Chapter 334: Arena Group Battle

Chapter 334: Arena Group Battle

The audience and other athletes were in an uproar. Mad War was a seeded team, so CloudDragon also had to watch Lin Le kill an assassin with the Giant Blade Warrior. He smiled, “If I remember correctly, in arena mode, every time the Giant Blade Warrior gets a kill, his attributes will increase by 50%, including speed. If the second one is also killed, then the third might as well not go up.”

ThornyRose’s side was also speechless. The Giant Blade Warrior actually killed a speed type assassin. It was even an insta-kill with a dagger. As expected of Lele…

“Take that sh*t! Why aren’t the people who said the Giant Blade Warrior shouldn’t go on stage whining! Come, keep complaining! Mad Devil Le is too damn awesome!!”

“There’s still the second round. Don’t rejoice too soon!”

“The Giant Blade Warrior only needs to get one kill, then the second round will be even easier. If he gets his second kill, then the third might as well just surrender. With his attributes doubled, he has +100% speed and even a 1% per second health regeneration, unless you can kill him instantly, might as well not fight. At that point, the giant blade warrior won’t be any slower than an assassin.”

Over at Broken Halberd’s side, everyone was dumbstruck. BitterBuckwheatNoodles spoke, “Sorry boss.”

“This loss… Hah, well a loss is a loss. Forget it, right now, we should think about how to deal with this buffed Giant Blade Warrior. The second round, InstantNoodles, you’re up!”

Lin Le looked at his second opponent. It was a short haired male fencer. He had such a thin sword that he could only be a speed type character. Lin Le waved his sword around, feeling that it was much lighter and faster than before. He lowered his body and entering a sword drawing stance, staring down his opponent. “Come…”

“Storm Flurry!” The opponent turned into 10 or so fuzzy silhouettes that ran around, constantly sending out sword beams. It was like he was everywhere. Lin Le quickly received 5 strikes. The damage was not much, but he still lost ⅓ of his health in all, and the violent storm of attacks had yet to end.

Lin Le suddenly faced the direction of an appearing sword beam and abruptly swung his sword. “Giant Beheader!”

The 2.5 meter giant blade condensed a thick qi strike which extended out 4 meters. Immediately, all the silhouettes turned to smoke.

“Congratulations, player HappyAndCheerful has slain player InstantNoodles.”

Everyone was once again stunned. What was going on? Many people turned to the replay. Only CloudDragon and Ye Cang maintained a calm smile, because they had both seen Lin Le’s attack. It had accurately chopped the target into two halves. An extremely bloody death.

The Broken Halberd members couldn’t believe their eyes. How did he hit InstantNoodles who was using Storm Flurry? CapableLiu frowned. “It should be intuition. Don’t bother fighting the next one. Though a surrender will still affect morale, but it’s better than being completely oppressed, after all the giant blade warrior is now unequalled. We don’t have a character who can deal with the giant blade warrior with two stacks…”

“We surrender the third round.” HalberdInSand sighed. ThornyRose faintly nodded. It was a sensible decision. There was a two stacked giant blade warrior in the duel arena. She was about to call Lin Le back but saw him raise his sword and shout, “I object! If you’re a man, then get up here!”

The referee looked to Broken Halberd, “He objects, if you still wish to surrender, I’ll announce it.”

“A man? Since you’ve gone that far…” HalberdInSand slowly walked onto the stage. CapableLiu watched his back and smiled. Broken Halberd’s fans all began to cheer. It was a very admirable scene. Lin Le looked over and made a kind smile. FrozenCloud wiped her cold sweat. That guy definitely didn’t have any good intentions. Everytime he and Team Leader showed that smile, someone would suffer a calamity.

In the final round, even the judge had to steel his heart. HalberdInSand was beaten till he was battered, exhausted, and frantically trying to crawl away. His saber attacks and his ultimate could at most deal ¼th of Lin Le’s health. With the giant blade warrior’s 1% per second regeneration, it was rapidly restored. Lin Le intentionally messed with him, chasing him around the stage, the enormous blade swinging wildly all over the place. It was like a naughty cat chasing a mouse. In the end, one attack had sent him flying to the edge of the stage. He actually bounced back, and was caught with one hand. He was then thrown into the air, and hit by a two-handed baseball swing. “Giant Homerun!!”

Zuo Yiyi watched as HalberdInSand was smacked into meat paste. That Mad Devil Le had even purposely used the flat of his blade to torture him longer. The arena had to be cleaned afterwards, it was too damn horrifying.

“Brother Zhong, how do you evaluate this Mad Devil Le…” Brother Zhao couldn’t bear to watch.

“Mm. Great minds sometimes appears stupid. Fierce yet adorable…” Brother Zhong’s evaluation was approved by everyone watching this competition. Especially the fierce yet adorable part.

“Who would have thought that Thorns and Roses would use the Giant Blade Warrior, this sort of outlandish hero, to start the battle, and actually seize total victory.” Zuo Yiyi said, staring at her virtual tablet.

“Mm, indeed. Since Goddess Yiyi seems to think highly of Thorns and Roses, then let’s keep watching.” Brother Zhao was also very interested.

“Let’s see their debut.” Brother Zhong reminded the two, then looked to Zuo Yiyi. “How much did you lose…”

“Cough cough, nothing… nothing… I was only checking.” Zuo Yiyi saw the two of them give her a ‘I don’t know you’ look. Embarrassed, she made a ‘little bit’ gesture and said lovably, “I just made a tiny little bet.”

“I knew it…” Brother Zhao couldn’t help smiling. He saw that the two teams had confirmed their participants. “Thorns and Roses will be sending ThornyRose - an expert commander, strategist, PVPer, and a very well-rounded player; An obvious first pick. The second is HeavenShakingMight, also known as Brother Diamond. His character is the Fist Hero, a troublesome character that requires acute control over Qi. Third is PaleSnow, with Blade Demoness, an extremely difficult character specialized in rapid combos. The fourth is the Hundred Flower Archer - ElegantFragrance. The fifth is NightSky? This also appears to be someone from Really New Village’s Three Brother’s side. Her character is Thorns and Roses’ Rainbow Knight. It has been many years since the Rainbow Knight has been seen.”

“Since it has been many years since Thorns and Roses has had a support type athlete…” Zuo Yiyi smiled.

“Giant Blade Warrior, Blade Demoness, Fish Hero, Rainbow Knight. Haha, Thorns and Roses must be desperate this year. From the thousand year benchwarmer, to these dusty characters, they are really going all out. Do they intend to force their way to victory?” Brother Zhong looked at the lineup and couldn’t help smiling. Finally he looked at the sixth member. “The substitutes are FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, and Mad Devil Le who recently showed off his might. Who is this SpyingBlade? Wait, his character is the Berserk Shadow! Then isn’t he DarkBlade!? Last season’s super rookie! The crownless king of assassins!”

“Awesome! Awsome! HeavenBlessed must be looking forwards to their rematch! CloudDragon too, the battle between the two has yet to happen. Also… Also, Brother Hero of Really New Village’s Three Brothers, after seeing Mad Devil Le win three battles in a row, I’m really looking forwards to his Blade Demoness. This character’s fastest combo record is held by Akari with a 41 hit combo consisting of 25 attacks and 16 sword draws…” Brother Zhao said while fixing his nightcap.

“Indeed. Meanwhile on the other side is, HalberdInSand, BitterBuckwheatNoodles, InstantNoodles, CapableLiu, WiseSea, with Kate as substitute. Truth be told, to be able to rise from B to A rank is something worthy of praise. However, in an A rank tournament, they still have a long way to go. First of all, their substitute is too weak. Of course, just recently, Thorns and Roses was in the same situation as them. I’m looking forwards to their future development.” Brother Zhong analysed.

Due to the missing DarkBlade suddenly appearing in competition, the crowds broke out into a ruckus. On one side of the stage, a haggard, sad, but still beautiful woman was staring at SpyingBlade. “Zhao YiFan…”

SpyingBlade could sense the enmity from Falling Star’s direction, but he simply smiled. He leaned on a couch and played board games with Lin Le and FrozenBlood.

“Umm, aren’t you guys going to pay attention? The substitutes might need to sortie any time…” DyedLily looked at them speechlessly.

“I thought I was just a substitute or whatever. What does sortie mean? Lele doesn’t understand…” Lin Le said, hesitating over which card to play.

“In this arena group battle, if someone managed to get a flag, then they can summon in a sixth member. Both teams have a flag, but it will only appear after 10 minutes, so normally only if a fight enters a deadlock will the sixth member have an opportunity to enter…” DyedLily explained, but Lin Le was still busy contemplating which card to play.

DyedLily looked at the leisurely trio and sighed. She turned and watched the field seriously.

Ye Cang’s hands were on the blades at his waist, popping them out of the sheath, then back in, out, then back in. The clink clink sounds of metal rhythmically rang out. The Blade Demoness had 5 swords in total. On the waist were two straight blades. On the back was a nearly two meter curved long saber. On each shoulder was a hooked short blade.

ThornyRose looked at Ye Cang, who stood perfectly straight. He seemed to be rhythmically drawing the swords at his waist, using his thumb to push it up and down. She was somewhat speechless. Why did it feel like he was playing with a lighter. “I won’t say too much. Focus down CapableLiu as soon as possible. ElegantFragrance, I’ll leave her to you. Teach her to be more courteous when facing a senior…”

“Relax…” ElegantFragrance laughed grimly.

“Shaking Bear, lowlife, you two are in charge of close range combat. I think that by now, you should have your own judgement on who to take down first. Little Tian, if anything happens, and I don’t notice, tell me as soon as possible.” ThornyRose had to admit that observation wise, the little girl was extremely reliable.

No one objected. Ye Cang briefly looked over to the other side, sizing them up. His two thumbs continuously played with the swords at his waist, making clink clink sounds.
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