Chapter 518

Danger and Calm

SpyingBlade was dangerous and VastSea was calm. If they fight, who will win? Cloud Dragon folded his arms and gave it a thought. It seems like it could be either way. Usually, shield fighters would be assassins’ greatest enemy. However, SpyingBlade would not be afraid of them because he was the tough assassin type.

Watching the chaos in the battle, ThornyRose clenched her fist. VastSea’s defense was so good that SpyingBlade could not break through, Similarly, SpyingBlade’s attack was also so fast that VastSea had no time to counterattack.

While defending against the attacks, VastSea tried to figure out which one of them was real. He then pulled out his sword and attacked. *Sigh* I missed again. It’s a fake. Even so, VastSea managed to block the attack coming from the second shadow.

SpyingBlade kept changing his location, attacking from every direction. Once he attacked, he quickly switched to another location, never once stopping. Feeling VastSea’s sword passing by his ears, SpyingBlade was scared but excited at the same time. The shadows movements were getting faster.

“They have reached a deadlock. That’s what every assassin faces when going against VastSea. Even HeavenBlessed is no match for him. VastSea is someone whom assassins would not want to assassinate the most.” Brother Zhong laughed as he saw both of them ended up in a stalemate.

“Indeed, VastSea is not gorgeous, low-profile and has low entertainment value. However, throughout his career life, his win rate is up to 90%. He is generally acknowledged as the winning general in the league. He has helped Cold Crescents, Song Mountain, Freedom Alliance, Flame Dragon, Mad War in championships where Freedom Alliance and Mad War each won once and Flame Dragon won thrice. He was the ‘master’ among teenagers. His price is similar to the Four Heavenly Kings and 25% more than Misty Veil. Moreover, he has been listed in the x-hero ranking.” Brother Zhao recalled.

“But most importantly is that his career hasn’t ended. He still has a long way to go.” In Zuo Yiyi’s opinion, VastSea was the most appealing player in the league other than the beast-level Flame Emperor. Many people thought that his overall ability was greater than the Four Heavenly Kings, in terms of planning, reaction, strategy and even one on one combat skills. When all these combined, it made him not just only a top grade expert but also someone who is qualified to be a heavenly king.

“Thank God that I have good eyes. I bought some of his character stock when he was a rookie. Everyone neglected him. Because Scholar and FindingFlower suddenly disappeared, he, an ordinary boy, had to fill in the third place and become one of the few top young players.” Brother Zhong smiled as he looked at VastSea. He had witnessed his growth and slowly became his fan because of the attitude of his. Although he had changed from one club to another many times, he did not complain about any of the clubs, including third rate clubs like Cold Crescents.

SpyingBlade frowned as he could not find an opening. This fella is truly a monster! He did not even have this stress when facing Cloud Dragon! There isn’t any opening! Even if there’s any, it may be a trap! He then made a few steps backward and cut his palm, from which blood flowed into the shadows.

VastSea rose his eyebrow. Oh, you can’t wait anymore? His long sword dropped on the floor and his shield was slowly raised up.

All of a sudden, the black shadows multiplied and their attacks increased. VastSea then stabbed his sword in the ground and let go of it.

Cloud Dragon put on a faint smile. He knew VastSea was about to activate his secret ultimate, with the conditions of being unarmed.

Multiple energy shields surrounded him, blocking all the attack from SpyingBlade’s shadows and eliminating them with its damage reflection.

SpyingBlade knew he himself could not break through that damage reflection shield hence, he continued to sacrifice his health points to generate more shadows to burn VastSea up. VastSea’s secret ultimate had finally been used up. He then continued to defend and eliminate the shadows but his health points were dropping too. At last, both of them had only 20% of health points left. SpyingBlade dashed right into him and VastSea pierced with his sword.

Just when the sword was about to reach SpyingBlade, he vanished, reappeared behind VastSea, and stabbed at his heart.


SpyingBlade’s attack was blocked by a shield and VastSea’s sword pierced into his chest. What happened? Is it a swapping position skill? The red glowing light on SpyingBlade’s mask started to fade as his health dropped to zero. VastSea knew he only had one chance. Feeling the fainting shadow was about to explode, he knew he would not make it for the next match. Even if he activated his life-saving skills, he would only have 100 plus health points left.

Although ThornyRose felt sorry for SpyingBlade, she had more respect for him. He had accomplished his mission which was to make VastSea unable to join the next match. Even if he does join, he would be killed by Ye Cang in seconds. Surrender would be a much better choice than allowing Ye Cang to get the killing buff.

SpyingBlade was not satisfied. He looked at VastSea for the one last time as he slowly took off his mask. Next time, I’ll win.

“VastSea won by a narrow margin.” ColdFront said to HeavenBlessed.

“VastSea?” HeavenBlessed shook his head showing a sign of disagreement. VastSea was a monster. He had fought him in a one on one battle for less than ten times and he only won twice. There were not many people that can make him terrified but he was definitely one of them.

“VastSea…” Flame Emperor sighed. If it was not for those idiots in the top management boycotting him, he would not have fought him and lost in the end. Is this karma? Damn that fella…

In the league, Flame Emperor only looked up to a few people and one of them was VastSea. He was once his right-hand man but also the mastermind for his lost. Flame Emperor was the only one who knows VastSea thoroughly in terms of how good and threatening he is. Suddenly, the Really New Village’s Three Brothers flashed through his mind. They may be a changing factor. This season sure is interesting.

YellowSpring was watching the replay of the battle between him and Mad Devil Le. I let my guard down. No, he was the one who made me do so. He then turned to look at Lin Le who was laying on the sofa and picking his nose. Lin Le sure was happy.

BlackIce saw YellowSpring was so hyped up and she smiled. “He is mine.”

“Nope, he is no longer yours.” YellowSpring said in a serious manner and continued to study the battle.

Looks like he is fired up to fight again. BlackIce kept quiet and paid full attention to the stage because coming up next was the final battle between two generals.

Ye Cang slowly stood up and said. “As the trump card, I won’t go easy on you but since we’re brothers…”

“Stop bullshitting! We aren’t brothers! I’ll show you my true power in the match!” Cloud Dragon cut off Ye Cang’s sentence.

Cloud Dragon got up the stage first and stared down at Ye Cang with his arms folded.

“This cold-hearted fella…” Ye Cang sighed.

Ye Cang’s words caused all the queer women outside the stage to boo at him. Different verbal attacks were launched at Ye Cang. “Can he speak human?” As Cloud Dragon heard the whispers behind him, he took a deep breath. Finally, I get to fight you seriously, White Hair.
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