Chapter 456: Fierce Battle on the Lake

Chapter 456: Fierce Battle on the Lake

Ye Cang spoke to FrozenCloud as he quickly retrieved a fire crystal. He equipped the boss level fire crystal to his ballista, then slung it over his back.

Zhang ZhengXiong brandished his flaming heavy axe and directly collided with the incoming liquid hand, causing a burst of steam. Lin Le also began to enthusiastically throw molotovs at the water elemental boss. A large amount of steam burst to the skies following the ignition of the molotov fuel.

Wu Na and Wang kept eyes on the continuously moving pieces of ice, replenishing them while somewhat flustered. SpyingBlade furrowed his brows, this boss was an event boss. His flaming weapons attacked violently, looking like falling stars.

Although the thunder fish was a bit startled, it still slowly swam towards Pastor’s bait.

FrozenCloud jumped off the boat to deal with the water elementals that had started emerging again, jabbing with her flaming fists. After her initial triple strike, her two fists continued to combo. Ye Cang saw that FrozenCloud had no trouble taking on three of them. Retrieving his ballista, he began to prepare an Enchanted Arrow - Fire - Explosive Arrow. After the fire crystals’ energy poured into the queen bee bolt, the bolt immediately began to burn.

A flaming Meteor Shot instantly shot through the water elemental lord’s chest, then an explosion turned its chest into a couple meter large hole, which continued burning. Ye Cang took this chance to throw out a Flame Burst, once again hitting the same spot, expanding the hole. Then he activated the Rapid Fireballs from his magic tome. Five balls of flame flew out one after the other. Light Strike Array also just got off cooldown. Bright flames burst out of the whirlpool, rising tens of meters high, completely covering the boss.

Ye Cang didn’t stop at that. Simultaneously drawing his two guns, he began to fire rapidly. He sighed inwardly. All his fire spells were pretty much on cooldown, so he could only rely on his weapon. Hopefully they could take advantage of this burst to turn the tides.

As time passed, everyone realized that the boss actually looked somewhat tired. However, the part of its body that was blown away was very quickly filled in with the lake water. Its health regeneration was frightfully fast. Luckily they had Lin Le’s molotovs to counter it. However, they were using up the molotovs very quickly; it might not last till the end.

The water elemental boss produced countless water balls. FrozenCloud quickly moved to the front of the boat and forcefully blocked three of them, losing 80% of her health. Luckily, these water balls were scattered, so although they dealt quite a bit of damage to everyone, it wasn’t enough to kill them. Little Ye Tian quickly healed FrozenCloud, Wu Na and Wang. The front lines was supported by Zhang ZhengXiong’s Desperate Prayer.

Zhang ZhengXiong continued to attract aggro. He felt a tremble under his foot and quickly kicked off, jumping to an adjacent floating piece of ice. A torrential fountain shot out, smashing the ice nearly thirty meters into the air.

The tigerkin Little Ren was like a dragonfly, attacking while continuously leaping from floating ice piece to ice piece. SpyingBlade didn’t have its jumping power, but was also continuously moving. Following the exhaustion of Wang and Wu Na’s mana, the space between ice blocks became larger and larger. SpyingBlade’s heart sank, they were out of mana! “Hurry and recover! We can still hold on for a while! Little Tian, calculate the time and have them recover as much as possible!”

Little Ye Tian nodded. Even without SpyingBlade telling her, she was always making calculations. She looked at the electric currents crackling on the water around the thunder fish. Just seven more seconds until it arrives! Even if they couldn’t kill this boss! They had to at least complete the quest and retreat! They had to hold on until then!

Ye Cang made a piercing whistle again. Little Blue Feather flew over, creating a burst of cold air which left a path of ice for everyone. The flowing currents instantly snapped it into over ten blocks of ice which circled the boss.

SpyingBlade sighed in relief. He was just about to run out of footholds. He quickly flipped away, dodging the sudden blast of water.

Now, the whirlpool under the Water Elemental Boss began to spin increasingly faster. Its range also continued to increase. Very quickly, everything within a hundred meters was enveloped by the whirlpool. The ship also followed the current and began to revolve around it. Everyone’s heart sank. It was unavoidable! The range was too massive!

The thunder fish bit onto the bait. Pastor’s brows suddenly jumped. Reel, drag, reel, then forcefully pull! He pulled out a club and while the fish was in the air, stunned it with a hit and threw it into a basket. He then calmly took out a notebook and began to draw and document it. Suddenly, the enormous whirlpool shot out a gush of water, knocking everyone, the boat included, up into the sky. Pastor was completely unaffected, sitting there continuing to jot notes into his fishing diary.

Ye Cang’s health plummeted but he couldn’t help admiring this sort of single minded concentration. It was worth learning from. Once they reached over 50 meters in the air, Ye Cang stabilized his body, stepped off the boat, activated Cloudwalk, then leapt to a block of ice. He rapidly dashed between the airborne ice blocks like in the movies. FrozenCloud saw Ye Cang pass by her while she was still feeling weightless. He was even eating a soldier food. Team Leader’s bodily control is too abnormal, he can even do this… However, it’s probably only possible with the help of a speed skill.

Having been blasted till he only had 20 health left, SpyingBlade also noticed Ye Cang take action. He watched as Ye Cang turned into several streaks of shadows that charged towards the water elemental boss. Zhang ZhengXiong activated the Desperate Prayer stored in his ring and once again pulled up the melee fighters’ health. Everyone who was still alive took out and ate a solder food. SpyingBlade sighed. Desperate Prayer + soldier food. As long as they didn’t die, there would be no problem.

As for Wu Na and the other spellcasters, they weren’t so lucky. Without mana to protect themselves, even with their equipment, they were still blasted to death by the gush of water. Little Ye Tian rose to the sky with the boat. Seeing her remaining 5 health, she broke out in cold sweat, quickly healing herself and consuming a soldier food. Luckily, I had my staff’s improved holy shield casted on myself in that instant, otherwise I’d be like sister Nana and the others. She looked to the three casualties, their bodies were still being pushed by the water.

Ye Cang’s Flame Lotus was instantly unleashed with his Multiple Straight Thrust, creating three flaming flowers. The three blossoms created three small holes. Stepping off a nearby airborne ice block, he began to return. “Retreat, the quest is probably complete…”

Ye Cang dived into the water and began to swim back to the boat as fast as a fish.

SpyingBlade sighed. They had no other choice. Lele had nearly used up all his molotovs yet it still had quite a bit of health. With its health regeneration speed, unless they had Lele’s suppression, it was practically unkillable.

Pastor didn’t react at all to the boat hitting the water and the violent rocking. He didn’t even lose his balance at all. He simply took out what everyone suspected to be a cannon which shot an extremely explosive flame. Ye Cang and the others quickly leapt into the water to avoid it. Little Ye Tian and FrozenCloud saw that the water elemental boss was quickly reduced to steam by this super flamethrower thing. All that it left behind was a pair of enormous bracelets.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain Lake Water Elemental Lord. Received 4500 experience.”
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