Chapter 40: Lil’Dino is Touched

Chapter 40: Lil’Dino is Touched

“It’s not a problem. Lil’Dino, stick your chest out and smile. Face the cruel reality head on!” Zhang ZhengXiong seized her shoulder, encouraging her.

Lin Le nodded, making two fists. “Mm! You can do it! We’ll support you!”

“I’ve decided! With the money we earn, we can save a bit to get Lil’Dino plastic surgery. Then she can be as beautiful outside as inside. The outside can be easily changed, but an ugly heart is hard to change.” Ye Cang’s words made Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le nod. “Mm!”

FrozenCloud remained as silent as a corpse that got hit by a car and left at the side of the road. She thought: “God dammit, I’m not ugly! That isn’t even my picture! Although I’m not the prettiest girl in the capital, but I’m still popular!” However, her heart was still a little moved. Even though they barely knew each other, they still believed in her, approved of her, and treated her like a brother. To keep up the act, she let her moved feelings show and said in a weak voice: “Team leader, Brother Xiong, Lele, you guys…”

“Lil’Dino! Don’t cry! Hold it in!” Zhang ZhengXiong shouted as he held her shoulder tightly.

“We’re already companions…” Ye Cang reached out a hand and pet her head.

“Mm!” Lin Le smiled cutely.

“…” FrozenCloud heard the three’s encouragements. Her head was a mess, as she looked towards the sky. “Sister Rose, the mission you gave me is too hard. These three are too terrifying…”


ThornyRose and FrozenBlood who were eavesdropping, and GreenDew who had just joined them heard it. Their feelings were in chaos. These three guys…

“Your sister’s acting is really good, she didn’t even hesitate to sacrifice her image…” ThornyRose sighed and quietly said.

FrozenBlood slightly nodded. This little girl was good. Going over to the other side, she actually pretended to be an ugly girl to win their trust. Speak of sacrificing her image, she glanced towards ThornyRose and thought: “You sure you should be saying that?”

“So touching…” SpyingBlade sheathed his dagger and murmured enviously.

ThornyRose and the girls looked at him strangely. They should keep their distance from this guy too.

“Ok, everyone heal up and we’ll continue. A’Xiong, get the fire. For Lil’Dino’s welcoming party, I’ll treat everyone to something good…” Ye Cang clapped and announced. Then he took out his steel pot. Zhang ZhengXiong hesitated a bit. Were they eating the monstrous bird!? He quickly started the fire.

Lin Le thought of eating the monstrous bird and was a little excited.

GreenDew suddenly stepped back, covering her mouth. ThornyRose made a complicated expression. FrozenBlood acted like she had just met her worst enemy, her hands were slightly shivering. FrozenCloud helped out Zhang ZhengXiong. Seeing the other girl’s expression, she quickly readied her tonfas and looking around. Where was the enemy!? There nothing around.

SpyingBlade was doubtful. He looked towards Ye Cang and thought: “No wonder they level so fast. Culinary profession?”

Ye Cang took a deep breath. Like an experienced chef, he took out the materials from the elder shaman and threw the meat and head in. SpyingBlade was stunned. This guy cooking was so fierce.

The three girls already felt like throwing up.

“Brother Lil’White, we’re not eating the monstrous bird?” Lin Le pouted bitterly.

“This will be even better!” Ye Cang confidently smiled, then he took out what looked like the remains of a human hand and threw it in.

“Don’t tell me that’s human flesh!!” ThornyRose felt her whole body go numb. At first she thought he was making it disgusting on purpose. Then she realised, he had to eat it too.

“Nope, it was werewolf meat. The system said it was edible.” Ye Cang shrugged while still concentrated on cooking. He threw in Vyers’ head and a wolf heart.

ThornyRose heard it wasn’t human flesh and felt better. Then she made a strange expression. Fishman and Werewolf stew? Just thinking about it was disgusting. This bastard was too f**king talented at making disgusting food.

“Cooking is choosing ingredients that balance each other…” Ye Cang continued to concentrate as he spoke. He then took out some green slime gel and red slime gel, as well as some eyes and threw them in. Zhang ZhengXiong saw the double slime stew and gasped. He was starting to regret letting him learn from old Wang. He’s already become obsessed with cooking and is walking the path of evil.

Ye Cang added some wild herbs, salt and pepper as flavoring. “Carefully select the spices and control the fire, then your creation is complete…”

“Congratulations. You’ve created a Beginner Level dark recipe. Received 150 experience. Please give it a name.”

“Red Green Slime With Werewolf and Fishman Stew.”

Red Green Slime With Werewolf and Fishman Stew: While eating, heal 4 health every 5 seconds. After eating, gain +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +6 fire resistance and +6 poison resistance for 2 hours. (This is a pretty good dark recipe, but the taste is a disaster on a whole other level. Eating it can cause temporary loss of consciousness and other adverse effects.)

Everyone looked at the purple soup with floating eyeballs, the fishman head, an aggrieved looking werewolf head, as well as a hand which looked like it was reaching out of the pot. Everyone thought that this was what hell looked like. The smell slowly reached them forcing them to cover their nose. It smelled like the violent stink of the two stews put together, then add in the fishy smell of gamey meat taken to the limit. Just smelling it made them feel like throwing up.

Everyone looked at the hand bobbing in the slowly cooling stew. They were afraid it would reach out and drag them in. The bubbles popping up also made them feel like someone was screaming underneath it. Each bubble brought with it a fresh stink. GreenDew felt her whole body go numb as she begged ThornyRose: “Sister Rose, my health is still fine. I don’t want to eat it! I don’t want to! Please don’t make me!”

FrozenBlood looked at the stat bonuses from the stew… They were perfect for her. Should she eat? Looking at the miniature model of hell, her whole body shivered.

Ye Cang looked at his own ‘product’ and murmured. “It doesn’t make sense, it looked so good while I was cooking it. I’ll get it right next time…”

“…” Zhang ZhengXiong speechlessly looked at Ye Cang, his mind a mess. “Bro is already addicted…”

Lin Le scowled miserable as he looked inside the big pot.

FrozenCloud was stunned. That’s not for eating right!? Even plugging her nose couldn’t block that smell, and it even stings the eyes. She raised her head to look at Ye Cang. She saw him raise his shivering hand and scratch his head. He sighed sorrowfully and said: “Lil’Dino, eating bitter things will make you a better person.”

He’s already talking nonsense! FrozenCloud felt her heart tighten in fear.

SpyingBlade frowned. He, like FrozenBlood, looked at the stats and saw how useful they were. He took one of the bowls, and served himself a portion. He clenched his teeth and began eating. His stomach felt like it was burning, and his heart beats weakened. The thick stink and fishy smell flooded his consciousness, but he endured the torment.

Ye Cang also started eating. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le followed. FrozenCloud froze, they were really eating it!? She turned her head to look at ThornyRose and saw her nod. FrozenCloud really wanted to go home. This mission’s was really too hard. She looked at the guys’ distorted faces. At this time, Lin Le, with a face full of suffering, put a full bowl into her hands. He clenched his teeth and squeezed out the words: “Lil’Dino… We can get through these difficult times… together…”

“Good… Brother…” Zhang ZhengXiong encouraged with a fierce expression.

“You can do it…” Ye Cang furrowed his brows trying to keep his expression neutral.

FrozenCloud felt the hot gazes of the three. She lowered her head and looked at the thing in her hands. When did she sign up for this? Just the smell drifting through her plugged nose made her want to throw up. Eat? Not eat? Such a difficult decision. Her heart gave in and she threw her caution to the wind. She directly poured it down her throat. A storm of tastes assaulted her mouth. It wasn’t bad. Just ‘bad’ wasn’t enough to describe it anymore. She felt herself go into shock and the white of her eyes showed.

ThornyRose and FrozenBlood dragged GreenDew, who was acting like she was going to be executed, over. They shakily took a bowl. It’s ‘lucky’ that they’ve eaten the previous stews and built up a bit of resistance, otherwise eating this thing for the first time, just look at FrozenCloud. They took a deep breathe and suddenly started eating.

GreenDew felt like her fingers would stab into her thigh.
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