The crowd’s mood was very high. Wu Na also sang very happily. Everyone was really listening to the words she wrote. The finale was a ballad, with a touch of sadness and loss, ‘Who Can Tell Me’.

“Far away, a distant star shines. Yet we are trapped under the endless sky. Where does our path lead? Who can tell me? Who can tell me? Where have I gone and where shall I go? Who can tell me? Will tomorrow’s light once again brighten my day, or will it just reveal the thorns. Will I be able to find you that has left? I may be covered in bruises. I may no longer be able to move. But… I want to find you who will set me free. Even if for a minute, even if for an second. As long as I can find you, I have nothing to fear.” Wu Na slowly strummed her guitar. Flasher Uncle’s gloomy bass, Panty Uncle slow drums, even the stage lights seemed to create a chill.

This ballad was completely different from everything up until now. The contrast made everyone gasp in admiration. Ye Cang’s began a waltz made everyone feel pity. It was clearly only one person dancing, but they could almost see two people twirling together, as if there was a woman in his arms, dancing with him. They were shocked by the sorrow he expressed, and were moved to tears. Everyone’s eyes were hooked. Ye Cang danced a rippling waltz, as if he was dancing on a tranquil lake. He danced holding the air, his expression indifferent, yet with trace of happiness. In the end, he put a hand on his heart, and bowed. After the bow, the air seemed to turn cold. Countless young women shed tears, and sobbed silently. Even Wu Na was a bit choked up. That guy really was too good at dancing. One person, dancing as two, then ending as one, that sort of lonely waltz.

Zhang ZhengXiong was frozen behind the stage lights.

“A’Cang, that dance looks so graceful! Let’s learn it, ok!?”


“Learn it~”

“Ok. This sort of dance is called a waltz. The steps and rhythm are like this. Stepping on my feet again!”

“It’s you not leading well!”

“Bull, it’s clearly you who has no sense of rhythm!”

“A’Xiong, you come learn too. You might even use it to bring home a sister-in-law for me…”

“For real? Then I’ll learn too.”

“A’Xue. Look, even A’Xiong dances better than you. Hah, again!”

“Get lost! It’s you not leading well!”

“A’Cang, next week, the neighborhood his holding a dancing contest. First place can get a 20,000 federal dollar shopping voucher! Let’s go participate!”

“With your dancing? Hah, fine fine… don’t hit me. Rather than next week, I have a surprise for you this week. I got you a present!”

“Really!? A’Cang, I’m so much older than you. You really, really…”

“Me, You, A’Xiong, and A’Xiong’s future wife, we’ll be together forever.”

Zhang ZhengXiong noticed the ring that Ye Cang wore, which had been exposed as he danced. It was the present that he could never give.

“Aah~ Umm, I think that’s the end! See everyone next time! Remember to give Lele a like! You have to remember~ If you don’t Lele will get mad! I’ll really get mad! I’m not tricking you~! Really really really~~!” Lin Le’s childish show made the emotional spectators chuckle.

“That was too moving. The most beautiful show I’ve seen all year! Flasher Uncle’s bass, Panty Uncle’s drums, White Asura’s gorgeous dance, I feel cheap for spending only 200 federal dollars. I’ve transfered 2000 federal dollars to T-105, Panty Uncle, and Flasher Uncle as a tip. They are Lin Hai’s pride!”

“2000? Such a show and you give 2000!? Peasant! I’ve already transferred 200,000 federal dollars.”

“Not everyone has money. It’s enough if everyone does what they can to express their intentions. As for me, I gave 500,000 federal dollars to T-105. Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle all got this much too…”

“This is Lin Hai East District news society’s Shan TongTong! After the live broadcast of the crusade, I once again bring to everyone behind the scenes footage!” Shan TongTong wore the <3 Ye Cang headband and was able to go backstage with Ye Cang’s approval.

Ye Cang wore his black suit and tophat, and was now being called the devilish gentleman. His place in the college’s 10 most eligible bachelors ranking rose a spot to third place. The picture was the bow at the end of Ye Cang’s waltz, showing his distressed smile. His popularity had shot straight up. Even Lin Le had entered the 10 most eligible bachelors list at number 6 despite not showing his face. For some reason, he was well received with otaku women.

“General! Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, this time your performance could be said to be a grand occasion in Lin Hai, and has attracted an enormous amount of attention. Many people who were unable to enter the venue are expression their dissatisfaction, and are asking when you will be performing at LinHai’s XingYue square!” Shan TongTong’s words made Wu Na extremely unhappy. Hey! What about me!? What about the Falling Sand band!? Are you ignoring me!? She looked at the fans count and saw that Ye Cang’s had broken a million while she had just reached ten thousand. Even Lele had over 600,000 fans. Dammit! I’m the organiser! I’m the singer!

“This time’s performance was just to cheer on a good friend. There’s no plans for another…” Panty Uncle said modestly.

“Although I want to spit at you, but what he said.” Flasher Uncle said with arms crossed.

As for Ye Cang, he just smiled.

“General, after that last solidarity waltz, countless dance enthusiasts are touting you as Lin Hai’s god of dance. Do you have anything to say to that?” Shan TongTong continued to interview. Wu Na wanted to go over and stab her in the back. Dammit! Sl*t! Everyone has already said it’s to cheer on a friend, yet you don’t think to follow the flow and interview me!? The real leading role! This concert’s lead singer!

“For everyone’s love, I can only accept it, but god of dance is too much. I just know a bit of dance…” Although Ye Cang spoke modestly, he still playfully tipped his hat while smiling indifferently.

“You’re not asking Lele!” Lin Le jumped out, expressing his dissatisfaction.

“Cough cough, Brother Le, you’re already famous. Lin Hai’s voted number 1 best voice actor, the target that fits the taste of countless female otaku. I saw with my own eyes, my room-mate was ‘tasting’ your holographic image…” Shan TongTong broke out into cold sweat. The words she said were not exactly compliments, but it was true that many hardcore otaku girls were treating him like a god, in a way that involved making weird moans just by hearing his voice.

“It’s expected with this Brother Le’s temperament.” Lin Le’s stepped to the side, having been satisfied.

Zhang ZhengXiong stood at the side bitterly thinking, Why didn’t I learn an artistic skill! From tomorrow on, I’ll learn to play the sax!

Originally, she was conflicted about wearing the headband that Ye Cang had given her, but now seeing his black suit, black hat, and white gloves, looking like a devilish gentleman, she really developed some admiration in her heart. That sort of ‘not eating the common people’s food’ attitude made him look so handsome, as if he were really a night-prowling devilish gentleman.

Wu Na really wanted to smash an electric guitar into the back of Shan TongTong’s head. My turn! My turn!!

Shan TongTong finally turned and began to interview Wu Na. “Concerning T-105, Flasher Uncle, and Panty Uncle’s enormous help, do you have anything you wish to say to them?”

“I’m extremely thankful for them for cheering me on. I…” Wu Na didn’t even finish before Shan TongTong interrupted her. “Ok, the interview ends here. Look forwards to Shan TongTong’s next first hand news! Bye bye~!”

Wu Na exploded and grabbed for her electric guitar. This sl*t! This is my show! I’m the leading role! I’m the leading role!!! FrozenCloud quickly went to hold her back.

Shan TongTong got Ye Cang, Lin Le, Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle’s signature. Then she got a group picture with them and left extremely satisfied. Wu Na glared at her back, full of hostility.

Ye Cang brought everyone to Old Wang’s to celebrate. Wu Na sighed. The spotlight had all been stolen. However, for it to go so smoothly, with such a great turnup, was worth it! Everyone all toasted. Panty Uncle and Flasher Uncle competed in drinking, but they both ended up drunk

Wu Na watched them stand shoulder to shoulder, leaning on each other as they left. “They’re actually good friends…”

“The confrontation between Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle has already gone on for nearly 20 years. There’s no friendship. Sympathising with each other is possible. Flasher Uncle was once my classmate. The reason he became like this probably isn’t how you think. His first love was our class’s Iron Lady Bai LiXiu. She was the disciplinary committee leader. Although she was beautiful, but everyone hated her, even the boys, because she was too harsh. She didn’t have any close friends, only some subtle relations with Flasher Uncle. At that time, Flasher Uncle was a famous thug. Even gangsters bosses needed to respect him, because his nickname back then was Mountain Cat. Like his name, even against lions and tigers, he could still bite them to death like a mountain cat. Of course I, the god emperor, was the greatest, but that was what everyone thought of Flasher Uncle at the time. Bai LiXiu would bother him every day, trying to make him mend his ways. She would check on him to make him do his homework. She was harsh; Flasher Uncle was originally not very patient, and even threatened her.” Old Wang sat down, recalling the past. Everyone listened with rapt attention.

“But Bai LiXiu never gave up. Actually I could tell, in those time, Flasher Uncle was very happy. Flasher Uncle was born in an extremely fragmented family. His mother was a heavy drinker, he didn’t even know who his father was, so when confronted with Bai LiXiu’s clinginess, he gradually wanted to leave behind the bad influences. On account of this, everyone thought that the Mountain Cat was cowering. At that time, the lions and tigers began to rise. In the end, at the 8th middle school’s front gate, Bai LiXiu faced hundreds of people, and scolded them, telling them not to keep dragging Flasher Uncle down. I can remember it like it was yesterday. She was really too straight, to resolute. In the end, she was beaten to death by them. When Flasher Uncle saw Bai LiXiu’s body, he went completely mad. The wild and cruel mountain cat instincts burst out. When he snapped out of it, he discovered that he was covered in wounds, and under his feet were hundreds of screaming gangsters. I remember seeing him facing Bai LiXiu’s body, crying an endless stream of tears. In the end, it turned out that Bai LiXiu didn’t actually die, but was in a coma. Every day, Flasher Uncle would take off his pants and show her his elephant, all to try and wake her up. Gradually, he moved to surprise attacking others, and became one of Lin Hai’s so called unconventional artists. He continued to improve his clumsy yet perverted methods, yet it has been 30 years, and Bai LiXue still hasn’t awakened…” Old Wang finished, and sighed as he looked towards the two people’s backs.
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