Chapter 44: A Thrilling Shot

Chapter 44: A Thrilling Shot

The battle became extremely intense. Everyone had to be careful as they could be killed at any time, while also trying to deal as much damage as possible. The battle reached a sort of deadlock. Under the guidance of ThornyRose and Zhang ZhengXiong, Lin Le would attack when he had the chance then immediately retreat.

Since he only had one arrow left, Ye Cang gave up his bowman position, and became a dedicated healer, helping everyone keep their health up with his healing stream spell. As time dragged on, he looked at his mana, and saw he could only cast two more.

The fishman chief was riddled with scars. It’s blade danced, keeping everyone back. Then it suddenly shouted and raised it’s blade high, it’s eyes began glowing red.

ThornyRose saw this and immediately shouted: “It’s using a skill!”

Everyone stopped moving and focused their attention on the blade. ThornyRose and Zhang ZhengXiong were the first to notice that the target was Lin Le because he was the one dealing most of the damage. The fishman chief saw ThornyRose and Zhang ZhnegXiong running to shield Lin Le and grinned. His blade slanted and slashed right towards where ThronyRose was running.

Ye Cang saw the blade’s path change and shouted: “36E! Careful!!”

ThornyRose heard Ye Cang’s warning, stuck out her leg and leaned back to quickly stop. The sweat on her cheeks followed her original momentum and shot forwards. That was so close, good thing she heard that lowlife’s warning. Wait… 36E… She thought of the time at the volcano and blushed. She kicked off the ground with her back leg intending to somersault backwards, but unexpectedly, the blade didn’t stop after hitting the ground. The surrounding dust rose and the stone floor split open from the violent shaking.

“It’s a earth type skill!!” ThornyRose called out while unsteady. She blamed herself for thinking weird thoughts, and tried to regain her balance.

Ye Cang quickly prepared his arrow. He saw that the fishman was reaching out with his free hand, and had no way to defend its face. His last arrow shot out.

The fishman chief Gil Rage smiled with disdain. His hand reached out, grabbed Thornyrose’s leg, and raised her up to block Ye Cang’s arrow.

“Eh…” Ye Cang looked at his arrows trajectory, and watched it while it hit, feeling a bit awkward and speechless.

ThornyRose felt a somewhat familiar pain. It was like that time not long ago. FrozenBlood looked at the arrow that was again sticking out of her heart-shaped butt, and she lost strength in her legs not know what to say.

SpyingBlade was also amazed. That arrow was so sharp, since it missed the boss’s weak point, it hit her weak point instead.

“Such a nostalgic scene…” Lin Le murmured as he retreated to steady himself and looked at ThornyRose.

“About a few days ago…” Zhagn ZhengXiong added in.

FrozenCloud was amazed, then hearing what they said, she looked over and froze. This wasn’t the first time!? No wonder Sister Rose gnashed her teeth so much when she speaks of him. The fact that she hadn’t done something yet was inconceivable. As expected of Sister Rose, thinking of the bigger picture first.

FrozenBlood quickly went up and stabbed into the fishman chief’s wrists. The dazed ThornyRose fell to the ground. “There’s another arrow in my butt!?” She thought as she rolled and got up. While at it, she reached out and felt her bottom, finding an arrow there. It really was accurate. She felt a pain in her heart as she pulled it out. Whats most important now was the boss battle, but me and him are definitely not through! She quickly escaped from the boss’s attack range. Then she glared at Ye Cang with her bright red face. Her two eyes looked like they would shoot out fire as she roared: “F** your grandfather! Perverted lowlife! Bastard! I’ll get you back!! Aahhhh!!!!”

“It’s really not my fault, the boss is too devious…” Ye Cang quickly explained. He never thought that his last arrow would also be wasted. Then he thought it over and decided it was because her butt was too big.

ThornyRose ground her teeth, and looked back to see Zhang ZhengXiong waiting for her so they could continue attacking the fishman chief. She started running over thinking: “I’ll definitely have my revenge! This hatred won’t just go away! Just you wait! I’m not done with you!!”

Ye Cang sensed ThornyRose’s wrath, and he rubbed his nose awkwardly. His other hand reached to his back to pulled out his two handed sword. He activated the speed boost from is shoes and charged over.

While SpyingBlade attacked with his dagger, he sensed that ThornyRose’s fighting style had changed. It became fierce and berserk, dealing a decent amount of damage to the boss. FrozenBlood was astonished, this sort of fighting style which didn’t care for her life wasn’t like her. Thinking of the scene earlier, she understood. If it was herself… she started shivering, her heart-shaped bottom tightened. She vowed that she would never let it happen to her.

Spying blade dodge past a stomp and watched ThornyRose who seemed more berserk than a wild beast. He suddenly thought of a phrase to describe her extremely berserk state: A Mother’s Wrath. He raised his head and saw a figure jump over. It was him! The dark red longsword slashed towards the back of the fishman’s neck, making it scream out in pain.

FrozenCloud’s tonfas crossed, blocking the fishman chief’s slash. Her whole body was sent flying away from the force. She struggled to warn everyone: “It’s berserk too!”

Although ThornyRose was in a ‘Berserk’ state, she still raised he shield to block the incoming sweep which pushed her back several steps. Her body was unsteady as she looked at her remaining ten health and sensed a healing stream cast on her. It’s recovery was too slow, she quickly pulled out a Small Health Potion and drank it.

At this time, the fishman chief’s hooked blade performed numerous slashes. Seeing the numerous blades, everyone quickly backed up. The boss turned a full 180 degrees and slashed out. SpyingBlade dodged a few steps to the right. It was targeting him!? His steps didn’t stop but he suddenly realised, it wasn’t after him. It was after that guy. It’s Lele!! He wanted to yell out but it was too late. ThornyRose had also thought it was SpyingBlade, but realised it was only a feint. She frowned, this game’s NPCs were much more intelligent than the last one’s. She yelled: “Lele!!”

Lin Le’s Dexterity wasn’t very high, he knew he couldn’t dodge. He saw the slash coming right at him, and held his axe in front of him to resist. ThornyRose knew, even if he blocked it, he would die. His already low health didn’t have much left. Unless his strength was higher than the boss’s, but there was no way that was possible.

Zhang ZhengXiong suddenly appeared in front of Lin Le and raised Harja’s crystal shield. Clang~ The berserk boss, using a skill, knocked the shield onto the ground. Although the shield had blocked the attack, he was still knocked flying. The fishman blurred and performed another slash. Lin Le saw Zheng ZhengXiong lying bloodied on the ground, and pouted as he raised his axe high, ready to welcome the blade. He roared: “You dare bully Brother Lil’Xiong! I’ll take you on!”

FrozenBlood and the others didn’t dare to approach. It was too dangerous. The boss was already berserk, his reaction speed had deteriorated while his strength increased, but that meant they would have better chances to attack. What made them sigh was Lele’s childishness. He was too impulsive. Zhang ZhengXiong had risked his life to protect him so that he may have more opportunities to deal damage, not to get hot headed and die together. At this time, a dark red light flashed by. It’s length was about the same as Lin Le’s axe and the boss’s blade. It mysteriously appeared in front of the boss’s face. The person that stopped in front of the boss, surprised everyone. It was actually Ye Cang.

Everyone was startled. How did he suddenly appear there?

SpyingBlade squinted. Just earlier, when the boss first turned around, Ye Cang was still beside him. In this short period of time he saw Ye Cang crouch down, then he had appeared in front of the boss. He got up from his crouch and turned around. At the same time, he touched his blade, sending a flash of red light at the fishman chief’s eye. The attack was fast, precise, fierce, perfectly executed, but most of all fast!

TN: Damn ThornyRose… She’s really unlucky.
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