Chapter 333: First Battle Broken Halberd

Chapter 333: First Battle Broken Halberd

The opening ceremony started. Singing and dancing on stage were China’s top stars. The last to take the stage was a long haired, oval faced, absolute goddess. Even Ye Cang knew this person. One of China’s most famous star - Zuo Yiyi, two times film queen, three times best leading actress, three times best female singer. Even Ye Cang had watched her drama ‘Great Defence of the Peasants’.

“Last time’s host was sister Mai Li. I know everyone is already used to Sister Mai Li, but she’s on her honeymoon, so today’s host will be me. Please forgive me if I do anything wrong~” Zuo Yiyi smiled.

Beside her was the specialist commenter, known amongst the community as Brother Zhao, Zhao Jingping. Having a serious expression while wearing pajamas and a nightcap was his trademark. “This year’s commenter is still me. Last time, Flame Dragon Union made an unexpected mistake. VastSea was just too formidable. Because of that, I couldn’t show my face to Brother Zhong for half a year. This year, I still predict that Flame Dragon Union will seize the crown!”

“Oh, watch your words. I’ll remember that. If Flame Dragon Union can’t win the championship, there will be a punishment game this year!” The so called Brother Zhong, an outspoken middle-aged man, grinned. He wore a daoist robe, but his hair was a flamboyant gold.

“Goddess Yiyi, which team are you looking forwards to this year? Everyone knows that you are also a gaming enthusiast, otherwise you wouldn’t have lost that 1 billion federal dollars…” Brother Zhao’s words made Zuo Yiyi embarrassed. “My gambling has been exposed. This year, I’ll still bet on Flame Dragon Union. Good or bad, I’m still a hard-core Flame Dragon Union fan…”

“Thorns and Roses vs Broken Halberd! 1:2 Odds! Place your bets!” Brother Zhong shouted unexpectedly.

“Thorns and Roses, 30 million!” Zuo Yiyi’s eyebrows jumped, but she still looked like a pretty heroine. Seeing the commenters on both side giving her a look, Zhao Yiyi coughed, embarrassed. “Anyways, the nth A rank professional league preliminaries, officially begins!!!”

“It’s starting. Our first opponent is Broken Halberd. After that is one of Violent Sand, Sad Wind, or Thousand Autumn. Everyone give me your all.” ThornyRose clapped her hands.

“Don’t look down on Broken Halberd. This year, it’s said that Broken Halberd obtained a very outstanding rookie…” The gossip expert ElegantFragrance said.

“Even more reason to destroy their confidence…” FrozenBlood smiled.

Ye Cang silently looked at the surrounding scene. So this is what a professional league is like. It really was spectacular.

“Every division’s first round has been decided. Thorns vs Halberd, let’s look at this fight first. Both sides have new members this year, but Thorns has the biggest change. We have this season’s newcomers with their brilliant performance in Really New Village, the Three Brothers… Although the three brothers are amusing, but here against the clubs, we still have to see their true strength. Just how good is ThornyRose’s judgement? Broken Halberd’s rookie this year is the third place in the rookie competition, so is experienced. Comparing the two teams, besides the unknown three brothers, Thorns and Roses has Miss Rose - ThornyRose, Night Empress - FrozenBlood, and The Hundred Flower Archer - ElegantFragrance; all three are superstars with S rank characters. Just the three of them are enough to bring the team to the top 8, although that’s only if they don’t meet a powerful team…” Brother Zhao said, rubbing his nightcap.

ThornyRose clenched her teeth. This was Thorns and Rose’s weakness. Although they can enter the top 8, but that was only if they didn’t meet any powerful teams. The moment they had met Slaughterhouse, they were utterly defeated. That’s when she realised the difference between ideal and reality.

“Don’t look down on Thorns and Roses. ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and ElegantFragrance are all top athletes; only the rest of the club is truly too weak, especially after the last president’s mess. However, sooner or later, these three flowers will blossom…” Brother Zhong smiled.

“Indeed, of the female players, ThornyRose and FrozenBlood are known as the golden duo, never leaving each other’s side, with love more solid than gold, the perfect example of lesbians…” Zuo Yiyi said with a light smile.

“Hey, Goddess Yiyi, what century is your information from? ThornyRose reportedly has a fiance now, her partner is Brother Hero of the three brothers. She has completely abandoned FrozenBlood…” Brother Zhong helplessly corrected.

“What!? Something so big happened while I was busy the last two months!? But they were the official pairing! I’m even a fan of the lesbian pair! Too disappointing, I’m now an anti-fan…” Zuo Yiyi cried out.

On the field, ThornyRose was speechless. What do you mean the perfect example of lesbians! I’m not a damn lesbian! Who spread this rumor! You better not let me find you!!

ElegantFragrance sneezed. Is someone being jealous of my grace?

ThornyRose looked at the Broken Halberd’s leader - HalberdInSand, a very capable person. He had taken a B rank team and brought it up to A rank. Even the third place rookie was willing to join. Her eyes wandered towards that rookie, sorceress - CapableLiu. Clearly Misty Rain and the Freedom Alliance both would have invited her, but she still persisted on joining such a second-rate team. It truly made no sense. Was she messing around with her professional career?

“Who would have thought we’d meet an elite team in the first round… Please go easy…” The bald HarberdInSand embraced CapableLiu and said with a grin.

“So they had that sort of relationship…” ThornyRose was stunned. She then said quietly, “Do your best…”

The first round was an elimination tournament. ThornyRose considered letting FrozenBlood or SpyingBlade go up first as a show of strength, but before she could give the order, Zhang ZhengXiong began walking towards the stage. “My turn to be in the spotlight…”

ThornyRose faintly laughed, not opposing it. Shaking Bear was also a good choice. In an open arena, not even FrozenBlood was his match. Saying he had Heavenly King level talent was in no way an exaggeration.

“Brother Lil’Xiong, Brother Lil’Xiong! If Brother Lil’White is not going, that let Lele go first! Let me~!” Lin Le’s words made Zhang ZhengXiong sigh helplessly. “Really, I can’t say no to you. You go then. Next one will be me.”

“Mm!!” Lin Le ran up to the stage.

“Hey!!” ThornyRose wanted to stop him but couldn’t make it in time. To let Lele fight a duel!? Neither the bomber nor the Giant Blade Warrior were suited for dueling, but she saw that the system had already approved it. She could only helplessly smile. Well the second round will be Shaking Bear, then I’ll take the third.

Lin Le chose the Giant Blade Warrior. Wearing thick overweight armor, and with his enormous heavy blade, he huffed intimidatingly.

“Haha, Thorns and Roses is done. Really New Village’s Three Brothers might have fortuitous luck in this season’s game, but luck won’t be enough in a club competition! They really think they can mess around just because they have some fame? They chose the Giant Blade Warrior!? The eternal bench warmer? The bench warmer that no one will pick in 10,000 years. What Mad Devil Le, he’s just a crazy dumb*ss!!”

“X you! You think Brother Le is someone you can insult!? Brother Le must have chose this character to go up as the vanguard for a reason. Even without a reason, our Really New Village’s Three Brother’s Support Group have his back! He’s not crazy, you damn brat! Just go accompany those so called popular characters and go f**k yourself!! Brothers, give him the middle finger!”

“Haha, Giant Blade Warrior, the federation actually hasn’t deleted his data yet… What do you think regarding Thorns and Roses’s choice of vanguard Brother Zhong?” Brother Zhao couldn’t help but laugh.

“Truth be told, I also don’t understand. The Giant Blade Warrior still has some uses in a team competition, but in a single elimination tournament, it would only be a burden unless he can really kill someone and gain the on-kill buff. Speed? It’s speed is no good. Only it’s super high damage and armor penetration could be said to be peerless. It only has one movement skill, and it’s not even a teleport. However, the data we have on this character isn’t much…” Brother Zhong raised his brows, feeling a bit doubtful.

“I’m also surprised, it’s actually the Giant Blade Warrior… I’ve only ever heard about it, I’ve never seen someone play this character…” Zuo Yiyi said, somewhat disconcerted.

“Most people think the same as you. Probably around 100%.” Brother Zhao couldn’t help making a joke. The Giant Blade Warrior had only ever made one appearance, and hadn’t received very favorable criticism. No one even bothered to research its weaknesses. Out of all the S rank characters, it’s the only one who was in danger of being deleted.

“The other side has chosen a speedy assassin - BitterBuckwheatNoodles. The outcome of the battle is obvious.” Brother Zhao sighed.

Lin Le looked at the speedy and exceptionally keen assassin. He didn’t move from his spot and simply dragged his giant sword behind him. The assassin charged with dazzling speed. Lin Le was as if he wasn’t even paying attention.

“Not bad, he didn’t choose a head-on collision. Against a speed type like his enemy, this sort of heavy weapon character are only seeking death by attacking first. When all is said and done, there is only one Angelite.” Brother Zhao gave some mixed praise.

“Here it is!” Zuo Yiyi watched the assassin’s surprise attack. Lin Le fiercely swung his giant blade.

“It’s no use, it will definitely be dodged. Next will be a melee.” Brother Zhao was not optimistic.

The moment Lin Le swung his sword, he let it go. The weapon shot past BitterBuckwheatNoodles head as he dodged. BitterBuckwheatNoodles sneered and charged into melee. Lin Le seized this opportunity to grab BitterBuckwheatNoodles’s head with his right hand. His sword had long since flown off the stage, so instead, he smashed him onto the ground, grabbed a dagger from his back, and while the assassin was pressed down, stabbed him to death in 3 stabs.

“Player HappyAndCheerful has slain player BitterBuckwheatNoodles.”

Everyone froze. They all knew that the Giant Blade Warrior was a cumbersome heavy weapons type character, but they all forgot that he had an inconspicuous dagger on his back.

“It seems like one should still not speak too rashly…” Brother Zhong looked at Brother Zhao and mocked.

“The Giant Blade Warrior has actually slain a speed type melee assassin. This makes no sense! That assassin hasn’t even used his ultimate!” Brother Zhao slapped the table and roared, unable to believe it.

“He lost because he was careless. He believed that he could steadily poke the opponent to death, but was unexpectedly forcefully grabbed, then before he could even activate his ultimate, he was killed. The most ridiculous thing was that he was killed by the Giant Blade Warrior wielding a dagger.” Zuo Yiyi said, she was also very surprised. She had completely disregarded that dagger that seemed like a decoration. Speed type characters all had a flaw, especially assassins, and that was their health. Looks like everyone has underestimated the Giant Blade Warrior.
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