Chapter 409: Killing Rabbis

Chapter 409: Killing Rabbis

“Lele, throw the molotovs! Throw some around the boss too. Restrict his mobility!” ThornyRose said while attacking violently from the left. Lin Le began to spread a sea of fire.

“Brother Lele, throw some towards me too!” NalanPureSoul had his fire demon shoot out a fireball while he threw out rings of hellfire. He looked up to see four or five bottles flying towards him. He broke out in cold sweat. Are you trying to burn me to death!? The bottles smashed, and NalanPureSoul found himself surrounded by a sea of fire, with him in the middle. Luckily, it didn’t burn him. Such an accurate throw. He began to gather the surrounding flames and sent wave after wave of fire at the boss…

Zhang ZhengXiong spun 360 degrees and struck with his heavy axe at the boss’ neck. He pulled it out, revealing a wound that leaked shadow energy. The shade boss issued an angry roar. It swung its sharp claws while its body shot out countless shadow arrows.

“Dodge!” ThornyRose roared, and moved to stand under the boss.

FrozenBlood jumped down from its body and chose to hide under its abdomen. Elsewhere, a five meter large fire wolf met the shadow arrows, continuously dissolving them. It crashed into the boss’s shoulder and exploded in a burst of hellfire. NalanPureSoul made a grabbing motion, triggering another explosion! Most of the shadow arrows coming in his direction had been destroyed by the explosion while it also dealt a terrifying amount of fire damage. Lin Le knew that this damn black cat had been stunned. He threw his two swords to the ground, and tossed a molotov. It immediately engulfed the swords in flames. He grabbed them, holding a flaming sword in his hand and another one on his back. He quickly leapt towards the boss’s head, creating arcs of flames as he struck! He landed and pulled out the sword on his back with Sword Drawing Arts - Returning Dragon! He swung his other sword with Surging Dragon! Then Sword Drawing Art - Flash! Whirlwind Strike! The sword left beautiful arcs of flame in the darkness…

Zhang ZhengXiong rushed out from under the boss. The molotovs can be used like that! He tossed his weapon to the ground. “Lele, throw one on my weapon too!”

“Okies!” Lin Le casually said and sent a bottle over. The molotov landed on the giant axe in front of Zhang ZhengXiong.

He grabbed the axe covered in oil and set ablaze. It dealt 3 damage to him every second. It wasn’t exactly high, but not low either. However, such little bit of damage wasn’t much while taking on a boss! With a roar, he swung the giant axe. Holy Judgement struck at its head. Fire and holy damage made it wail in grief.

At this time, Ye Cang’s ballista + Hunter Imprint - Attack (add half of your dexterity to an attack) along with Enchant Arrow - Explosive Arrow flew over. He shadow stepped to NalanPureSoul and then dashed through the fire. Flame Blade + Fire Lotus. His pike exploded with fire lotuses as he struck its head. Multiple Straight Thrusts! Straight Thrust + Shadow Frost Strike exploded with a flower of ice. The word resisted floated up. Ye Cang quickly cast Hunter Imprint - Conceal. He hid himself and passed under its abdomen, dodging past a sweeping tail attack…

Zhang ZhengXiong waved his fiery weapon bravely. SpyingBlade also threw down his weapons. “Lele, here…”

NalanMight, NalanMoon, FrozenBlood, and the others all took advantage of the time when the boss’s attention was on Zhang ZhengXiong to assemble and throw their weapons to the ground. Ye Cang also threw his pike in. Lin Le threw out two bottles and covered all the weapons in fuel. Everyone retrieved their weapons. They frowned at that side-effect of 3 damage every second. This was pretty much using your health to increase your damage. Nevertheless, the increase in damage with every hit was only 10 or so. However, it did succeed in turning their damage into fire damage instead of pure physical…

The battle was exceptionally fierce. When the boss entered its berserk state, NalanPureSoul’s side immediately lost some core members. Little Jade also died tragically to a rain of shadow arrows.

ThornyRose frowned. This boss had too much health. They had been fighting for over 20 minutes! Little Tian’s mana for healing was also emptied in order to preserve the health of the melee members using burning weapons. NalanBeauty was worse off. She had long since used up her mana and was alternating with Little Tian to sit and drink magic spring water.

Shaking Bear had also used one use of Desperate Prayer… That damned halved healing and health regeneration restriction! ThornyRose turned towards NalanPureSoul, who was still outputting damage with all his might. If they could defeat this boss, he would probably claim the highest damage. He had never stopped casting fire spells, and the damage was very high. His fire demon also dealt a considerable amount of damage. The others, like Wang, Fang Ci, and Nana were practically negligible…

“Lele, don’t let the fire die down around NalanPureSoul…” ThornyRose warned once again. Lin Le nodded and threw another 4 bottles around him.

“Thanks Brother Lele…” NalanPureSoul continued to draw the fire. He thought about buying some molotovs from Happy Firmaments later. These things fit well with his Kindling Technique and Fire Recovery, making it like he was always drinking magic spring water while increasing his flame damage. It was just the price, Brother PaleSnow would definitely ask for a high price… His delicate hand grabbed the air. A fire wolf struck the boss and it was baptised in hellfire which exploded once more for a large amount of damage.

Ye Cang was also not weak. He created a Flame Burst and threw it out. Its explosive strength was also impressive. NalanPureSoul faintly smiled. Such a high spell power…

They continued their flurry of attacks. Although the number of members decreased, but their main force was mostly still there. The shade boss began to change its shape, becoming unstable. NalanPureSoul stopped his attack. “Careful, it’s probably some big skill…”

Along with a resentful roar, the enormous cat shade instantly split into numerous little kittens. However, each kitten was still as big as a prairie wolf. There were roughly a few hundred of them.

NalanPureSoul’s heart sank. Oh no, we’re already in bad shape, and our skills are mostly on cooldown. The healers at the back are already at the end of the line. Even if they replenish their mana, they still wouldn’t keep up…

“Bro! Blow me up!”, Zhang ZhengXiong bellowed. He swung left and right, even directly activating Desperate Prayer, healing his health to above half. He then activated Berserk Recovery, healing the other half. In an instant, the surrounding shades’ hostility was completely directed at him.

Ye Cang began to chant Light Strike Array without hesitation. Light and fire immediately enveloped Zhang ZhengXiong and the surrounding kittens. NalanPureSoul was extremely happy. He quickly made a grab at the air. He couldn’t do anything with the light part of the attack, but he could with the fire. And his skill cooldown just finished! After the Light Strike Array was a scarlet red explosion.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain Withered Shade - Rabbis. Obtaining 4500 experience and permanent 15 dark resistance…”

Everyone sighed in relief. When the boss died, ThornyRose was immediately 12000% alert. She once again succeeded in pouncing on the loot-crazy Ye Cang. If even this boss is ruined by him, biting him to death won’t be enough! This is an event boss! Such an exhausting battle and losing so many sisters! NalanPureSoul’s side lost at least ten experts.
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