Chapter 458: Armed Crystal Drive

Chapter 458: Armed Crystal Drive

SpyingBlade laughed bitterly. Even more powerful auras, and protection against suppression or dispelling. Was he going to improve his aura’s to the peak?

“And you Lele?” Ye Cang nodded, then turned to Lin Le.

Lin Le revealed his own class equipment and talent.

Armed Alchemist - Sort (Epic - Beginner Level): Your bag, handcart, and other containers gain 35% increased capacity. Ranged consumables gain 50% increased area and range. Increase the number of consumables used at once by 3.

Armed Crystal Drive - Captain Level (Dark Gold - Class)

Category: Glove Support Device

Requirements: Armed Merchant

Equip Crystal: Your attributes will be influences by the equipped crystal. This armed crystal drive can only equip up to three 4th level crystals. They can be swapped out only once a day.

Enchant Weapon: Depending on the equipped crystals, two different magic skills will become available.

Ye Cang looked at the strip like thing with three grooves. Lin Le equipped it on top of his gauntlets.

“Try equipping fire, water and earth crystals.” Ye Cang took out three elite grade crystals (level 3).

Lin Le inserted them into the drive one after the other. The fire crystal gave him 15 strength, water gave 15 intelligence and earth gave 15 constitution. He also obtained two hybrid magics.

Swamp: Turn a target area into a swmp to trap your enemies. Can snare and slow.

Lava Ball: Throw a ball of lava at your target, dealing 70 fire damage, some burn damage over time and can stun.

“Fire is strength, Water is intelligence, Earth is constitution…” SpyingBlade muttered. If he equips three fire crystals, that would be 45 strength! Damn, too strong. It seems the two spells are a mix of the crystals’ properties. Swamp is water and earth. Lava is fire and earth.

“I can only change them tomorrow. Lele wants three fire crystals.” Lin Le smiled.

“Try taking them all out…” Ye Cang was envious. His own ring was too normal. Little Ye Tian’s epic talent was one that increased her constitution, wisdom and mana regeneration. Her equipment was a coat of arms shield which had a large-scale healing and defense increasing skill. Ye Cang also looked over the rest of them, they were all quite good. Only his ring didn’t have a skill. Wu Na’s enchanted crystal, Fang Ci’s necronomicon, SpyingBlade’s shadow claw. What made Ye Cang the most unhappy was that Wang’s summoning stone ring was more dazzling than his own. Flying into rage, he snatched it and threw it as a skipping stone, making it skip across the water over ten times…

Wang quickly jumped overboard and fished it up. Everyone broke into cold sweat. He was really angry.

Wang came out of the water and protected his summoning stone. He looked at Ye Cang innocently, “Boss, you…”

Seeing Ye Cang’s smiling eyes, he immediately swallowed his complaints and sighed heavily. This was bare and unconcealed jealousy.

SpyingBlade didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The ring was actually pretty good. Although it didn’t have a skill, but the attributes were very suitable for him. He was just jealous that everyone else’s seemed cooler.

FrozenCloud wiped her forehead. I am not even complaining. Mine is another martial artist robe. I already got a Dark Gold one from the holy church and now I get another. And the old one is actually better for me. This is too much. Hah, why can’t it be a bracelet. “Team Leader, my martial artist robe is better than this one. See if you can find someone to exchange it with, or just sell it and buy something for me.”

Ye Cang took the martial artist robe and thought for a bit. An expert grappler… his lips curled into a smile.

Everyone could guess who he would call.

“Brother CloudDargon! Long time no see. I’ve missed you so much… We just met on the battlefield? You’re too cold. I don’t know why, but not seeing you for a day feels like we’ve been apart for years.” Ye Cang called and started exchanging pleasantries.

CloudDragon felt an indescribably sinister shiver. Is this guy gay!? “Get to the point. What do you want…”

“So here’s the deal. Our Happy Firmaments group, after 9x9=81 days of gathering, 7x7=48 days of manufacturing… 7x7 is 49? Anyways… don’t mind the details. We finally managed to obtain a dedicated grappler equipment, a super martial artist robe! Look at these attributes, these materials, this workmanship. It is simply a godly piece of equipment made just for you! Why not give it to FrozenCloud? Hah, she’s worth less than mud. Giving her such a treasure would be a waste. Even if you can bear giving it to her, I can’t!!!” Ye Cang began to deliver his sales pitch, unaware that FrozenCloud was this close to sending him flying with a Shoryuken. What do you mean I’m worth less than mud!?

“That’s right, you also think that giving it to that girl would be a waste. Price, hah, I wasn’t planning on selling it, but… how can I not given our relationship!!”

“We have no relationship!!!” A roar that everyone could hear thundered from the communication device.

“Hey, didn’t you reject that too quickly? And so loud too. What do you mean we have no relationship? Aren’t we all good brothers? Good teammates? Good companions? Oh. 500 gold, all gold coins! F**k off? Hah, alright, I’ll give a bit. 500 gold, half federal dollars! Non-negotiable! You want to think it over? What is there to think about. I’m giving you such a big discount. This this was practically made for you~~ You should know how rare this sort of class exclusive equipment is. This is something super duper mega rare. If you miss this deal, you’ll never have another chance. Really. I’m not lying to you. 200 gold all coins, or 300 gold half federal dollars? Ok! Deal! Although I’m making a loss, but given our relationship… Oh right, our gem inlaying business, equipment forging…” Ye Cang stopped when he heard the other side hang up, and turned away unhappily, “So rude…”

Wu Na was speechless. If it was me, I’d have long since hung up.

Little Ye Tian raised her brows. The value of gold in Black Rock City and White Stone City actually hadn’t depreciated, and the main reason was her father’s massive investments into the natives, evaporating a lot of the gold circulating among the players.

“Lil’Dino, when we get pack, let’s pick something out from the high-end auction for you…” Ye Cang saw FrozenCloud baring her teeth at him and patted her shoulder with a smile.

Pressured by Ye Cang’s vile nature, FrozenCloud smiled helplessly, “Then, please…”

Ye Cang put away the portable steamer and brought everyone back to Anya’s shrine. They found the quartermaster and exchanged for the big mystery chest, but with everyone holding him down, Ye Cang didn’t get a chance to touch it. He could only despair as Lin Le casually opened it. He roared, “I hate you all! I’m the leader! The president! The commander! The only divine hand under the heavens! Why!? Why must you treat me like this!?”

“Brother Lil’White, we got good stuff!!” Lin Le yelled.

Ye Cang’s expression turned from despair to happiness. Everyone released him. They couldn’t help but feel that Ye Cang’s mood, expression and very nature seemed to completely change in a split second when a chest or corpse was involved…
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