Chapter 521

Group Battle Lost

Zhang Zhengxiong was battling with CloudDragon, non-stop.

CloudDragon frowned. He is way different from White Hair. This fella has good control over his own attacks, powerful and careful at the same time. He is unlike those typical guys who are strong but careless. My attacks were also seen through by him for a few times already and I almost got myself slaughtered. Being captured is my biggest fear as a grappler who has a grappling skill as ultimate. If I ever get caught by him, it’ll be the end for me. His Dark Crescent Slice and Crescent Slash are his strongest finishing skills.

With that being said, CloudDragon blocked Zhang Zhengxiong’s incoming palm with his shoulder and made a palm-strike onto his chest. After taking a hit, Zhang Zhengxiong stumbled backwards, grabbed CloudDragon’s arm and threw him on the ground. With flames on his other hand, he activated Dark Crescent Slice. Cloud Dragon rolled over and knocked his hand off with his knee. In a smooth motion, he slashed him hard.

Zhang Zhengxiong smiled coldly. Despite being knocked away, his hand managed to catch CloudDragon’s fingers. Feeling a sword piercing through his abdomen, he discharged the Dark Cresent Slice’s energy. The explosion sent both of them away, dealing a little damage to each of them.

“Big Diamond does have the ability to battle with CloudDragon after all. CloudDragon was struggling and he almost got himself slaughtered. In addition, grapplers like him usually are good in one-on-one combat.” Brother Zhao looked at them who were separated, each having roughly 40-50% of their health points left.

CloudDragon did a mid-air somersault. However, his right hand was paralyzed and he fell down like a fallen swallow. He knew Zhang Zhengxiong was smirking. Was this all planned?

Zhang Zhengxiong did the same somersault, landed a few meters away and got a hold of himself. Since he can’t use his right arm, it’s time to end this. Slaughter Art - Shooting Star Slaughter! In a blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of CloudDragon. With his right hand, he dashed towards CloudDragon’s throat with lightning speed. Die!

CloudDragon was stunned. This is the skill that he had hidden for so long! I can’t get caught by him like this! Once captured, his Crescent Slash must be coming up next! Swiftly, CloudDragon knocked off Zhang Zhengxiong’s right hand. Using the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong quickly grabbed CloudDragon’s arm and pulled. CloudDragon followed the momentum and did a knee strike onto his chest. It did some damage to Zhang Zhengxiong and he choked but he still swung his right hand back and hammered CloudDragon’s head. CloudDragon felt dizzy. Quickly, he activated Qi Release to remove the dizziness. With a backflip, he kicked away Zhang Zhengxiong.

Zhang Zhengxiong quickly got hold of CloudDragon’s foot and stomped the ground using the momentum. With a spin kick, CloudDragon was knocked up high in the sky as if a cargo being tossed. Ultimate! Sun Shot! Getting on his foot, he jumped up high into the sky like an arrow shooting up high. Meteor Piledriver!

Seeing what had happened, BlackIce immediately launched frost bolts at Zhang Zhengxiong but they were all blocked by a light wall which Little Ye Tian created. BlackIce then turned to stare at Little Ye Tian. Damn it, she is annoying as hell! I’ve been restrained by many of her misdirection skills.

CloudDragon knew it was time to pick a winner. In mid-air, he knocked off Zhang Zhengxiong’s hand and performed The Return of Wild Goose - Triple Kick. Zhang Zhengxiong then gave up on capturing him so he feigned an attempt of grabbing his left leg and quickly broke another with the Overlord Fist. Enduring the pain, CloudDragon spun in mid-air like a swallow making a bent loop, launching a direct kick at Zhang Zhengxiong’s face. Instantly, Zhang Zhengxiong lost consciousness for a second but somehow managed to grab hold of his left leg. Both of them fell from the sky and none of them survived.

They both appeared outside the arena.

CloudDragon was recalling the close combat just now, every second was crucial. The fight was almost as difficult as the battle with White Hair. Moreover, Zhang Zhengxiong was also a grappler. It had been a while since the last time he had a fight this intense with the same character as his. The Really New Village’s Three Brothers are truly interesting.

On the other side, Zhang Zhenxiong was also thinking back on the battle. The fight in mid-air was really something. That swallow type of attack of his was indeed strong. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention next time. It also reminded CloudDragon of Zhang Zhengxiong’s slaughter. I’m impressed that he managed to catch my foot with the Ultimate - Sun Shot in the end. Being able to complete the ultimate when being knocked off...not bad… He even took on the power of my kick and sent me up high. I should be more careful about his reflexes next time.

“Well, I never expected CloudDragon and Big Diamond would be first to get defeated. That battle is the greatest battle between grapplers in this season. Zhang Zhengxiong’s grappling skills and CloudDragon’s fists and kicks. They were amazing. First, Brother Hero reached a draw with CloudDragon. Now, Big Diamond brought him down together.” Exclaimed Brother Zhao, after watching the amazing battle.

“But it looks like Mad War is still having the upper hand. That little girl’s skills are probably on cooldown right now. I bet she knows it well too.” Brother Zhong said while watching the remaining four giving their best to fight.

“Flame Dragon has lost their group battle!” Zuo Yiyi shouted. Brother Zhao quickly changed the channel, not believing what he just heard. I thought they were on the advantage a second ago? Not saying a word, he replayed the recording of the battle. It’s LordGrinned! He changed the outcome by defeating the Archer of Death! Only then, LordAsked had the opportunity to kill HeavenBlessed!

“LordAsked can be considered as an assassin’s nemesis. Neither HeavenBleased nor SpyingBlade manages to kill him in an assassination mission. Nevertheless, he killed them in the end.” Brother Zhong said as he stared at the arrogant LordAsked. LordAsked debuted together with CloudDragon, as one of the Four Heavenly Kings. That kingly demeanor of his was truly terrifying. Also, he was Flame Dragon and Mad War’s biggest rival.

Zuo Yiyi knew which family Lord’s Reign belongs to. The Ji Family, one of the oldest family, along with the Li Family in the Ten Great Families. It existed in Chrysanthemum Emperor's era when the battle between FlameDynast and YellowEmperor began. Back then, YellowEmperor was Lord’s Reign’s president and he was very close to defeating FlameDynast. However, no one thought that YellowEmperor was weaker than FlameDynast.

Zuo Yiyi continued to watch Ye Cang’s side of battle. They were at the disadvantage. Little Ye Tian’s Rainbow Fantasy was broken by VastSea. Although Lin Le managed to defeat YellowSpring, he died in BlackIce’s Ghostly Ice Claws, unable to activate his secret ultimate. Ye Cang managed to kill BlackIce in seconds but lost quite an amount of health points when dealing with VastSea. In the end, he died of the poison because he was unable to break BlackIce’s Hidden Death Spell. Somehow before he died, he got WindDragon heavily injured. SpyingBlade then used the opportunity to kill WindDragon but lost to VastSea who had recovered. Little Ye Tian was unable to help much as she was waiting for her skills to refresh. She then started to panic. The scene was horrible. At last, there were only Little Ye Tian and VastSea battling.

“If they lost the arena battle, it will take some time for the sixth man to arrive. I guess she won’t last that long, VastSea is going to win this fight.” Brother Zhao was sad when he saw that Flame Dragon lost to Lord’s Reign in the arena battle.

“Is she going to surrender? What a waste.” Brother Zhong said while looking at Little Ye Tian’s timid body standing in the arena.

ThornyRose sighed. Being able to reach this extent is good enough. BlackIce was almost dead for a few times. Just if Lin Le did not lose the chance and had killed BlackIce, it would change the entire outcome.

Little Ye Tian took a deep breath, held up her shield and dashed with her scepter. VastSea smiled bitterly. Am I really going to fight a weak girl? I bet the fans would be scolding me if I do so. But, who cares? He dashed too.
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