Chapter 407: Good Karma

Chapter 407: Good Karma

The flames gradually declined. Even if Ye Cang was hit, he was still in no rush. Without messing up his rhythm, he dodged an attack with a turn of his body, then leaned and dodged a shade that suddenly appeared.

Ye Cang fought with all his strength. Whenever possible, he unleashed his spells. His skills were used on every cooldown. Finally, when he was out of resources, he still did the best he could without mana. As his energy was recovering and all his skills were on cooldown, he would dodge and counter-attack. In the end, he was engulfed by the numerous shades.

“Dodge!” SpyingBlade pulled Wu Na and Little Ye Tian away towards a recess near the cliff. Zhang ZhengXiong also pulled FrozenCloud, and had Fang Ci and Wang hide in a ditch. Lin Le and Little Ren squeeze in with SpyingBlade’s group. Lin Le pushed his butt into Little Ye Tian’s face, making her clench her teeth in rage.

There was the sound of a violent explosion. Even with their high dark resistance, the withered shades were still dispersed by this explosion. In a flash, the area thousands of meters around Ye Cang was clear of withered shades. There were only a few hundred left on the perimeter.

“Father!!” Little Ye Tian guessed the reason for that explosion, and saw the message stating Ye Cang’s death! She howled, while Lin Le continued to squish her with his butt.

FrozenCloud sighed. Team Leader had died in battle, but since when could he explode!? It was so powerful and terrifying. God, unless one had a special skill, it would be guaranteed death in PVP. She saw her experience bar increase sharply…

“Don’t get excited. Team Leader can not only explode, he can also revive once, but the cooldown is a few days…” SpyingBlade smiled. Hearing that, Little Ye Tian relaxed. So that was it. It must be the effects of that two in one ring. Then she thought back to that withered field. They should have waited for nightfall to explore. Then they could fight their way in from the edge, instead of being encircled. She began to blame herself for failing to realize this and wasting her father’s precious trump card, exposing it in front everyone.

After the shockwave, everyone looked at Ye Cang who was running over from within the ashes. Several hundred withered shades were chasing his sorry figure. They heard a shout from the distance, “What are you lazy people watching for. Get over here and help!!”

Zhang ZhengXiong brought everyone to welcome them. The battle was extremely messy and fierce. They had to face the withered shades while affected by the terrain debuff. Against the rain of shadow arrows, Zhang ZhengXiong charged through them and killed into their ranks. The couple of arrows that hit him had taken out half his health. He activated Desperate Prayer, healing everyone while also intimidating the shades.

Ye Cang used his bow from a distance while moving rapidly, using flips and dives to dodge the shadow arrows. However, even while running, flipping and diving, he could still rapidly hit his target as usual. FrozenCloud watched, stunned. She activated her qi defence and followed Zhang ZhengXiong, cutting deep into the enemy’s ranks. SpyingBlade switched his longsword for a fire element one and drifted around Zhang ZhengXiong’s surroundings. Lin Le was depressed. His full strength build wasn’t very effective right now, so he pouted and changed into his second form… Arsonist form. He began to hoot wildly while throwing molotovs.

Little Ye Tian worked hard to keep Zhang ZhengXiong, SpyingBlade, and FrozenCloud’s health topped up. She didn’t have the time to care about the others. Wang was pitiful… always sticking to his water elemental’s butt. Fang Ci was crawling on the ground while controlling Bali. The skeletons he summoned didn’t even have time to stand up before being smashed apart by shadow arrows. Little Ye Tian threw out Healing Chains and Pearls of Light to heal the three in the front row.

Ye Cang saw that his Light Strike Array was ready again and laughed coldly. Die. “A’Xiong, prepare to use your skills, I’m going to blow you up!”

“I got it bro!” Zhang ZhengXiong replied and prepared his life-saving skills. FrozenCloud and SpyingBlade quickly retreated. Violent fire and light enveloped Zhang ZhengXiong and nearly a hundred withered shades. Zhang ZhengXiong activated Berserk Recovery, rapidly restoring his health, quickly returning to his state before the Light Strike Array.

FrozenCloud looked at Zhang ZhengXiong in the raging flames with his giant axe and arm guard, standing there like a god of war. Her face began to turn a bit red. SpyingBlade feigned a sigh and made a smile like Ye Cang’s indifferent one. “If only you weren’t a Lil’Dino…”

FrozenCloud was speechless as she looked at SpyingBlade with his evil smile. That guy definitely knew her from before! She rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t tell team leader and them. I… I…”

“I know…” SpyingBlade nodded and patted her on the shoulder. “Good luck…”

He finished speaking then killed his way into the fire.

Good luck? Good luck your sister! I’m still a beauty you know! Why would I need luck to get a damn playboy!? Bah, you being with Falling Star’s sister Qian is what I call luck! Tch… FrozenCloud thought to herself sadly.

As the fight reached its end, everyone was spent. Only after exhausting their mana had they managed to deal with the 300 withered shades. They needed to replenish both their health and mana. Suddenly, the withered earth began to emit a large amount of black smoke. A 20+ meter tall shadow creature gradually took shape. Ye Cang broke out in cold sweat. We don’t even get time to rest? It would be strange not to wipe…

FrozenCloud smiled bitterly as she watched the gradually forming enormous shade. This was unquestionably an event boss, which appeared randomly. The type that might appear or might never. Just how bad was their Team Leader’s luck. Were they going to be sent back to Bal Village?

“Code Red!” Ye Cang began to escape. Everyone rushed frantically behind him. Even SpyingBlade who had fought seas of NPCs was unable to fight any further. Only god knows if it had a perversely OP final move or berserk mode.

Ye Cang heard a roar from behind. Countless shadow arrows fell from the sky like rain. Everyone quickly found a place to hide. The moment it stopped, they once again began to run, escaping the withered region. The boss didn’t seem to want to chase any further, but Ye Cang noticed that the withered earth was slowly encroaching towards them. “Everyone quickly heal and buff up with food…”

“Then let’s run a bit further…” Little Ye Tian thought of how every time they ate, they would rarely end up in a clear-headed state.

“While recovering, see if there is anyone nearby to help. This is an event boss and only us won’t be enough. We need at least a dozen more to come share the burden…” SpyingBlade shook his head.

“Asking for help is a shame upon our status as members of Happy Firmaments…” Ye Cang stroked his chin and contemplated for not even a second. “ThornyRose. Coordinates XXX,YYY, get over here and help. Not coming!? Return our money! Now that’s how it should be, hurry…”

Then he made another call. “Brother PureSoul, where are you? In the cave north of Bal Village?! Right! Do you remember our sword fight in the public bath? Here’s the thing; there’s a troublesome matter concerning an event boss. Come help. Consider it repaying a favor… Division!? Let’s do this; we’ll give you one piece of equipment. No!? Hah, so you were such a fickle untrustworthy person… I’m going to complain to Brother CloudDragon about how we fell out after our sword fight. It’s a promise! Brother PureSoul sure is a good friend. I’m at XXX, YYY. Hurry over!”

Ye Cang calmly sighed. “My karma is so good…”

“……” FrozenCloud and the others looked at him, their minds in chaos.
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