Chapter 358: Promotion Exam

Chapter 358: Promotion Exam

10 Commandments meeting.

“Oh, another one appeared in 7. Just what is Silver Devil up to? He’s suddenly paying attention to the meetings…” Thousand Soul’s lovely voice came from #2.

SpyingBlade looked the ring with roman numerals I to X around it. He was standing in #7. In the middle was the symbol of a cross with a python encircling it. If he wasn’t wrong, the symbol should represent cycle and order. The cross represented order, while the mortal python represented cycle. Together, they represented ‘balance’. The speaker was from #2, which was near the top. “Do higher number have more authority?”

“I’m also not sure…” Fang Ci shook his head. #2 was clearly afraid of Team Leader’s people, because Silver Devil, Cold Moon, and Hunting Flame were all ruthless extremists. Silver Devil and Cold Moon were eradication specialists, while Hunting Flame was an assassination and investigation specialist. Team Leader was the spokesperson for this group, while both Cold Moon and Hunting Flame were his trusted aides. There was also the friendly Ardent Wind who was in charge of information gathering. At first Fang Ci was confused about the scale of the 10 Commandments, but he had managed to understand during this period of time. Truth be told, he was shocked. Especially about its history. It was established 100 years ago, and has always been a small group until this generation’s #1, within a mere 10 years, turned it into a top ranking organization even on a world-wide scale. He was a good speaker, and had allied with the Dragon Group, X, Arthur, and various other large secret organizations in the federation. Fang Ci shared all the information he had gathered to SpyingBlade. The more SpyingBlade read, the higher his eyebrows rose.

Cold Moon came to the two of them. She glanced over SpyingBlade. “Since you’re someone that leader picked, I won’t say anything, but if you disappoint him, you’re done… get use to this place as quickly as possible.”

SpyingBlade looked at her avatar; a white and black haired, cold young lady. Her voice didn’t sound human, and she gave off a dangerous chill. She was just like her code-name, a cold moon…

Cold Moon spoke, then returned to her own section.

SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. It seemed he had really entered the habitat of tigers and dragons.

Seaside cottage. Early morning.

Wu Na froze when she saw that there was once again another inhabitant. When she learned that it was SpyingBlade, she didn’t continue asking. The table was now full of people. Not long ago, there was just the four of them, but then others joined: Little Ye Tian, Little Fang, Little Tong, Lil’Dino, the dance student Yiyi, as well as the new inhabitant - SpyingBlade. They already had 11 people now. She faintly smiled. As long as it was lively and happy, there was no problem…

“Bro, now that we have so many people, that boat might be a bit tight…” Zhang ZhengXiong pointed out.

“Little Tian, what do you think…” Ye Cang leisurely drank his soymilk.

“We can sell it off and change to a medium sized boat that fits 20-30 people…” The meticulous Little Ye Tian began looking at boats. They were quite rich right now, so buying a medium sized boat was fine.

“Alright then, it’s decided.” Ye Cang nodded in agreement.

SpyingBlade watched as Fang Ci carefully took care of a young lady. She seemed to be called Fang Tong, his little sister. Her complexion looked like one of someone who had just recovered from serious illness. This was indeed a very good place to relax and heal. He looked at Ye Cang. “ThornyRose will probably ask you guys if you want to try the character promotion exam…”

“What’s that?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked, biting into a fish.

“Your current characters are S rank, but if you complete the promotion exam, your characters can break through the limit and reach SS rank. If the promotion is successful, you can’t promote a different character for the next 5 years. The effects of the promotion are immediate. The characters attributes will increase, but more importantly, only SS ranked characters can have a special skill called a Limit Break Ultimate…” SpyingBlade explained.

“The difficulty is abnormally hard. In this generation, those who manage to promote an S rank character to SS rank are less than 10. Many SS rank characters are honorary characters inherited from previous generations. CompassionateStar’s Rosa’s Thorn is inherited. SS rank characters are still rare though. They are things that only the leaders and aces of the biggest clubs can have. Thorns and Roses has never had an SS rank character…” Zuo Yiyi interrupted her chat with Wu Na and FrozenCloud in order to explain.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Bro, Lele, Little Tian, let’s go promote our characters.” Zhang ZhengXiong said, thumping his chest.

SpyingBlade sighed. Their chances of being promoted were quite high, because the promotion exam was to duel a perfect copy of an SS rank character of the same type. He himself had fought the SS rank assassin - Heart Piercer. He had fought till he was in an awful mess, and was suppressed pretty badly. He had barely won. Only after personally experiencing it did he understand the difference between a true SS rank character compared to the inherited ones seen in the league. Whether it’s control, awareness, burst strength, or understanding of the character; they were on a completely different level. No one could match them besides perhaps other people who passed the promotion such as FlameEmperor, CloudDragon, and those other abnormal few. During his test, he had heard CompassionateStar’s cheering. As if her voice was pumping his heart, he found an opportunity to risk his life in an all out attack, luckily winning the battle…

“Lets go ask at the club later…” Ye Cang yawned and stretched lazily.

Virtual World, DiFeng city, Thorns and Roses club.

ThornyRose covered her forehead and sighed. These guys just wouldn’t listen. She had already told them to wait, there was no reason to do the exam now. They could wait until they had more experience, and become more dependable. It would be fine to wait until they reached the top 16 to try the promotion. It was only a few rounds away.

“As an ace, I don’t need things like experience…” Ye Cang said indifferently.

“We’ve already sold our boat and the new one is still on it’s way, we have nothing to do. Since we’re free, let’s get it over with.” Zhang ZhengXiong’s words made ThornyRose even more speechless. Since we’re free!?

“Promotion! Promotion!” Lin Le only understood a bit of it. He only understood that if he did it, he would become even stronger. He didn’t think too much about the rest.

“Alright, I’ll help you guys apply at the Gamers Alliance. They should respond soon…” ThornyRose began to use her club name to apply for the promotion exam. Barely a moment later, the reply came. “From today on, for the next four days. We can only do one a day. Decide on the order. For today’s, I feel like Sha…”

Lin Le instantly jumped into the promotion exam, “Lele will be the vanguard!”

ThornyRose wanted to cry. This Lele never listened to others. Was he just playing around!?

“Since Lele is first; A’Xiong, you’re second; Little Tian, you’re third. I’ll go last…” Ye Cang decided on the order. Everyone watched Lin Le in the arena. The random arena he got was Skeletal Field. All over the place were skeletons of the defeated. A knight with a huge sword that emitted black smoke sat on a pile of bones. He had long white hair which flowed loosely from under his fierce helmet. The man reached out and took off his helmet, revealing his pale white skin which looked as if he was devoid of blood.

“This is…” ThornyRose felt like she knew him, but there were just too many SS rank characters over the long history. Many were retired and sealed in the alliance’s database.

“The Lightless Blade - Barka Lahsa. The former Union Alliance’s (europe’s most powerful club) Dark and Holy Knight Duo’s Dark. From seasons 351 to 353, he and the Blade of Holy Light - Kyle Nass formed the dark and holy knight duo and were champions for three consecutive years. It’s a retired character…” ElegantFragrance frowned.
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