Chapter 408: Rabbis

Chapter 408: Rabbis

Ye Cang and the others moved to a faraway hill and prepared to eat. Everyone watched as he began to cook, and he even used new innovative ideas. They each prepared themselves.

The first one over was NalanPureSoul who saw the familiar smoke coming from the top of a little hill and smelled that invigorating stench. It was so invigorating that he wanted to throw up. NalanPureSoul, NalanMoon, and NalanMight stopped.

“I don’t want to go. We’re so far, yet the smell is already so strong…” NalanMight’s scalp tingled.

“Let’s go…” NalanPureSoul sighed and brought his people to the hill. He saw the corpses. Little Ye Tian, who was the last to eat, saw NalanPureSoul and the others as she was losing her consciousness. She struggled to take out the sign that she had prepared. The words “Help yourself!!” was stuck to the pot, then her mind went dark, and she collapsed.

NalanPureSoul and the others couldn’t even block out the smell by pinching their noses. He looked at the food effect. It was a must. All three foods added resistances. The added dark resistance was especially high. It was clear that the boss they were going to fight must be related. He looked with love, hate, and admiration at the nearby white hair. Then he resolutely ate the three meals and collapsed to the ground. NalanMoon and the others saw that PureSoul had already eaten. They trembled as they approached their execution…

ThornyRose’s group arrived soon after. They were greeted by the sight of three big pots, a group of people lying on the floor, as well as the sign on the pot. They immediately broke out in cold sweat… The women all gulped and began to look at each other. Little Jade held onto FrozenBlood and shook her head. FrozenBlood just sighed. She served herself all three. “Follow after me!”

As she spoke, Little Jade thought she was going to take the lead to eat first, but FrozenBlood grabbed her and forced it down her mouth. Looking at Little Jade, who was struggling on the ground, FrozenBlood acted as if she had done a good thing. “No need for thanks…”

GreenDew saw FrozenBlood look over to her, and began to sweat profusely. She decisively did it herself.

Everyone woke up one after the other. Their first reaction was to dig at their throats.

“This time, while I was improving it, I made a little mistake. However, the results weren’t bad…” Ye Cang looked at everyone and assured himself.

Not bad!? This is a little mistake!? Everyone all stared at Ye Cang.

“Brother PureSoul, you left before our great sword fight in the bathroom. When you have time, let’s fight again…” Ye Cang looked to NalanPureSoul and said.

NalanPureSoul’s face turned red. “Who wants to cross swords with you in the bathroom!? Brother PaleSnow, stop playing around.”

“Sword fight? Bathroom?” NalanMoon asked doubtfully.

“Haha, you don’t know? It’s a game that’s been around since ancient times. It’s rumored to be the best game for a man and another man to compare strengths with!” Lin Le began to explain.

“There’s a game like that? Why haven’t I heard of it? How do you play?” NalanMoon asked curiously. A game from ancient times sounded really interesting.

By the side, ThornyRose shook her head and thought, you don’t want to know!

“Everyone just has to be in a bathroom and pull out the holy sword at your crotch. Then compare lengths! Compare width! Then fight and compare hardness! Hah, it’s a very cruel game. In the past, that hateful Little Li was destroyed by me while playing. He couldn’t smile for the next few days…” Lin Le explained seriously.

“There’s no such game!” Besides Zhang ZhengXiong, Ye Cang, and Little Ye Tian who were nodding; the rest all roared.

Then, everyone looked to NalanPureSoul. NalanMoon almost lost her voice. “Little Brother, you…”

“It’s just Brother PaleSnow’s joke. Don’t overthink it…” NalanPureSoul smiled calmly.

FrozenCloud saw OldWangFromNextDoorg give Ye Cang an envious look. Hey, can you be anymore desperate!?

ThornyRose facepalmed. “Alright, alright, where is the boss. What is it like? Explain it, then let’s start.”

Little Ye Tian explained their meeting with the boss after filtering out the unnecessary parts. “I don’t know the details, we weren’t buffed or healed so we retreated. So we don’t have much data on this boss. We only know its shape and attribute is a dark type.”

“It’s no use overthinking it. Get ready and let’s go before things change…” NalanPureSoul nodded. He examined all the auras affecting him. His health increased greatly. Movement speed and attack speed were also increased more than before. The auras had improved again…

“Alright, cast your buffs and refill your mana, then we can plan…” ThornyRose reminded.

Ye Cang began to chant and make hand seals.

NalanPureSoul faintly raised his brows. A magic with mantras in an western style game? What kind of magic was this?

ThornyRose just painfully covered her forehead. She saw NalanPureSoul and the other’s confused expression. He’s just showing off! It’s just an instant cast nature buff…

“Break!” Ye Cang shouted. Warm nature power engulfed everyone. NalanPureSoul was moved. +15 to all attributes? Such a high nature resistance and even a recovery effect. However, the recovery effect would probably be useless. According to Little Ye Tian, the withered field suppresses health restoration effects. Even healing is halved. However, this buff was definitely a high-level skill!

Little Ye Tian casted her prayers and gave everyone blessings. All attributes were increased by 15%.

After their mana was restored, Ye Cang brought everyone back to the gradually expanding withered field. The moonlight clearly lit up the area, allowing them to see that beast shaped shade. It was a vaguely cat-shaped figure. Its two eyes emitted a dark red light, and it’s whole body emitted a thick black energy.

Ye Cang quickly identified it.

Withered Shade - Rabbis (Event Boss - Abyss - Rare): Extremely dangerous withered shade…

“ThornyRose, your group will take the left. We’ll take the right. HeavenShakingMight, you’re probably the only one who can tank this. If you discover any weak points, notify everyone as soon as possible. Ranged players stay scattered. Go…” NalanPureSoul saw that the giant cat shade had roared and looked over with its red eyes. He brought his group and scattered. ThornyRose brought her people and scattered to the left.

Ye Cang threw his heavy bow to ElegantFragrance, and then equipped his ballista in its place. Being the first to reach the battle, Zhang ZhengXiong was faced with the swat of its paw. He stood firmly on the ground and blocked forcefully with his giant axe as if holding up a giant cauldron. The dark energy flowed past him, continuously dealing damage. With a bellow, he dived to the side. The black claws smashed loudly against the earth, leaving scars. The spot where Zhang ZhengXiong’s feet were, had also sunken in. However, this stopped the boss temporarily.

NalanPureSoul watched Zhang ZhengXiong display his might as a tank. That imposing aura which never failed to intimidate. He really wanted to face against them, unfortunately they had lost to Lord’s Reign and were unable to enter the semi-finals…
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