Chapter 45: Furious ThornyRose

Chapter 45: Furious ThornyRose

The fishman chief, in front of Ye Cang’s skill, could only howl in pain. The dark red sword had firmly stabbed into it’s right eye and was immediately pulled out, bringing with it a spurt of blood.

At this time, Lin Le’s attack arrived. The heavy axe chopped onto it’s face, leaving behind a gash so deep you could see bone. The fishman chief was enraged. His left hand slapped towards Ye Cang, but Ye Cang had already run away.

Lin Le stuck his head forwards, and stared at Gil Rage face to face. When Gil Rage raised his long blade, Lin Le crossed his eyes. He had already mastered this skill and could use it perfectly. Looking in his eyes, Gil Rage’s furious eye suddenly became cross eyed. Although the fishman chief was already blind in one eye, but it’s other eye still looked towards the bridge of his nose. It was inflicted with confusion.

“No one attack! ThornyRose! A’Xiong! Flame Flasks!” Ye Cang took out his flame flask and shouted.

SpyingBlade who was charging over stopped. He looked at the boss, puzzled. When did that happen? What skill?

ThornyRose was also puzzled. What skill was it, it was so amazing. Who did it? Lele? Perverted Lowlife? Or Zhang ZhengXiong? If it was magic, any of the three could have done it since Lele was an unknown hidden class. She prepared a flame flask. Zhang ZhengXiong also scrambled up and took his out.

“Throw!” ThornyRose shouted, sounding a bit weak.

3 Minor Flame Flasks all hit the wound on it’s face and started to burn. The fishman awakened and screamed in pain.

“Finish him!” Ye Cang leaped forwards and used his straight thrust. His dark red sword flashed as it stabbed into the fishman chief’s throat, leaving a hole which spurted blood. The fishman struggled to block the incoming attacks but didn’t make it in time. Lin Le wielded his large axe and shouted: “Lele’s Big Windmill!!”

The fishman’s hooked long blade blocked the first spin. FrozenCloud leapt over, her right tonfa ferociously attacking it’s bleeding throat. She landed and dodged past Lin Le’s spin with a roll.

Lin Le took a big step to the right while he spun. Appearing where he was before was ThornyRose. Everyone knew this would be the end, so they used everything they had and attacked like storm. Finally, after the heavy strike at the end of Lin Le’s skill, Gil Rage fell to the ground, smelling like roasted fish.

“Congratulations. You’ve slain the Blu Scaled Fishman Chief - Gil Rage. Received 650 experience.”

Ye Cang sighed in relief. He reached out to loot the corpse, his eyes full of excitement. “Divine Hand… Appear!”

Zhang ZhengXiong quickly charged over, but someone was even faster than him. In an instant, Ye Cang was pushed to the ground, on top of him was a furious ThornyRose. After the boss died, she lost her last restraint. Thinking of earlier, her rage bubbled up and clouded her thoughts.

“It’s already become an instinct?” FrozenBlood murmured. Zhang ZhengXiong was extremely jealous.

This time, Ye Cang felt something was off. ThornyRose had a murderous expression, one that made others shiver in fear. He saw her delicate hands reaching towards his face, he thought: “Not good, she’s going to do something!” and quickly and intercepted her hands to resist. The two were again in an inappropriate position with her above and him below.

“Perverted Lowlife! I won’t be at peace until I tear you apart!” ThornyRose’s face was already red from rage and was grinding her teeth.

“Hey, Madam. Have some dignity. Your image is falling apart…” Ye Cang tightly held her hands, resisting while ‘calming her down’. He sighed and looked away. “Earlier, that wasn’t my fault. It was the boss…”

Before he could finish speaking, he felt a pain on his face and he screamed: “Aaah!! My Face!! She’s biting my face!”

Everyone watched ThornyRose who was biting at Ye Cang as if she was a zombie. They inhaled sharply and started to step away. This woman was so terrifying. FrozenBlood looked at the mad woman who had completely lost her reason and quickly ran over. Once she was close, she took a picture before pulling ThornyRose away. “Calm down, calm down. Let’s split the boss’s loot, then return to Really New Village for the reward…”

“Release me! Release me!! I’ll tear him apart! Aaah!!” ThornyRose said, her eyes shining red. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws as she roared.

Ye Cang took a deep breath and slowly got up. He took out a mirror and checked his face. He saw two deep bite marks and deeply sighed.

SpyingBlade and FrozenCloud looked at them oddly. Was this the rage of a lover?

Lin Le drew closer to Zhang ZhengXiong, afraid. “Sister Rose is so scary…”

Zhang ZhengXiong nodded. “Why don’t you go loot the corpse.”

After FrozenBlood’s consoling, ThornyRose had settled down a bit. She thought of the arrow that had again struck her in that place, and thought it over. It was indeed the boss’s fault for using her as a shield. But that wasn’t enough to quell her rage. Her fury was still directed at the man who was was standing there looking calm with bite marks on his face. She gnashed her teeth loudly.

“Brother Lil’White. It dropped a saber, a chest armor, and a ring.” Lin Le handed over the loot. The saber looked like that hooked blade the fishman chief was using. The armor was made of blue fish scales, it was probably medium armor. It looked quite beautiful. As for the ring, it was silver and was engraved with what looked like a fishman poem.

Gil Rage’s Blade (Superior - Rare)

Category: One Handed Blade

Requirements: 12 Strength, 13 Constitution

Damage: 8 - 11

+2 Strength

+2 Constitution

Gil Rage’s Heavy Strike: Perform a powerful attack against the target, dealing 200% damage. Has a chance to knockback or stun the target. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Blue Scaled Fishman’s Guard (Superior - Rare)

Category: Medium Armor

Requirements: 20 Constitution or 15 Strength

+5 Defence

+1 Strength

+3 Constitution

Reduce incoming damage by 5%.

Blue Scaled Fishman Chief’s Ring (Superior - Rare)

Category: Ring

Requirements: None

+2 Strength

+2 Dexterity

+2 Damage

3 pieces of equipment, each of which could drive someone mad with greed. Although the weapon was one-handed, but the damage was almost as high as Ye Cang’s two handed sword. It was a fairly heavy one handed weapon. It even had ahigh damage crowd control skill. Except for Ye Cang and Lin Le, everyone wanted it. The breast plate’s defence and attributes were all really good. It had high defence and constitution along with % damage reduction, perfect for a tank. As for the ring, it didn’t even need to be said. 2 Strength, 2 Dexterity, and 2 damage, compared to having a special ability, a damage bonus was a lot more stable.

No one was in a rush to distribute it. Looting the other fishmen, they received 2 fine and 2 excellent equipment. This times harvest was really plentiful. One of the excellent equipment was a wand. There was also a skirt that added intelligence among the fine equipment. GreenDew who was in town was really happy. She didn’t die for nothing.

TN: Lol, I feel sorta bad for Ye Cang this time. That must have been a terrifying experience.
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