Chapter 478: Flasher Uncle’s and Panty Uncle’s Situation

Chapter 478: Flasher Uncle’s and Panty Uncle’s Situation
“The next item is a map to Marla’s hidden treasure…” The auctioneer declared.

Ye Cang’s brows rose. A secret treasure! There would probably be many people fighting over it. Just as he thought that, everyone present hissed.

“Hey! Are you planning to run a proper auction? First it’s Reling’s introductory manual that you could get off a street vendor and now Marla’s treasure map? I already have three of those. If you want, I’ll gift one to you!”

“Yeah, yeah. You might as well close at this rate. Wait for something good before auctioning. Don’t waste this old man’s time.”

“Apologies. The goods this time are stuck en-route. Now that everyone’s had their laugh, the next item is from the auction house’s secret stash. Everyone will surely be pleased with it. As for this map, we’ll give it out for free. Does anyone want it?”

When Ye Cang learned that Reling’s introductory manual was basically a street vendor item to the natives, a secret item that could be obtained for 50 cents from a beggar, he stood up indignantly. “You actually dare to cheat me! Just because I don’t know this item, you make me buy it at such a high price!? I’d like to file a complaint! This is too much! You dare cheat your customers!”

“What Earl PaleSnow says makes sense. You can get a pile of them for 1 gold, yet you dare to take over 10 gold for it. It really is a bit excessive.”

The auctioneer quickly smoothed things over. He not only treated Ye Cang respectfully but also gifted him the treasure map.

Ye Cang’s brows rose higher as he pointed to the map, “You think I’m an idiot!? Giving me this!?”

“Hey, show some good faith. You actually give Marla’s treasure map as an apology, are you making fun of us? Or are you new here and still don’t know…”

The auctioneer this time really was new so was not really sure what to do. The old auctioneer quickly came out to apologize and pushed a little wooden box to Ye Cang. Ye Cang saw a rank 4 light elemental crystal inside. He currently didn’t have any of this sort of crystal so sat down rather pleased.

Following that was the auction of some collectors items from the auction house’s stash. The sales prices were very high, leaving everyone satisfied except for Ye Cang who found it rather dull. Next was the final item. He yawned and saw that in the old auctioneer’s hand was a black case.

“The chest of misfortune. This is something rarely seen, but no one wants to open it. It’s value as a collectors item is pretty good.”

Ye Cang saw that it was a chest and began to bid. Finally, he received the chest of misfortune for 300 gold. He looked at the black chest in his hands.

Chest of Misfortune
There is a high chance for bad luck to befall you upon opening, greatly reducing your luck. There is a nearly impossible chance to obtain the treasure of misfortune.
PS: The luckier one is, the more they will suffer upon opening.

Ye Cang gasped. This is simple the nemesis of my divine hand. Aren’t I doomed if I open this chest!? He hesitated before reaching out with a trembling hand. I should let the others open it. Wang will have a better chance with that unlucky face of his. He put it in his bag, then left the high-end market.

Day 5’s combat test. Ye Cang’s group jumped off the helicopter then went straight to attack the command center. They took out numerous instructors, blacked out the system and succeeded in taking down the commander-in-chief. Then they sat in the command center, imitated his voice, and bossed people around. In the end, the entire combat test was like a field of jumping dogs and flapping chickens, and was forced to end.

When Xiao Yunhe rushed to the scene, the instructors and other members were all beaten and thrown into a pile. He arrived in the command center to see Ye Cang using the system to watch dramas while calmly and seriously using a voice imitator to give out crazy orders. The one called Lin Le was beside him making things worse, and that girl Little Ye Tian was controlling the entire system. They had everyone running around in circles. These brats… Especially that white haired one. He isn’t your normal kind of vile. He sighed. If possible, he didn’t want to let them participate in their school’s combat tests again. As for at other schools, they would of course be the first pick.

In the end, the instructors unanimously agreed to excuse Ye Cang’s group from further training and would notify them when the competition started.

Ye Cang and the others packed up a bit and returned to the east district. FrozenCloud thought back to the test and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These guys were out of control. Even the instructors couldn’t deal with them. Little Ye Tian was a special A Rank researcher; when those professors heard that the instructors might penalize her, they immediately rushed over and made a racket. As for the group’s leader, it didn’t even need to be said. When they returned to the east districts night market for a meal, they were greeted by a big banner and celebration. Old Wang even set up a feast to celebrate T-105 winning honor for the east district by taking out the command center. FrozenCloud recalled the words on the internet that told of how evil the east district was. She then thought of their idols: Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, as well as T-105, and could only sigh. It was all true.

Returning to their seaside cottage, Ye Cang turned on the holographic TV and watched the news.

“Flasher Uncle’s new album ‘Rage! My Elephant!’ is selling like crazy! It’s the start of a new rock genre - Naked Rock! The sales have surpassed those of the capital’s Song Queen - Zhao Liya. It is even selling well overseas! According to the World Decency Committee, Flasher Uncle might be the first man who can be legally naked in public anywhere in the world!”

“Speaking of Flasher Uncle, everyone must also be wondering about Lin Hai east district’s other legend. With his scholarly temperament and his top hat never leaving his side, that’s right, it’s our beloved Panty Uncle! He’s started a new publication ‘Panty Uncle Talks about Fashion’! From his unique point of view and his accurate commentary, he has instantly become the world’s number one fashion commentator! No one can surpass his knowledge of undergarments. His Venus’s Smile is now already a priceless treasure…”

In the cottage, when the hardworking Wu Na learned about Flasher Uncle’s album sales, her chest tightened. She felt like a mouthful of blood was stuck in her throat. It looks like I’m really fated to be a nameless singer.

Flasher Uncle’s rise to international superstar was a heavy blow to her. The only good thing was that after Flasher Uncle’s rise, her own band’s number of fans increased by many times. Looking at the comments made her feel rather emotional.

“This is the band that played with Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, and the Devilish Gentleman?”

Wu Na’s heart froze. Hey, I’m the lead singer! The whole point of the concert!

“Oh, Flasher Uncle’s new album is selling well. Panty Uncle’s weekly publication is also doing well.” Ye Cang looked at the news and yawned.

“Roar! My Elephant! Bellow! My Elephant! Roar in the face of despair! Stand up when all is lost! My godly elephant will never surrender! Roaaaar~!!!” Zhang ZhengXiong played ‘Roar! My Elephant’. The catchy, hot-blooded lyrics and the mad beats left a big impact on the listeners. Even Wu Na couldn’t help admiring it. She had to work harder!

“T-105 once again lives up to expectations and took out the evil command center, successfully defeating the evil instructors. Lin Hai’s heroes who fight for democracy! Let us congratulate them once more! Of course, many people are hoping that our east districts three legends: Flasher Uncler, Panty Uncle, and Devilish Gentleman will once again conduct a concert of dance and song!”
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