Chapter 342: Avīci (Endless Hell)

Chapter 342: Avīci (Endless Hell)

Ye Cang returned to the seaside cottage. He looked at his own white hand, and had a bad premonition.

In the lowest level of hell, Avīci1.

Avīci is the cruelest of the hells. Those who enter Avīci can never escape and must endure five types of punishments. First, the punishment of time, for those sent here must suffer for eternity. Second, the punishment of space, for every single inch of those sent here will be tormented. Third, the punishment tools, for not a single torture device or method will go unused. Fourth, the punishment of equality, no one will be shown any consideration. Fifth, the punishment of life and death, for you will repeat death countless time. Time and space were warped here, one second could be ten thousand years; time had no meaning here.

In the deepest part of Avīci was a man flayed of all his skin, staring straight ahead. His long white hair had been dyed red with blood. He had suffered countless punishments; been pulled, skinned, cut, twisted, but his body continued to restore, like the turning of the wheel of life. The man didn’t make a single sound, and didn’t show an ounce of suffering. His pink eyes only spiritlessly yet tenaciously stared into the darkness.

“He’s already suffered 9 trillion years of torment. Avīci has already shown that his body is immortal. All we can do is trap him here. If he opens the Book of Hope, then all the gods in this star system will be massacred by him.” A woman’s voice emerged from the void.

“Do we have any other choice? We can’t kill his immortal body. What do you want to do?” A male voice also echoed through hell.

“The time is ripe. Let him free. Perhaps we can dispel his hatred. Truth be told, I don’t feel any hatred from him. It’s been 9 trillion years, and he has only looked straight ahead…” The female voice sighed.

“You really believe that after tormenting someone for so long, forcing him to be awake the entire time, and he won’t bear any hatred?” The male voice countered.

“Hah… I never thought that an artificial existence who burst into Avīci to resurrect someone, would actually stumble upon the Book of Hope. We’ve already been forced to a dead-end. However, can he even open the Book of Hope?” The female voice said faintly.

“It doesn’t matter if he can. Do we dare to gamble on it? The Law of Four Elements, the Book of Original Sin, the Book of Hope, the Book of Ruin, the Book of Origin, any one of them contains terrifying strength. When all is said and done, neither you nor I know what they really are, other than the book of original sin because…” The male voice continued.

“Because the Book of Original Sin is in the hands of that sir of the Universe Peacekeeping Alliance…” The female voice laughed bitterly.

The white haired man continued to suffer physical and mental torment as he stared spiritlessly forwards.

Next day, early morning, breakfast.

Wu Na and the others appeared to be calm regarding the new woman. She had only come to learn dance, and the three women had talked very happily last night. They were practically sisters. Wu Na was very thankful for Zuo Yiyi’s comments and pointers regarding composing. Even FrozenCloud had gained something with regards to acting.

Fang Ci watched Zuo Yiyi play with Little Tong. He looked at Little Tong’s happy expression, and smiled. As expected of a goddess famous for her good relationships.

Zhang ZhengXiong would glance at Zuo Yiyi from time to time. Goddess. Tch tch. Goddess. Tch tch.

Ye Cang was as before, watching the news without a care.

Zuo Yiyi was quite satisfied with this place. It was very peaceful, and there was always a fresh sea breeze. As a holiday home, this place was too good. It was much more interesting compared to those luxurious places. The sea breeze sent her dress fluttering. In the distance, Zhang ZhengXiong suddenly crouched down. Lin Le, who was sparring with him, also copied him and crouched. “So it’s skin colored!”

“To the sea. To the sea.” Ye Cang gathered everyone. “Little Tong, you should stay behind. It’s a bit shaky on the boat. When you’re healed up a bit more, then we’ll bring you to catch fish. Little Fang, you too.”

“Ehhh…” Little Tong was somewhat dissatisfied, but she was a smart girl and knew that this was for her own good. Fang Ci smiled and brought her back to the house.

“I have to go to the club today, so I won’t be going out to sea with you all.” Wu Na carried her guitar and bade everyone farewell, then left for the train.

Tens of kilometers out at sea.

Zuo Yiyi looked at the harpoon Ye Cang had passed her. She heard him say something about training the body or something like that. She looked at FrozenCloud who was also holding a harpoon, and seemed excited to start. Are you really a woman?

Zuo Yiyi followed the three and jumped into the water. The original depression was gone after hunting her first fish. This was different from swim training. This sort of training required a controlled strength. When approaching a fish, one had to move slowly, then explode with all one’s strength. She surfaced with a bright and charming smile. She looked at the big fish on her harpoon. Then she turned and saw a big fin poking out of the water, charging towards her. It was a very familiar scene, she felt like she had seen it on TV before. She dived under to have a look, and saw an enormous great white shark charging towards her. Oh god! She quickly escaped for her life towards the boat, but saw the three others swimming towards her. “There’s a great white shark!”

The great white shark saw Zhang ZhengXiong, Lin Le, and FrozenCloud, then immediately turned and swam for its life.

“……” Zuo Yiyi broke out in cold sweat. What exactly did you do to it? It’s clearly been bullied till it’s afraid of you.

After some time passed, Zuo Yiyi returned the the boat and laid on a deck chair, gasping for breath. FrozenCloud handed her a self-made energy drink. “The first time is a bit tiring, but you’ll get used to it after a few times.”

During the barbeque.

“Let me roast it for you.” Zuo Yiyi saw Ye Cang’s expression full of desire, and with everyone’s sigh, she handed it over. Not long after, a pitch black think that gave off a strange smell was handed back to her. It did not at all resemble the thing she had passed over. This crispy outside was burnt chocolate? It seemed that he had also mixed in some vegetables that were burnt to ashes. She raised her head and saw Ye Cang’s expectant expression. “Eat up.”

“……” Zuo Yiyi broke out in cold sweat, and immediately took it off the skewer and attempted to take a bite, but ended up leaning against the boat to return the things she had eaten for breakfast and for lunch back to nature.

After dinner, the beautiful sunset warmed everyone’s hearts. Zuo Yiyi was able to completely relax. She looked at the four people playing board games to the side, then at Little Ye Tian, who was on a tablet. “Why don’t you go play?”

“They don’t like me memorizing the cards, and the graduate academy has 50 theses for me to revise. It won’t take much time. After I’m done, aunty has asked me to help clean out the trash.” Little Ye Tian calmly replied.

“……” Zuo Yiyi froze. Was this really a 10 or so year old girl? Although she had heard that T-105’s brains and advisor was a little girl, but she hadn’t fully believed it. She got up and had a look at the content of the thesis. It felt like Little Ye Tian wasn’t even reading it at all. She was just flipping through it like a money-printing machine. Zuo Yiyi had her stop for a moment. Different reactions of ion reduction and decomposition under high vibration XXXX. Zuo Yiyi felt stupid. The page of words and calculations was like a magic spell, making her head hurt. It seems the genius young lady was real. She returned to her chair and continued to rest, watching the golden sea, feeling very satisfied. A smile appeared on her lips.

“Bro, we’ve never spent a night out at sea. Let’s spend the night here. I equip the City Destroying Dragon Halberd, then use King Killer, to demolish Lele’s Rabbit Demon King’s Power of Earth.” Zhang ZhengXiong said, playing a card.

“Alright. Ultimate card activate! The peerless! Dance of Gods and Devils! The target, Lil’Dino’s Illidan. Do you have 16 counter cards? Otherwise, you’re dead.” Ye Cang played a card.

“Spending the night at sea sounds interesting. Team leader, sorry, I might not have 16 cards, but I have this! Trap card activate! Death of Ultimate! It makes your ultimate have no effect and let’s me draw 3 cards! It’s here! Demon Transformation! Summon Fire Elemental!” FrozenCloud smiled and activated her trap card.

“Humph humph, it’s Lele’s turn! Bio-Boosted Armor Guyver! Equip! Attack Brother Lil’Xiong’s Xiang Yu the Conqueror! Ultimate card! Guyver Cannon!” Lin Le snorted.

“Activate, magic card! Farewell my Concubine! When being hit by an ultimate, I can summon an extra hero - Yu Ji! Reduce damage by 75%! Haha, it doesn’t even tickle! I even have an extra hero out!” Zhang ZhengXiong took the advantage with two hero cards out.

“A’Xiong, I was waiting for this move! Magic card! Lu Bu and Diao Chan! When a player summons an extra female hero! I can immediately summon Diao Chan to the field! I use Diao Chan’s on-play effect! Seduce! I target Illidan and Xiang Yu! Fight each other!” Ye Cang faintly smiled. I have a counter to everything!

“Bro, don’t forget about my Yu Ji. Activate Yu Ji’s special ultimate! While Xiang Yu the Conqueror is in play! All female skills are unable to target him!” Zhang ZhengXiong said, making the crane-kick pose.

FrozenCloud broke out in cold sweat. Just how exaggerated can playing a board game get? But! Don’t think I’m a pushover! “Equip Blades of Azzinoth! Attacks gain +2 splash range! Attack!” FrozenCloud dealt damage to all three of them.

Lin Le pouted, “You bully me!? Lele will fight you! Draw! Haha! Evolution Card! Storm Falcon! Draw again! Lele is the best! Evolution Card! Hellfire Phoenix! Obtain an effect card! Nirvana! Attack stinky Lil’Dino!”

Zuo Yiyi watched their game. The atmosphere around them was heavy, like they could start fighting at any time. The curtain of night descended. After the beauty of dusk, was the sea of stars. She had been so busy, so it had been a long time since she got to stop and have a good rest. Leaning on the railing, her fingers tucked her stray hairs behind her ears. I should rest well, since the league will continue soon. She turned and saw Little Ye Tian holding a popsicle out to her. She took it with a smile. “Thank you…”

“Right, fill in this form.” Little Ye Tian took out a piece of paper.

Zuo Yiyi took it and saw the large, eye-grabbing ‘Anti-Lele Alliance Application Form’ which left her laughing so hard she cried.
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