Chapter 439: Repeating Old Tricks

Chapter 439: Repeating Old Tricks

Ye Cang began to cook. Various poisonous mushrooms and other poisonous substances were added into the delicious and juicy broodmother stew. Very quickly, a fragrant smell emerged from it. Wu Na and the others all stared wide-eyed. How was it that he could make edible poison for the enemy, yet for his allies, he makes nightmare level cuisine… They all sighed.

Ye Cang and SpyingBlade changed into the bandit clothing, brought the two big pots to the middle of the stronghold and sat them down. “Time to eat! Time to eat!”

“Eh, today is stew? It smells pretty good, that meat looks delicious…” The bandits complemented.

“Boss, come try it…”

Very quickly, the contents of the pot were divided. Ye Cang and SpyingBlade quickly retreated and hid in the sentry tower. From on top, they watched as the bandits happily ate and drank. Not long after, they started receiving a stream of system messages notifying them of kills.

“Aaaargh! It’s poisoned!!”

“Someone poisoned the food!!”

Ye Cang pointed, signalling Zhang ZhengXiong to bring everyone in to clean things up. He then took out his dual pistols and began to shoot from on top of the sentry tower.

Zhang ZhengXiong was like a tiger slaughtering his way into a crowd of sick cats, his heavy axe covered in blood. Lin Le’s used his huge sword to cut everything in his path into two. Everyone killed exceptionally easily under Ye Cang’s rain of bullets.

In the end, only the poisoned bandit chief - Kabas was left. He was pinned to the ground by Ye Cang’s pike. Ye Cang then summoned his shadow weapon and began preparations to shoot a Meteor Shot with his ballista. The result was three spear like objects pinning him down, rendering him unable to move. Then, he breathed his last breath under a barrage of ice spears, ice arrows, and shadow arrows…

Lin Le casually looted the chief’s body. Ye Cang had excitedly leapt off the sentry tower but his legs lost all strength when he saw that and he fell on his face. Luckily, there was a fence blocking everyone’s view.

Ye Cang quickly got up and wiped his face clean. He even took out a mirror to fix his appearance before nodding, “Good, no scars.”

“What is the bounty item?” Ye Cang came up to everyone, not letting anything show on his face or in his voice.

“You just have to prove that you killed their chief, so just take his head.” Little Ye Tian said. Ye Cang simply chopped off Kabas’ head and stuffed it in a bag.

Little Ye Tian paid no attention to the ones testing their luck by looting the elite bandits, instead she was looking at the boat. An underground river which seemed to flow towards White Stone City, while upstream was in the direction of Black Rock City. The Solam Bandits frequently appear and disappear mysteriously. Sometimes even commiting crimes inside the city. Could it be!?

“Father, everyone, pack up. Let’s go on the boat. If I’m not wrong, they still have strongholds by the underground river, near Black Rock City and White Stone City. Let’s quickly eliminate them. Father, you should go get Little Mar and have him help. We should do our best to turn this and any other possible locations into your private territory. That way, we’ll basically control an underground transport station. Whether it’s for transport or combat, it will be a must have. This underground river is very expansive. I estimate that a large boat can pass through. It seems like this place was created by the earthquake a few years ago, so it is something recent, otherwise the officials would have discovered it.”

SpyingBlade froze. If they could secure this route and create a port, then they would be set for life!

“There’s no time to lose. All aboard.” Ye Cang brought everyone to rush towards the boat and they sailed in the direction of Black Rock City. Ye Cang, SpyingBlade and FrozenCloud wore bandit clothes, and stood on the deck. The underground river was pitch-black. Besides Ye Cang, everyone was basically blind and could only see around the torches.

Ye Cang stood alert at the ship’s bow.

After sailing for about an hour, Ye Cang saw a flame in the distance and warned, “We’re arriving. Everyone get ready. A’Xiong, you guys prepare to ambush and standby in the ship’s hold. SpyingBlade and I will continue with the food delivery strategy. It is still around mealtime, so most of them probably haven’t had enough to eat. We’ll poison as many as we can…”

Ye Cang passed a large iron pot to SpyingBlade as they slowly reached shore. SpyingBlade saw the inspector approaching and passed the pot over, “Smell it, this is good stuff. Boss had us specially bring it as a reward for our brothers.”

“Thank you, brothers from mid-river.” The assigned inspector bandit arranged someone to carry the iron pot over, then invited Ye Cang and SpyingBlade to the bonfire which was their outdoor dining area.

SpyingBlade sighed in relief when he saw that they had just begun eating. He watched as they dipped their bread in the poisoned stew and straightforwardly enjoyed the taste. Ye Cang saw that even the guards on the sentry tower had smelled the scent and come down for a snack. The two of them made their way to corner of the base and checked out the boss of this place, Dulian. Then began to sneak back to the ship.

They shed their bandit disguise and changed into their equipment. Ye Cang put two freshly poisoned magic crystals into his pistols and put his ballista beside him so that it could be used at any time. Zhang ZhengXiong and the others had also come out on deck and got ready to launch a surprise attack. The tigerkin Little Ren leapt onto the boat’s mast with a single jump and couched there, his two claws ready on his blades and his tiger eyes shining in the dark.

“The food is poisoned! Who sent it!!!” Dulian spat out blood, becoming weakened. He looked around at his subordinates who were foaming at the mouth, then waved his short saber, blocking Ye Cang’s energy bullet. “Who is it!!”

“Since you’re asking so courteously, then I can only respond in k…” Ye Cang suddenly stood up, but before he could finish, Wu Na smacked the back of his head. “Still showing off in this situation! Hurry and finish them off!!”

“Lil’Dino, have this ignorant woman walk the…” Ye Cang said, maintaining his indifferent expression, but before he could finish, he was forced to swallow his words by Wu Na’s glare. “Go!”

Ye Cang used his Eagle Eyes, instantly locking 20 targets and unleashed Anya’s Berserk Shot! Multishot! Enchant Fire - Explosive Shot! Explosive Energy Bullet! Rapid fire under overload mode!

In an instant, bullets fell like rain, causing continuous explosions.

After the rain of bullets, the others didn’t have to spare much effort to clean up the rest. Ye Cang was about to act but FrozenCloud and Zhang ZhengXiong intercepted him while Lin Le looted the corpse. While sighing, Ye Cang chopped of Dulian’s head and grumbled, “You should know, this victory is all because of my strategy and exquisite cooking skills. Letting me loot the boss should be a given. You ungrateful…”

“Team Leader, this is all for the greater good of the team…” FrozenCloud consoled.

“If it was really for the good of the team, then you should let me loot. I’ll definitely get a godly artifact!”

Everyone rolled their eyes, too lazy to retort.

Together, the chief’s dropped a piece of dark gold equipment, three gold equipment, as well as a skill that can forcefully remove a negative affect! The skill book was given to SpyingBlade. The dark gold metal belt, due to it’s damage reduction and constitution, was directly given to Zhang ZhengXiong. A gold quality light armguard was given to Fang Ci. A physical attacker ring was given to FrozenCloud. As for the final heavy axe, since no one needed it, it was directly put in the cart and pasted with a price-tag.
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