Chapter 48: Mar’s Stash

Chapter 48: Mar’s Stash

Mayor Mar leaned over towards Ye Cang and whispered: “What about the goods?”

“I’ve got it here…” Ye Cang whispered back. Mar nodded. “You three come with me. Everyone else, thank you, you can go now…”

ThornyRose hesitated. This was probably something private between them and the mayor. It might have something to do with that pearl. She didn’t say anything and brought FrozenBlood, GreenDew and FrozenCloud out. SpyingBlade raised an eyebrow and also left. They all waited outside.

Mar brought the three of them through the office and to a courtyard. They arrived in front of a graceful and luxurious old lady. She could be considered good looking for her age. This should be the one who left those scratches on his face, Madam Mar.

“What are you coming back for!?” The Madam glared at Mar.

“Hurry, take it out…” Mar whispered, without moving his mouth. Ye Cang quickly took out the Night-Luminescent Pearl. The Madam’s vision locked on and she couldn’t take her eyes off of the glimmering pearl. Her eyes were filled with obsession. She ran over, hugged it, and reached out one hand to pull the old mayor over. “Hubby, you’re the best~ Tonight, you can sleep on the bed…”

The old mayor Mar let out a long sigh of relief. He had finally regained his peaceful everyday life. Suddenly, the madam became violent. She pinched his waist and ‘Slap~’ smacked the back of his head. “What are you staring into space for! You still haven’t rewarded the brave warriors who brought back my precious treasure. We Mar’s must repay our favors! Now hurry for this old lady! Don’t let others think we’re being cheap!”

Old mar wanted to cry, but didn’t have anymore tears. He replied like a yes-man “I’ll go give them a big reward.”

“Hubby, you’re the best~~” The madam said and gave old mar a kiss on the cheek.

Ye Cang’s group of 3 raised an eyebrow. Such a powerful woman. They raised their heads and recalled the older sister in the drama ‘Sisters’, A’Duo. She was sharp and mean, but wasn’t lacking in passion and righteousness. They also saw A’Xiang’s1 likeliness in old Mar. They sighed. So it was true love.

Old Mar brought everyone towards his private warehouse. They walked to another courtyard floowing a little path. “You handled the fishmen very well. Continue to stay vigilant. I think you’re ready to know. What do you think those werewolves are?”

Ye Cang thought for a bit. Primates evolved into humans. In this world, fish evolved into fishmen. Then it follows that wolves should evolve inte werewolves! He gasped, feeling enlightened: “Those feral wolves are evolving too quickly.”

Old mar hold back his laughter. He raised his head, recalling the black werewolf’s story. He thought back to his own experiences and said: “Those werewolves don’t evolve from feral wolves. They use to be Really New Village’s inhabitants. In the past, Really New Village believed in the wolf god, many people respected it because it represented harvest and valor. But suddenly, due to some unknown powerful pollution, the wolf god that protected the fields and the guards degenerated. It became extremely sinister and wicked. Those believers also mutated and became werewolves. There was a bloody battle. Although Really New Village managed to drive them out, but they are still Really New Village’s biggest threat.”

Old Mar paused for a moment. “When I was young and still part of the guards, I killed many of them but was captured. Actually, for a long period of them, they weren’t much different than a regular human. But under the influence of the evil wolf they continued to transform. That disgusting beast, it was nothing like a wolf god. I managed to escape, but the other captives became monsters that didn’t fear death. They feel nothing even as they died. They only cared about repaying their god’s ‘love’. They were controlled and made to do terrible things.”

At this time, they had arrived at the warehouse. Old mar looked at the brightly shining moon and smiled. “It’s been so many years, yet this long battle has not been settled. And now I’m mayor. I want to settle it before my time ends. Brave warriors, will you lend me a helping hand?”

Because they knew what kind of person Old Mar was, Ye Cang and the three expressionlessly looked at him. “Hm~”

“I’m telling the truth.” Old Mar said with an earnest expression.

The three of their expressions didn’t change “Hm~”

“Cough~ Cough~ ok, so about 80% of it is real. Here’s the real story. A pack of werewolves came and robbed a jewel from my village. It happened while you were in the forest. Help me deal with those bastards and retrieve the jewel. You will be heavily rewarded! But right now is a dangerous time, you should be careful. Recently those bastards have become more active. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and tell me if you learn anything.” Old Mar shrugged and said while he opened the warehouse door.

“Mm, if we learn anything, we’ll tell you.” Ye Cang nodded.

Old Mar brought the three of them into the warehouse. The inside was so dark, you couldn’t even see your five fingers.

Old Mar lit an oil lamp, revealing the many kinds of equipment sitting on the shelves. All sorts of shiny armor reflected in their eyes.

“Everyone can pick one. One you’ve chosen, get out. Tonight, this old man will have a sleepless night. Quickly, quickly! I’ll give you 1 minute! Also white haired something Pale Something, you’re now commander of the guards, and you other two are vice commanders.” Old Mar watched as the three stared at the equipment.

“Congratulations. You’ve become commander of the guards. Your reputation with Really New Village has become worshipped.”

Ye Cang snapped out of his daze after hearing the system message. He quickly looked at the displayed equipment. There were weapons and various parts of armor. Finally he saw some heavy plate shoulder guards. It was equipment for the shoulder slot which he didn’t have yet, and there were three of them! There was even a class restricted one. He examined them all before deciding on:

Black-Iron Shoulder Protector (Superior - Rare)

Category: Heavy Shoulder Guard

Requirements: 20 Constitution, 18 Strength

+3 Constitution

+2 Strength

+4 Defence

Shoulder Strike: Launch a shoulder strike at a target, deal damage equal to (Strength + Dexterity) / 2 and knock the target back. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Old Mar wanted to quickly return to bed so continued to urge them to hurry. Zhang ZhengXiong saw a one handed hammer. It was made completely out of iron and had a fairly heavy head. Holding it in his hand, it felt comfortable. He really wanted to find a walnut to smash.

Fine-Iron Warhammer (Superior - Rare)

Category: Light Warhammer

Requirements: 12 Strength, 17 Constitution

Damage: 9 - 12

+2 Strength

+2 Constitution

Seismic Slam: Deal 175% damage to targets in range, with a chance to stun or knockdown. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Lin Le wandered among the dazzling armors and found a pair of thick, black, iron gloves. He picked it up and without even looking, he put them on. They were a bit too big for him and together with the gigantic war axe, he looked comical. But one could also feel the destructive power it contained.

Black-Iron Heavy Gauntlets (Superior - Rare)

Category: Heavy Gloves

Requirements: 24 Strength

+4 Defence

+3 Damage

+3 Strength

+2 Constitution

1: Guy who gets his balls busted all the time in the drama.
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