Chapter 530

The Golden Era's Carnival

Ye Cang saw that the flames on the Red Lotus Conqueror’s body were absorbed back by FlameEmperor himself. He also estimated the strength and speed of FlameEmperor’s slash. His strength has increased! He pondered. Can’t stay put in this way, I’ll just give it a shot! Once again, he dashed towards FlameEmperor with Blade Edge Sprint and fought head-on. He pierced madly, blinking here and there and blocking attacks with Blade Edge Blink. He totally ignored the flame effects on himself, desperately wanting to kill.

Facing this wave of crazy attacks, FlameEmperor struggled to defend as his health points were dropping non-stop. However, it was what he wanted. The flame effect on Ye Cang had stacked up to 10. He then aimed at the incoming sword and waved with his hand. All of a sudden, flames engulfed Ye Cang.

Aware of how much health he had left, Ye Cang knew he would die for sure! Hence, he wanted to deal as much damage as possible! The flames attacked him for the last time and he attacked in top speed as if his attacks were like stars. At last, he died.

FlameEmperor’s health points were below 20%. This White Hair is troublesome but unfortunately, the victory of this match belongs to me.

The message of Ye Cang being killed by FlameEmperor made ThornyRose and the others frown. If Ye Cang is being oppressed, then this match will be a tough one.

After being respawned at the base, Ye Cang returned to the mid lane and farmed. He knew he could not die for a second time because if the opponent standing right in front of his eyes is well-farmed in the early game, it is almost impossible to fight against him. What he could do now was to wait for the junglers to come and gank.

On the other side, SpyingBlade was having an intense fight with HeavenBlessed. HeavenBlessed put on a cold smile. “Finally, we meet again, DarkBlade.”

SpyingBlade did not say anything and pushed HeavenBlessed away with his sword. Immediately, he attacked with full strength. Both of them are famous for winning by a narrow margin, their battle scenes were usually horrible.

“I’m pretty sure SpyingBlade will not be able to get himself out of the trouble and assist the mid-lane. It all depends on Mad Devil Le now. Even though Instant can buy the team some time, I still think he is no match for Mad Devil Le.” Brother Zhong was staring at the overall situation.

As predicted by Brother Zhong, the message of Instant being killed by Lin Le popped out all of a sudden. Upon hearing that, FlameEmperor was stunned for a second. No, I’ll have to focus. I can’t let him use his Flash of Life and kill whoever he wants. Once it is stacked up, the light-armored players will be like a lamb waiting to get killed.

Ye Cang was struggling. The Flame Counterattack’s effect had been oppressing him hard as he could neither attack nor stay idle.

Upon obtaining the invincible energy ball, Lin Le immediately rushed to the mid lane. Noticing that FlameEmperor was standing a little forward, Lin Le tiptoed to him. Suddenly, Ye Cang dashed to FlameEmperor with Blade Edge Sprint. FlameEmperor then raised his eyebrows. Someone is coming. Is it Mad Devil Le? It should be him. HeavenBlessed won’t let SpyingBlade go so easily. Although he really wanted to fight them, his rationality was telling him not to take the risk. Hence, he turned into flames and vanished, just in time to dodge Lin Le who was brandishing his giant blade from behind. He then reappeared under the tower.

“Come out and eat my sword if you dare, you coward! Bad guy!” After missing the attack, Lin Le walked away grumpily and taunted.

Ignoring what Lin Le said, FlameEmperor turned his twin blade’s flame into a long-ranged magic attack to get the last hits. Ye Cang then switched lanes with Lin Le, hoping to find some opportunity in the jungle.

Staring at Lin Le, FlameEmperor upgraded his weapon. Switching lanes is the right choice, but you may have underestimated the Red Lotus Conqueror. He then put on an arrogant smile.

Seconds after entering the jungle looking for an opportunity, Ye Cang got hold of the message about Lin Le getting killed. What happened?! Don’t tell me Lele died due to the flame counterattack effect, just like me.

“To be honest, what’s most important is your experience. At least Brother Hero managed to pressure the Red Lotus Conqueror as he can more or less restain his magic mode.” After witnessing Lin Le being engulfed by the flames of the opponent’s level 6 Ultimate - Red Lotus Festival, Brother Zhao shook his head.

“Looks like the winner for this match has been decided. The only weakness of the Three Brothers was lack of experience.” Brother Zhong sighed.

SpyingBlade was unable to help out as he was having trouble dealing with HeavenBlessed. Although Zhang Zhengxiong had the upper hand, it was hard for him to make a comeback. Upon reaching level 6, he was forced to start the team fight. In the end, he lost to the Red Lotus Conqueror’s enormous flames. The Red Lotus Conqueror was shining like a phoenix. Despite that, they still managed to kill FlameEmperor, HeavenBlessed and Fireworks with their great teamwork before dying, trading three kills with six lives. The one last life left was the nexus. Lastly, Flame Dragon successfully destroyed their nexus and won the match.

“The Red Lotus Conqueror helped Flame Dragon to gain back the scores…” Zuo Yiyi sighed as she saw that Thorns and Roses lost.

“Both sides are having the same scores now. The entertainment mode will be the deciding match.” Brother Zhao had sweaty palms. Even though Flame Dragon had won the hero mode, it only helped them to gain back the scores they lost in dueling and arena mode, reaching a tie. The two scores from entertainment mode will decide who is the champion.

“Deciding the champion in the finals entertainment mode?” Brother Zhong mumbled.

Both teams were alert. Squinting at the entertainment mode generator, Ye Cang prayed. “Cooking, cooking, cooking. If it’s cooking, we’ll win…”

“......” The others who were nervous had also started to shout in their hearts. It must not be cooking!

Finally, the entertainment mode showed a chrysanthemum.

“The generator selected the Golden Era’s Carnival!” Brother Zhao slammed the table and shouted.

“The probability of generating this mode is similar to winning a lottery. Throughout the years, I’ve only seen it thrice.” Brother Zhong was shocked.

Ye Cang looked at ThornyRose with a question mark over his head. “What that fuck is this?”

“The Golden Era’s Carnival is basically the same as the arena but it is a 3v3. Also, the characters are randomly selected from the Chrysanthemum Emperor’s servants sealed characters.” ThornyRose explained. She wanted to teach them more about it but due to time constraint, she could only believe in them.

Following the instructions listed by the system, ThornyRose decided to send Ye Cang, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong for the match. The generator then started to randomly assign characters.

Suddenly, Ye Cang turned into a knight who was wearing silver armor and an M-size helmet, holding a war banner which has an iris flower picture on it and having a long silver sword at his waist. His silvery hair was swaying along with the iris flower war banner. A sentence then flashed through his mind. “For the sake of the country! I’m not afraid to die!”

As for Zhang Zhengxiong, he turned into a general who also wore silver armor, holding a silver dragon head spear. His look was sharp. Then, he shouted. “I’m the great Zhao Zhilong!”

Lin Le was holding a blood-red double-sided halberd, with his bunch of hair swaying left and right. He examined himself. It was as if he had the demon’s aura but at the same time, he looked dumb and innocent. Wearing a devilish armor and long headdress, he pointed the double-sided halberd and shouted. “Unbeatable!”

“Saint Joan of Arc, Zhao Yun, and Lu Bu! They got all of Chrysanthemum Emperor’s servants characters! How lucky!” Brother Zhao said after seeing the grand lineup of Ye Cang’s team. He then turned to look at FlameEmperor’s side. They aren’t that bad too.

FlameEmperor looked sexy wearing the ancient Chinese woman’s long robe, with a few ribbons swaying on the naked shoulders. Everyone seemed to fall in love with the character. As for FullFlame, he was holding a long katana with his white hair swaying to the wind. Fireworks was wearing a black knight armor, riding on a black nightmare demon. He was also holding a black devilish sword, coming down from the sky and leaving black smoke as he passed by.
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