Chapter 491: Lin Le’s History

Chapter 491: Lin Le’s History
Ye Cang reluctantly took out his shadow pike. “A’Xiong, do you have any way to fuse them?”

“I can try, but there is no guarantee.” Zhang ZhengXiong shrugged.

“Then let’s decide when we get back. Everyone rest up. We’ll be here for a few days, so once the sun rises, you all go accept some quests and check out the armory.” Ye Cang said, then logged off. After taking a shower, he laid down in bed and gazed at the moonlight shining through his window. Reaching out, he slowly opened a cabinet and took out a face-down picture frame. The moon shed light onto the picture. Ye Cang exposed a faint smile and murmured towards the photo, “A’Xiong is doing very well. He’s already a man. Happy? QinXue…”

A good while later, Ye Cang put the photo back in the cabinet, then went to the balcony and let the sea breeze blow his messy white hair.

Ye Cang looked at the balcony on the other side. Lin Le was there in pajamas, staring off into space. Is he still thinking of his mom and dad?

Ye Cang returned to his room and called Song Xin’s number, “Yo, sister-in-law…”

“Something the matter? It’s so late…” Song Xin asked.

“Any news on Lele’s parents? If you can’t handle it, then I’ll do it.” Ye Cang suddenly became serious.

Song Xin hesitated a bit, “Lele is doing fine. I think it’s better not to investigate.”

“Why?” Ye Cang frowned.

“His past involves the Heaven’s Sword Sect. Right now, Lele is very happy and satisfied, don’t put him in danger, ok?” Song Xin’s words made Ye Cang frown harder. Heaven’s Sword Sect, one of china’s three great secret sects. Heaven’s Sword, Devil’s Gate, Hundred Flowers; said to be the greatest powers in china. Heaven’s Sword and Devil’s Gate had an especially great number of talents. Although they don’t reveal anything to outsiders but every organization knew how fearsome they were.

“It should be for Lele to decide. I’ll do as I see fit. Anyways, you no longer need to get involved on your side. There’s no benefit for you.” Ye Cang said, then hung up the phone. He directly called Hunting Flame. “Help me investigate the Heaven’s Sword Sect’s activity within the past 30 years. Get me an answer quickly.”

“Understood.” Hunting Flame didn’t ask anything and directly began investigating.

Ye Cang returned to the balcony and saw the somewhat sad Lin Le. If he really had to leave one day, he should at least help Lele find the parent’s he’d always been waiting for, dead or alive…

Song Xin was becoming a bit nervous. What did he mean to do? She finished up work at top speed, then arranged a flight home.

Ye Cang received reports from Hunting Flame one after the other. The more he saw, the deeper he frowned. Little Ye Tian saw that Ye Cang hadn’t slept. She walked over, saw the data and began to analyze it. “21 years ago, the successor at the time, Lin ZhongYue, went against the elders and got together to a blind girl from XingYun City, Zhong Xiang, and eloped. Afterwards, the two of them were captured by the sect to be punished. Part way back, Zhong Xiang was accidently killed by Lin ZhongYu. Lin ZhongYue was imprisoned in Heaven’s Sword Pavilion. The autopsy showed that Zhong Xiang had given birth before which meant they still have a child somewhere. This child, based on the later parts of the investigation, is almost definitely Lele. However, with the Lin family’s capabilities, there is no reason they can’t find the child.”

(Note: Lin ZhongYue and Lin ZhongYu are different people… their names just seem really similar when written in english letters. We’ll probably come across this some more with the Lin family.)

“There must be some sort of secret agreement, since it involved a direct descendent of the Lin bloodline.” Ye Cang took a deep breath. “Little Tian, call Lele over.”

Little Ye Tian hesitated a moment, “Father, don’t tell me you want to…”

Ye Cang waved her off. Little Ye Tian turned and walked out the door to call Lele.

A serious Ye Cang showed the data to Lin Le. Lin Le’s jaw clenched when he saw that his mother had already died and that his father was imprisoned. Finally, he relaxed his fist. He knew of China’s three great sects from his Master Qin before, one of which was the Heaven’s Sword Sect.

“Lele, want to go? I can go with you…” Ye Cang said calmly.

Lin Le froze for a moment, then immediately showed a naive smile. “No. Lele is very happy right now. Lele is happy as long as mom and dad didn’t abandon Lele for being stupid.”

Saying that, Lin Le returned to his room. Ye Cang looked at Lin Le’s back, somewhat puzzled. Was he afraid of implicating others?

After a few days in the game, everyone noticed that Lin Le’s thoughts often wandered. He frequently stared off into space lost in thought and he rarely showed off anymore. Even SpyingBlade found it strange. Lin Le loved showing off the most. What was going on?

Ye Cang found a few gifted fishmen and began to teach them. It only took a few days of instructions to settle things.

Before boarding their boat, Ye Cang did a headcount. Where did Lele go? He recalled that a few hours ago, Lele said he was going to Song Xin’s place and would be back in a few hours. Sensing something wrong, he quickly logged off and called Song Xin. “Is Lele with you!?”

“No, what is it?” Song Xin asked doubtfully.

Ye Cang directly hung up and went to Lin Le’s empty room. On the desk was a slip of paper. This made him recall the day that QinXue had died. He slowly walked over, picked up the paper and read the crooked, crayon written words.

“Brother Lil’ White, Lele is going to save daddy. Thank you for your kindness, but this is Lele’s own business. I can’t trouble you guys. It doesn’t matter if Lele lives or dies, Lele will do it. Finally… thank you Brother Lil’ White and Brother Lil’ Xiong for taking care of Lele, for being Lele’s family. Hee hee. If I don’t come home, please tell A’Xin… Tell her I went to save the world and am getting married to Sailor Jupiter.”

Ye Cang held the paper tightly. He returned to his room, retrieved a long black bag, and disappeared like a flash of white lightning. Zhang ZhengXiong hurried to chase in his direction. SpyingBlade and the others all followed behind.

Ye Cang suddenly turned back and looked at everyone. “You guys don’t follow. Go home. I’ll go bring Lele back…”

Zhang ZhengXiong saw the slip of paper. He had already heard about what happened from Little Ye Tian. He faced the others and said, “You should all return.”

SpyingBlade raised his brows. Without saying anything, he brought the unwilling Fang Ci and the confused FrozenCloud back to the house.

“Bro, Lele calls me Brother Lil’ Xiong. We’re brothers. When my brother is in trouble, how can I go home!” Zhang ZhengXiong said earnestly.

Ye Cang hesitated, then smiled. QingXue, see this? A’Xiong has become a man who can hold up the sky. He turned to Little Ye Tian, “Little Tian, you go back and look after the others.”

“Father… I…” Little Ye Tian wanted to say something but when she saw Ye Cang’s serious expression, she could only sigh and turn back.

“A’Xiong, this time will be really dangerous. Not even I am guaranteed to walk out of the Heaven’s Sword Sect unscathed. Are you sure you want to come?” Ye Cang asked.

“You still need to ask?” Zhang ZhengXiong grinned.

“I’ve promised your sister that I won’t let you die before me… so as long as I live, you won’t die.” Ye Cang said confidently, then chased to the XingYun City’s train station.

Zhang ZhengXiong faintly smiled, watching Ye Cang’s back. He recalled his sister who had depended on that thin, little back. He smiled exceptionally gently and said, “That’s the back of a true man…”
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