Chapter 399: Sucking on a Head

Chapter 399: Sucking on a Head

“Um, Little Ren will go with Shaking bear to take on the specter…” ThornyRose walked up to the 3 meter tall tigerkin. Before she even finished speaking, Little Ren opened it’s bloody mouth and stuffed her whole head in it. ThornyRose’s vision went black. All she could feel in the darkness was a damp, warm, and sticky feeling…

Everyone shivered as they watched Little Ren put ThornyRose’s entire head in its mouth.

“Little Ren is being naughty again…” Ye Cang rejoiced as he came up and signalled for Little Ren to let go. He pulled ThornyRose out. “My bad, Little Ren is mischievous sometimes, he likes to joke around with people…”

ThornyRose clenched her teeth. She wiped the tiger saliva on her face with a handkerchief. Mother f**ker! It was definitely on purpose! She raised her head and looked at Little Ren’s foolish expression and pet his head. Whatever, you got me! “That’s about it. Everyone be careful. The skeleton boss has a ground splitting type of area attack and a Barbaric Tackle like skill. The specter can mind-control, which will be dealt with by Shaking Bear and Little Tian’s magic. There shouldn’t be any problems. Ok, let’s continue onwards…”

Ye Cang took out his scissors and shouted, “Wait, you don’t have your hairstyle buffs yet.”

“No need, those few attributes won’t be of any help…” ThornyRose knew that guy definitely wanted to screw her over…

“How is that alright. As a top-tier player, even a few attribute points will bring about a completely transformation. You just need to trim your hair a bit to get a percentage buff. Although it’s not much, but you shouldn’t look down on it…” Ye Cang began to preach.

“He’s right. Rose, consider the big picture. Team Leader, start with Little Jade.” FrozenBlood reached out and grabbed the ‘lab rat’ and pushed her towards Ye Cang.

Before Little Jade could even resist, she already saw her hair fluttering to the ground. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes. Team Leader is definitely still holding a grudge against me for that cooking challenge in the league. When the scissors stopped, she quickly took out a mirror to check the results. Her originally long hair became a cute bob. It looked very good and even gave both intelligence and charm. She immediately cheered up. “Thank you Team Leader!”

FrozenBlood saw that Little Jade became even better looking, and she felt relieved. He definitely just wants to screw over Rose. She sat down and let Ye Cang cut her hair, then examined her short ponytail in the mirror, pleased with the result. A dexterity buff, not bad…

One after the other, ElegantFragrance and the others let Ye Cang work his magic and left satisfied. Finally, only ThornyRose was left. She looked like she was facing her worst enemy as she slowly sat down and threatened, “I should tell you, if you mess it up, I’ll fight…”

Before she even finished speaking, Ye Cang pretended to tremble in fear and make a mistake. The hair on the left was cut by nearly half. He stuck out his tongue and laughed, “It’s all your fault, don’t scare me…”

ThornyRose looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair looked like an apple that someone had taken a bite out of. She began to tremble all over. “I’ll definitely kill you…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Calm down. Team Leader definitely has a way to fix it…” FrozenBlood quickly came and consoled her.

Wu Na looked at FrozenBlood. Are they really the lesbian couple?

Ye Cang let his scissors dance, finally turning it into a style where the hair on her left was short, while the hair near the top of her head was most left as is, but was brushed to the right. Then on the short side, he shaved out the shape of a very exquisite rose with thorns design. Her new style looked pretty wild and domineering for a female hairstyle.

“How is it? Good workmanship right…” Ye Cang smiled.

ThornyRose looked at it, and faintly nodded. It really looked pretty good, maybe even a bit too gorgeous. It gave her an ‘I’m a boss’ type of feeling…

Ye Cang put away his scissors and sighed. It was not good to mess with women’s hair. If he screwed it up too much, these women would go batshit crazy and come after him.

Everyone passed through the broken wall, into the pitch dark. ThornyRose reminded everyone to be careful. She looked at SpyingBlade and FrozenBlood. “I’ll leave the lighting to you and SpyingBlade. No problem right…”

The two of them nodded.

Zhang ZhengXiong directly hopped in. With his night vision, Ye Cang could see that, on a wall tens of meters away, there were bones beginning to assemble themselves. A strong ghostly flame began to flicker. It got up, holding a three meter long sword. It might be a heavy weapon for them, but for it, it was like a normal sized longsword. A boss will be a boss, always surpassing the limit. On the other side, a phantom appeared… SpyingBlade threw a torch over, giving the others vision. Then he quickly went along the walls, setting torches into sconces.

Zhang ZhengXiong dragged his giant axe and bellowed as he charged towards the specter. He lifted the axe high above his head. “The light be with you!!”

ThornyRose, who was charging towards the skeleton, broke out in cold sweat. He was like a berserker, shouting a battle phrase before attacking. Due to having experienced this fight before, ThornyRose quickly took control of the skeleton boss.

As for Ye Cang who didn’t need light, his Meteor Shot had already begun. The spiral energy condensed on the end of the queen bee bolt, and instantly blasted at its head, dealing impressive damage! He immediately began loading the next bolt. The specter disappeared with a howl before Zhang ZhengXiong’s axe and Little Ren’s dual blades, as well as the incoming fire and ice spells could hit. It appeared before Ye Cang who was reloading his ballista.

“Bro! / Team Leader! Careful!!” Zhang ZhengXiong and the others shouted.

Ye Cang had just finished reloading. He quickly dropped it and fearlessly struck with his pike! Flame Blade! Flame Lotus! In a flash, Multiple Straight Thrusts was unleashed, creating three fire lotuses. FrozenBlood, who had finished setting the torches, saw Ye Cang’s reaction speed, and couldn’t help sighing. She would learn something every time she saw his reactions. His bursts of speed were too terrifying. It was like no surprise attack would work on him. As long as he was attacked, no matter how fast, he could react to it. Even if it were impossible to react in time, she had never seen him surprised. He always responded very calmly, as if nothing could scare him.

The specter wailed. ElegantFragrance looked at Ye Cang. That guy is an all-rounder type ranger. He can even temporarily tank. She saw that the pike had the boss under control, it wouldn’t run away any longer. While he was performing his melee attacks, he also leapt backwards and grabbed the ballista on the ground. High in the air, he performed a Precise Shot! A trick shot… that guy’s trick shooting must be using some sort of skill. There’s no way a level 11 can move like that. In the first place, the attributes aren’t high enough to ensure success. To perform a trick shot, the most important thing is reflex followed by dexterity. They are also my most important attributes. It’s hard enough to find a player that can shoot accurately, let alone someone who could shoot so accurately while jumping, flipping, turning, in all sorts of postures. I have to admit, technique wise, team leader really is omnipotent. Magic wise, his chanting both fast and clear, on a completely different level than GreenDew and them…
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