Chapter 515


Examining the jade fox mask thoroughly, Zhao Xiangyu was in doubt. After much hesitation, she finally asked. “Why did you choose to teach me?”

“No special reasons. I’m just bored.” Ye Cang yawned and walked away. He turned back to see Zhao Xiangyu practicing so hard. It is the right choice to give her the mask.

Looking at Zhao Xiangyu inspecting the mask, Ye Cang recalled the day when the three of them were buying porcelain masks at the market. A corner of his mouth lifted and he left.

Back in the game, they continued their journey to the west. In a hurry, they took the shortcuts and finally arrived at Sand Sea Village in a week time. OtherShoreWatchingAV and the others were getting closer. Their team’s strength earned respect from others as they killed big and monstrous beasts in seconds.

Upon arriving at Sand Sea VIllage, Ye Cang got hold of saddening news. ThornyRose and FrozenBlood both failed the team challenge and were unable to advance to SS rank. However, they were not depressed because they were so close to success, believing they would make it next time.

The semi-final was around the corner.

DiFeng city, DiWang square.

The four clubs had arrived at the place, each of them occupying one corner.

“The time has come to decide the two finalists for the Great Christmas War! It’ll definitely be interesting this year as there’re three underdogs.” Brother Zhong combed his smart golden hair and brushed off his robe.

“Of course, this is the first time Thorns and Roses got into the top four. They did not make it there by luck but by fighting through hardship and defeating Misting Rain. However, their next opponent is going to be last year’s champion - Mad War. Wonder how’s their preparation going since ThornyRose and FrozenBlood failed to advance to the next level.” Brother Zhao changed a few nightcaps and finally picked the grid pattern one. “This will bring me good luck today.”

“Brother Zhao, if Flame Dragon loses again this year, you’ll be punished.” Zuo Yiyi sneered.

“Hmph! Impossible! VastSea’s rebellion was lucky that they caught Flame Dragon by surprise and shut him down. Do know that the Flame Emperor...the Flame Emperor’s title as China’s top player is the real deal?” Brother Zhao exclaimed.

“Oh really? But I have a feeling that there’s a troublemaker somewhere.” Brother Zhong smirked while stroking his chin.

“The Really New Village’s Three Brothers? They’re indeed skillful but they’re just rookies. They have many weaknesses. Solely based on the numerous technical fouls they got, it’s deadly enough.” Hearing what Brother Zhao said, Zuo Yiyi forced a smile. She could not deny the truth.

Both Cloud Dragon and Ye Cang walked towards each other with their respective teammates.

“Long time no see Brother Cloud Dragon. I miss…” Ye Cang provoked him but Cloud Dragon had no reaction except for staring at him. Suddenly, Ye Cang remembered something and sneered. “Oh yeah, are you and VastSea prepared to lose?”

“You’re still humorous as usual. But at this stage, don’t you think I’ll go easy on you.” Cloud Dragon said in a cold manner. Zhang Zhengxiong sneered. “I think that’s my line. The one that’s going to stop here is you.”

“That’s right! That’s right! You all are going to lose! Villians!” Lin Le chimed in with his hands on hips.

“Oh Brother Hero, I’m sorry. It’s my fault for not thinking in depth enough. I like your goddess’ refreshments but I think I love winning more.” VastSea laughed at Ye Cang, with his arms folded.

“Oh, I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed. The winner of this match is definitely us.” Ye Cang’s shoulders shrugged.

The atmosphere was getting intense.

At a situation like this, ThornyRose felt left out. These people had strong auras. Compared to herself, Ye Cang was more like a president of the club and had more maturity. Collected her emotions, she wanted to join the argument.

Ye Cang then snapped his fingers. “Oh save your breath! See you at the match!” *Peace out*

Ye Cang, Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud, and Little Ye Tian turned into their respective avatars. Together, they pointed at each other and motioned the slitting of the throat. Ye Cang swung his hair casually and returned to the candidates' seat.

Cloud Dragon gave a snort of disgust and returned to his seat along with his teammates, waiting for the match to begin. It was also tense between Lord’s Reign and Flame Dragon. LordAsked provoked Flame Emperor. ThornyRose did not pay much attention to them because to participate in the Great Christmas War, she just had to defeat whoever the opponent is. Even getting a first-runner-up would be sufficient. It was truly intense.

“You better relax. Being too hype up will only make the situation worse.” SpyingBlade reminded ThornyRose as he noticed she was building up the tension.

ThornyRose nodded. What he said is right. I do feel my reactions are getting slower due to the tension. She took a deep breath and looked at the audience. “For the duel, this is the temporary plan. First, Lin Le. Second, SpyingBlade. Lastly, Ye Cang, you’ll be the general.”

“Let me change with SpyingBlade. I want to teach CloudDragon a lesson!” Disagreeing the plan, Zhang ZhengXiong suggested.

“A’Xiong, you still have skills hidden up your sleeves. Use it on the arena and strategy match where the scores are heavily weighed.” ThornyRose shook her head and explained. SpyingBlade agreed by nodding. Indeed, there were some skills that were not shown by A’Xiong’s new avatar. They can be our trump card.

Despite him unwilling to accept the plan, Zhang ZhengXiong saw Ye Cang had no opinions on it. He then folded his arm and sighed as he leaned against the sofa. He turned to look at DyedLily and laid his eyes on her enormous ass. Suddenly, he got hit. FrozenCloud turned away and pretended nothing happen. She sighed. Sister, please find a beautiful wife for your beloved little brother. I beg you.

On the other side, the line-up for duel would be YellowSpring, VastSea and Cloud Dragon himself.

After Zuo Yiyi’s singing, the screen showed four lively images, a soaring Flame Dragon, an incomplete sword fragment, a crown made out of jewels and a beautiful rose among the bushes of thorns. The Flame Dragon was grouped together with the crown while the sword fragment stabbed right into the bushes of thorn.

After a fiery speech and mocking from both sides, the semi-final commenced. First, it was the duel.

“On Thorns and Roses side, Mad Devil Le is the spearhead, DarkBlade is the center and Brother Hero is the General. As for Cloud Dragon’s side, the line-up is YellowSpring, VastSea and Cloud Dragon. The Big Diamond is not inside. I guess the reason behind it is that he has something up his sleeves.” Brother Zhao realized that the line-up for Thorns and Roses was weird. Logically, Big Diamond’s one-on-one combat skills are slightly better than Mad Devil Le. Since he was not in, that could be the only reason.
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