Chapter 435: Coaching the Three Goddesses

Chapter 435: Coaching the Three Goddesses

Ye Cang returned to the Qin Family and went directly to the bath. He opened the skylight and enjoyed the night’s gentle moonlight. Raising his hand, he reached slowly towards the ring hanging on his chest.

The next day, early morning.

Ye Cang once again went to La HongYe’s class and saw Mr. Qin disguised with a hat in the first row. Beside him was the first-timer, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le. They felt like they had just stepped foot inside a virtual reality theater, as they followed the huge crowd inside. FrozenCloud facepalmed. She had only gone to Sister HongYe’s class once. It was too awkward to be the only girl among a room full of horny men about to shoot off their…

After the class, Ye Cang’s group returned to Lin Hai. They entered the game once the clock struck 12.

Since the other two temples were being completed and Little Ye Tian had already made plans for the other facilities, they had free time before the Goddesses descended. As for Bal Village, Granny Rica was there to take care of it.

“Where’s Team Leader?” OldWangFromNextDoor had come a bit late.

“The two temples are about to be completed, so Team Leader is over at Mallows’ temple, coaching etc…” FrozenCloud said with a strange expression.

OldWangFromNextDoor was immediately filled with jealousy and regret. He looked towards the three portraits of the Goddesses by the association doorway, “If only I were Team Leader…”

Mallows’ Temple.

SpyingBlade watched as Ye Cang made the three Goddesses perform various shameful actions. Recalling how Ye Cang had been reading a fashion magazine in the morning, it seemed like he planned to mess with them to death…

“Jam! You’re too stiff! Relax. Show a bit more chest! Smile more sweetly! You don’t know how a smile can be sweet? Let me help… Your mouth should be like this and this. It’s hard!? Bear with it! I’m helping you adapt to the new age! If you don’t keep up with the times, then you’ll be abandoned by your believers…”

“Anya, why are you wearing such conservative pants! It’s too thick! Where’s the miniskirt!? It should be like this! What kind of shoes are these you ask? High heels! I specially ordered it from the tailor! You’re not used to them!? Well you still have to wear them! By today, I want you to be able to sprint in them as if you were flying, as naturally as being barefoot! Slap! Stick that butt out more!”

“And you! Mallows! Although your chest is your selling point, you still have to change things up in order to attract those hungry eyes. What do I mean hungry? I mean your believers… Now show more leg in that slit dress! Wear this too. What are these clothes you ask!? Stockings… an accessory that desperate men love… Hurry! No talking back!”

Wu Na covered her forehead. She directly turned and left the temple. She could no longer bear to watch. Looking outside at the devoted Maru Naya and other believers, she sighed, sympathizing silently…

ThornyRose and FrozenBlood came to the outside of the temple and saw Wu Na guarding the door, gazing at the clouds. “Why aren’t you inside?”

“Don’t go in, you won’t be able to bear watching…” Wu Na said with a sigh.

ThornyRose entered for not even five minutes before decisively leaving. “I feel like those three sl*tty Goddesses seem a bit excited…”

“…” Wu Na didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The two woman began to happily chat about random things.

“Oh right, where’s Sister Icy?” Wu Na wondered why FrozenBlood hadn’t come out of the temple with ThornyRose.

“Should still be inside…” ThornyRose replied, unsure. The two of them entered the temple once again, and saw that FrozenBlood had completely taken up the role of the villain’s secretary. That woman was truly a super S. She could even play along with Ye Cang, the vilest of the vile…

The two women once again left the temple. It was a completely different world in there.

“Where’s Lele?” ThornyRose said as she sat on the ivory stairs.

“He said something about an armed chamber of commerce meeting. They’re talking about this quarter’s best salesthug…” Wu Na’s words made ThornyRose wonder just what in the world an armed merchant really was…

“Then Shaking Bear and Little Tian?” ThornyRose shook her head and stopped wondering about Lele.

“A’Xiong is undergoing his teacher’s trials. Last time I saw his teacher, I felt that he was sort of like an old gay guy. He was touching A’Xiong all over while saying ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’. Too creepy…” Wu Na said with a complicated expression.

“You mean A’Xiong’s class instructor? Kanlad Dove isn’t some gay guy. You should know that his position in the church is even higher than Arch-Bishop Magi. He’s a legendary hero. It’s just that right now, he’s enjoying his retirement life…” SpyingBlade also came out, being unable to bear it anymore.

“How do you know? Did Little Tian tell you?” Wu Na laughed.

“I am also part of the church…” SpyingBlade pointed to his own Dark Judges badge.

“I say, why were you so adamant about leaving Shooting Star back then? Those were your heydays. People were even comparing you to CloudDragon…” ThornyRose was curious.

“No reason. I was confused about something and couldn’t see clearly. I made a few mistakes, but it won’t happen anymore. I already have what I want most in the world… and conviction…” SpyingBlade said, then turned and smiled towards the temple, “Team Leader is such a mysterious guy. To be able to meet him is Gongsun Qian’s good fortune…”

“Hey, snap out of it. You’ve been brainwashed by that lowlife…” ThornyRose quickly got up and shook his shoulders.

“Right now, you do not yet understand what kind of person Team Leader is…” SpyingBlade smiled, feeling somewhat emotional. Team Leader’s contacts and relations extended from the 10 Commandments to the top of the Dragon Group. He was not only famous in the underground world, but he had absolute trust from his companions. SpyingBlade thought about why Team Leader didn’t just fight for #1’s position. With his strength, it was possible, but he doesn’t, all for the sake of some unknown promise.

“Pfft, a lowlife…” ThornyRose turned away, in a bad mood. She once again thought of the time, she, FrozenBlood and GreenDew were fighting a boss, when suddenly, a mysterious shot broke through her back door. Even worse, it was shot by a man! She had endured it for the sake of the guild but it had happened again! It had to be on purpose!!

Wu Na and SpyingBlade saw the fury in ThornyRose’s eyes, and recalled the story of their first meeting. They couldn’t help but smile. They couldn’t really blame her for her rage.

“What about that brat Fang Ci?” ThornyRose changed the topic, for a change of mood.

“Lately, Ye Cang let him be in charge of selling…” Wu Na stopped there, recalling that Ye Cang hadn’t told her yet.

SpyingBlade quickly helped to smooth things over, “selling equipment…”

“Oh~~ Is that right?” ThornyRose raised her brows. She looked to Wu Na, who was faintly avoiding her gaze, “Good sister, come chat with me…”

She grabbed Wu Na and took her for a chat behind a pillar.

“Hah, Team Leader’s women…” SpyingBlade sighed, then returned to the temple to watch the S&M.
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