Chapter 471: Hybrid Spore

Chapter 471: Hybrid Spore

Ye Cang took the things Lin Le passed over and began the distribution. Looking over the items, there was actually a black gold accessory. Besides that, there was a pair of dark gold leg protectors, and dark gold light cape. “Let’s divvy this up. What should we do with this accessory?”

Hybrid Spore (Black Gold - Abyss)

Category: Accessory

Requirements: None

+30 Strength

+30 Constitution

+5% Strength

+5% Constitution

+65 Poison Resistance

Have a chance to be immune to other spores.

+50 Armor Penetration

Attacks have a chance to infect target with spores, dealing damage over time. Can stack three times.

Paralysis Spore - Grow: A type of growing paralytic spore. Will spread poisoned dust to the surroundings. After 10 seconds, it can burst to spray spores into the surroundings. These spores last for 9 seconds, and will inflict a stack of poison on their target every 3 seconds. Cooldown: Regenerates one spore every 2 hours. Can carry 4 at once.

Paralysis Spore - Burst: When a target gains three poison stacks, this can activate, causing the poison to burst for 100 damage and also cause paralysis or stun. Burst will also cause surrounding targets to take damage over time, healing you through the spores for 10% of the resulting damage.

Everyone gasped. It was a Black Gold equipment! Dark gold were already as rare as phoenix and unicorns, let along black gold! This was a super top-quality item even better than dark gold. It was even the rarest accessory! There was a huge difference between gold and black gold equipment! NalanPureSoul saw the attributes and skills and sighed. This thing would be useful for a very, very long time, but it clearly wasn’t for himself.

“A’Xiong already has accessories. This accessory, Lil’ Dino, SpyingBlade, Lele, you all discuss it…” Ye Cang originally wanted it, but he recalled that they didn’t even have an accessory yet. He himself had a pretty good one that was only lacking in stats, but it had a godly life-saving dodging skill. He wasn’t sure if it could be upgraded.

“Give it to Lele…” FrozenCloud was interested, but she knew that Really New Village’s Three Brothers were the backbone of their group. Especially Lele’s close-range burst damage. He often broke everyone out of difficult situations. SpyingBlade also couldn’t help but want it. It was an ideal assassin-type accessory. He recalled the gold accessory that they got from the marshwalker last time. It was still with Shaking Bear. He had yet to see it used once. “A’Xiong, I’ve never seen you use your spore accessory or Frozen Corpse Eye…”

“Everytime we fight, if it’s not in fire, then it’s in water or in the sky. How the heck could I use it. I used it before on the battlefield, they’re pretty useful, but this one is clearly an improved version. It can’t be compared to this weak thing.” Zhang ZhengXiong looked at his three full accessory slots. He was the only one in the team with three accessories. Ye Cang had one, and this one would go to Lele.

“I also agree to give it to Lele.” Though SpyingBlade wanted it, he already had an accessory while Lele didn’t.

Though Lin Le wanted the accessory, but seeing this poop like thing, he could only reluctantly take and equip it. Seeing his health and damage increase made him feel a bit better.

“The dark gold leg protectors are heavy armor. A’Xiong, yours are dark gold already if I remember right. Lele too. Lil’ Dino, can you wear it?” Ye Cang shared the leg protector’s stats. FrozenCloud looked at it. Though the requirements were high, but she had just enough. She faintly nodded and took the equipment. Though it raised her defence, her equipment’s appearance became a pair of hot pants like shorts. Her white thighs were as exposed as ever… She nodded, satisfied.

“The cape can only go to PureSoul. It’s all A’Xiong’s fault for agreeing willy-nilly…” Ye Cang directly gave it to NalanPureSoul. Wu Na and the others had heard that it was him who had saved the nearly cursed corpse, so they didn’t lay blame. It was better than having nothing at all. They remained mentally healthy. NalanPureSoul had made great contributions anyways.

Zhang ZhengXiong broke out in cold sweat.

NalanPureSoul smiled as he looked at the attributes. He took it without arguing, “Thank you Brother PaleSnow.”

“If it weren’t for you, I would have looted a +1000 attributes artifact…” Ye Cang’s words made everyone roll their eyes. NalanPureSoul only chuckled awkwardly, not knowing how to respond.

“Brother PaleSnow, your team should edit the message and issue the system announcement. I hope you can mention my Freedom Alliance.” NalanPureSoul reminded. Ye Cang shrugged, then indifferently edited a bit before releasing it.

“[Happy Firmaments - Fraternity - Corporation -Conglomerate - Invincible in the firmaments - Whether in the heavens or underground, always available for catering, medicine, engineering projects, equipment, hairstyling. Price negotiable. Sorry, our mini guild is currently not recruiting. We wish everyone a happy gaming experience. PS: just a friendly reminder ~o(n_n)o~ Everyone can shorten this name to Happy Firmaments Fraternity because we will be changing the name irregularly. Oh right, we’re also in Thorns and Roses.] and [Freedom Alliance] have worked together to conquer the open instance - Dark Cave!”

NalanPureSoul’s chest tightened. Only now did he discover the benefits of having a long guild name. It took up so much room! It took up almost the entire message board!

Just as everyone was getting heated up over the system message, FlameEmperor also conquered an open instance dungeon - Wild Ruins. The two messages were only off by about two seconds.

The players around Black Rock City flared up. An open instance meant that they could farm some equipment! People at White Stone City were looking forward to the opening of the underground pier. Whether it be for trade or social interactions, the instance would promote it all!

CloudDragon had just found an open instance, only a step too late. He sighed, however they still had to get the first clear. The first clear was incomparable to the later ones! Moreover, they could greatly increase their guild’s and White Stone City players’ strength. He looked at the system message; that guild name was so long that it practically took up the entire space. If one didn’t carefully read through the nonsense, they would never notice that Thorns and Roses was also advertised…

Ye Cang gathered the red mushroom on the boss’s butt, then decisively dismembered the body and stored it in the cart. Then he led everyone out of the Dark Cave.

“It’s become an instance that anyone can challenge. Will the equipment drop a grade?” Zhang ZhengXiong looked back after leaving.

“The grade will drop by a lot. How long until we can re-enter?” NalanPureSoul asked.

Ye Cang glanced at it, “About a week.”

“Alright, I’ll say goodbye here then. The guild has many things that I need to take care of.” NalanPureSoul waved goodbye to everyone and left.

“Father, I’ll go to Anya’s shrine and have them speed up the progress. You should return to the city first and experience the class progression after level 20. You can check on the underground pier while you’re at it.” Little Ye Tian quickly planned things out. Ye Cang declared a temporary free time. The party disbanded for now, each going to deal with their own matters.
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