Chapter 332: League Begins

Chapter 332: League Begins

“So touching. I didn’t expect Flasher Uncle to be a man with such single-minded devotion.” FrozenCloud was choked with emotion. Wu Na recalled how, when she was a child walking in an alley, he had surprise attacked her and scared her with his elephant. Her nose began to run, and her tears fell.

“Flasher Uncle…” Lin Le looked at his distant back, and his ahoge drooped with grief.

Ye Cang only sighed.

Lin Hai, East District, Hong Yue Hospital.

Flasher Uncle entered a ward, stinking of alcohol. On the spotless white hospital bed laid a middle aged woman. She looked very serene. Flash Uncle opened his coat, and began to make a racket, but gradually stopped. With a heavy sigh, he clenched his fist. “34 years. Hurry and wake up. You better hurry and wake up. Don’t you see me misbehaving? I’m giving it my everything! Aren’t you going to punish me!?”

His tears dripped, landing on his elephant. Flasher Uncle wiped his tears, and made a smile. He sat by the bed and quietly looked at the woman, for a long time, without a word.

The next day, early morning.

The group was eating breakfast while watching the news. It was all about what happened last night. Each channel did a lot of specials. Wu Na bit her nails, she couldn’t stop madly roaring in her heart. Why am I practically never shown! I’m the lead singer! Why is there only Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, and that damn Ye Cang. That news channel just now even said that T-105, Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, etc… Etcetera Your sister! What do you mean etcetera, the band has a name you know. Just what are you focusing on? Is it ok to completely neglect the most important lead singer!?

“Lin Hai’s biggest recording company - XingYue Entertainment is offering sky high prices in order get Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle to sign and make an album. At the same time, they are looking for two more people to form the Flasher Panty band, and are currently in negotiations.”

“Lin Hai’s most fashionable, helping you analyse the trendiest fashion! Last night in the east district night market, what could be said to be the year’s best performance took place. Now Mary will explain to everyone why they are Lin Hai’s most fashionable!”

“Here we have the west districts biggest dancing school. Due to last night’s event, the place is now packed, making this school’s founder - Zhang MeiLi, both vexed and happy. Happy because everyone coming in wants to learn the waltz, but vexed because everyone coming in wants to learn T-105’s bewitching, solidarity waltz, which has left her helpless. Let us hear what one of Lin Hai’s best dancers has to say about that dance.”

“Among dances, the Waltz could be considered one of the easier ones. It’s mostly a revolving round dance, but this sort of dance requires two people in order to spin like that, yet the devilish gentleman is able to do two people’s share by himself. First, his skill is extremely exquisite, his steps could be considered perfect. Even his style and posture make him look like there is really someone in his embrace, dancing with him. Even more importantly is the emotion he conveys. That last lonely expression and those extra couple of minutes of silence, made it more than just a dance, but a bittersweet and lonely story. When a dance contains sincere emotions, it becomes art. That’s why this lonely waltz is something impossible to replicate. It can only be his lonely waltz. The devilish gentleman fully deserves the moniker Soul Dancer. Does he have a girlfriend?”

“……” Wu Na saw that the evaluation of Ye Cang’s dance was so high, but when would they introduce her?

“Although Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle and White Haired Asura’s performances were eye opening, but we still have to thanks a band called Falling Sand. Thanks to them serving as background, everyone got such a pleasing performance and could give vent to their emotions.”

Wu Na snapped her chopsticks with her bare hands, and roared, “I’m the lead singer! Not some background! This performance should have been ours! Aaaah! Where in the world is there a lead singer as background! It makes no sense!”

“It’s normal. Now, when you go eat whatever gourmet food, everyone goes not to eat the main course, but the various side-dishes. For example some kind of soup with meat is ordinary, but the potato in it is everyone’s favorite.” Ye Cang calmly consoled her. Frozen Cloud felt that his words were reasonable. In her favorite hot pot place, the hot pot was ordinary, but their battered fried meat was heavenly.

Wu Na didn’t understand. She stared at her fan count, at a measly 20,000. Ye Cang’s had exploded up to 2,000,000 and T-105 had 4,000,000 fans. Next time! Next time I’ll definitely become famous! She fiercely glared at the so called devilish gentleman, then went to the upstairs studio.

“It’s no wonder Nana can’t understand. She was the leading role, but you all stole her spotlight…” FrozenCloud watched Wu Na stomping up the stairs furiously and sighed.

“There will be more opportunities…” Ye Cang smiled.

In the next few days, everyone everyone happily played around the beach, enjoying their summer vacation.

In the virtual world, Difeng City. The A rank competition was about to be held at Diwang square.

Diwang square was the host of this year’s A rank league. ThornyRose brought everyone from Thorns and Roses and went to the security check. After verifying their identities, the entered.

ThornyRose brought Ye Cang and the others, who weren’t familiar with the area, to Thorns and Roses’ lounge. What caught Ye Cang’s attention was that right beside them was the Freedom Alliance’s lounge, which was splendorous and majestic. Compared to that, this Thorns and Roses lounge looked as crude as a gym changing room.

Lin Le looked at ThornyRose and inquired, “Why is their lounge like an imperial palace while ours feels like a public washroom…”

ElegantFragrance puffed. “”Pfft, the description is really fitting. Lele, it’s because our guild leader isn’t as wealthy as others…

“We’re here to compete, not for vacation, why so picky. Actually, back in the time of the last guild leader, this place was relatively gorgeous. After our debt, we had to sell many things, leaving only the essentials.” ThornyRose said unhappily.

NalanPureSoul and the Freedom Alliance people walked over from the side. “Brother Pale Snow…”

Ye Cang looked over at NalanPureSoul and smiled, “Well if it isn’t Brother PureSoul.”

The two of them began to stare at eachother for a long time. ThornyRose was a bit confused. Why are they staring into eachothers eyes? Could it be they are really a thing!?

NalanMoon was speechless. Do you have to be so sappy every time!? She looked to ThornyRose and teased, “You really should work on your lounge. You are, afterall, a women centric guild…”

“What do you care. As long as it’s functional. Let’s go, inside.” ThornyRose urged. She made a decision in her heart. Right now, they were short on funds, but next time she would fix it up. Although it would still be impossible to be as extravagant as the Freedom Alliance, as many of their decorations were symbols of honor, however to make it good enough not to be made fun of was possible.

The two teams parted and entered their respective lounges to wait for the tournament. The final two to enter, ElegantFragrance and FrozenBlood, saw Ye Cang’s party follow NalanPureSoul into the luxurious lounge. Thinking for a bit, they decisively chose to go along.

ThornyRose looked at the simple setup, but the facilities were all there. She turned. Where is everyone? Why are there so many missing? Are they still standing outside?

“Sister Rose, I saw Team Leader and them not follow us. They went with NalanPureSoul into that lounge…” KittyKat said weakly.

“Those bastards! Lowlife, black bellied woman, gossip girl…” ThornyRose gnashed her teeth. Her messenger rang, telling her she got a message and picture from FrozenBlood. She doubtfully opened it.

“We’re doing well over here. Don’t look for us. We’ll meet you at the square later. xoxo…”

The picture was of a few people drinking the virtual world’s precious wine, enjoying the extravagance as they happily chatted with the enemy. ThornyRose began to tremble. How did I meet these friends and teammates!

DyedLily patted ThornyRose’s shoulder. “Don’t be made. Adjust your mood, there is still time before the opening ceremony. I’m going for a stroll…”

ThornyRose reached out and grabbed DyedLily, clearly in a bad mood. “Don’t think of abandoning me for them. You girls too. No one is allowed to leave…”

DyedLily and the other girls sighed, and sat down to play board games, looking wretched.

Freedom Alliance Lounge.

“Team leader, regarding how far Thorns and Roses can go, do you have any thoughts?” NalanMoon asked while eating fruit.

“No idea. Probably the champions. SpyingBlade, what do you think?” Ye Cang shrugged and said indifferently.

“Champions might be too far fetched, afterall, there’s the Flame Dragon Union, but getting into the Great Christmas War should be doable.” SpyingBlade replied, leaning on a sofa.

“You’re lacking ambition! Brother Lil’White says probably champions! Then we’ll be champions!” Lin Le chimed in.

NalanMoon and NalanMight were all somewhat upset. Such an arrogant guy. Was he imply that the other three great guilds couldn’t even enter their eyes? However, SpyingBlade’s arrogance was well-known. Misty Rain House’s crushing defeat against Falling Star Pavilion was because they had looked down on him when he was a rookie. MistyVeil was assassinated by him alone, and he became Falling Star Pavilion’s trump card that all the clubs guarded against. However, perhaps because he didn’t put his heart into the training, his data showed that he should only be passable, but couldn’t make any significant difference. However, against this sort of top expert, NalanMoon still didn’t dare to be complacent. Even more than that, she was worried about Zhang ZhengXiong with his S class character - Fist Hero. As for Lin Le, NalanMoon couldn’t really say. She wasn’t able to give an evaluation.

“Is that right? Then we’ll wait and see…”NalanPureSoul gracefully smiled.

The smell of gunpowder could almost be sensed between them. FrozenBlood glared at NalanMoon. ElegantFragrance didn’t seem to care, she was calmly painting her nails. What made FrozenBlood and the others feel strange was that in the sparks going off between Team Leader and PureSoul, there was also some ambiguous element.

“It’s starting. Let’s go.” NalanBeauty reminded, making the atmosphere dissipate. They left the lounge, one after the other, and arrived at the square. Ye Cang looked at all the grandiose teams, and followed FrozenBlood to find their section. They were greeted by ThornyRose gnashing her teeth. “Actually, that side wasn’t so luxurious. I only went to have a look…”

“Me too…” FrozenBlood said.

“Ditto…” ElegantFragrance shrugged.

“You guys…” ThornyRose took a deep breath. It’s the opening ceremony. I can’t flip out. Calm down. Preserve your image.
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