Chapter 541

Living Creature Shoulder Guard

Ye Cang’s rapid-fire had successfully held back most of the worms that were getting bigger and the ambushers. However, the situation was getting out of control. Without a second thought, he used his tactics ability. “Tactics! Rapid Pursuit! Power Attack!”

With the enhancement of speed and damage from the tactics ability, they slowly gained back control of the situation as they could clear the enemies faster. Zhang Zhengxiong and Fang Ci were able to lock down the worm man. Despite the disgusting mouth that was coming at him, Zhang Zhengxiong did not back down. Instead, he swung his hammer madly and hit right into his face with Thunder Strike.

On the other side, Lin Le was slashing the enemies and used his accessory to drop spores as he ran. The spores then sprayed out paralyzing poisonous fog and stunned many of the worms, making Lin Le’s life easier. He cut through them as if he was cutting fruits and vegetables.

As the situation was slowly leaning in their favor, Ye Cang hit the worm man with Light Strike Array while little tadpole jumped on its back and with its tongue, once again pulled Zhang Zhengxiong away, from Ye Cang’s attack range. Fang Ci also summoned Withered Shade and Release of Vengeful Spirit. The worm man screamed in pain as it got hit by a light + fire burst. After swallowing Zhang Zhengxiong, little tadpole then spat him out towards the worm man which was stuck in the fire. With his hammer, Zhang Zhengxiong smashed its head.

Ye Cang jumped backwards and tossed the Lightning Lance right at its heart, paralyzing it. Lin Le, Little Ren, and SpyingBlade quickly dashed towards it and launched their attacks from all directions. Light yellow blood then rushed out from its neck and other body parts.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain Deep Marsh Worm Man! You’ve received 6500 experience.”

As soon as the worm man fell on the ground, the remaining deep marsh ambushers were in a mess and the sucker worms seemed to have their nerves cut and died. SpyingBlade was startled at the large amount of experience they got. Although the creatures were dangerous, the experience in return was also high especially from those worms. However, without the support from the tactics ability and aura, they would not have survived from the worms’ attacks as the situation might have gotten out of hand and the number of worms may have increased. Seeing Ye Cang dashing towards the corpse with top speed, SpyingBlade sighed and quickly formed a wall with FrozenCloud and the others to block his way. It was as if they were playing ‘The Eagle Catches The Chicken’ game, protecting Lin Le.

“Go away! I have a strong feeling that my divine hand will loot a divine artifact!” With his red eyes, Ye Cang was circling them, trying to find a way to loot.

“Your divine hand has never succeeded once…” Wu Na said speechlessly.

“The more I try, the higher the chance of it succeeding!” Ye Cang then used Shadow Step and appeared beside Lin Le. He then reached out his hand. Everyone was astonished. Shit! Originally, OtherShoreWatchingAV did not believe what they said but throughout the journey, he had experienced enough. There were times when the boss had looted a few but he always got nothing. It was just too scary to believe.

Just when Ye Cang reached out his hand, a tongue strangled his hand and pulled him away. It was little tadpole. Wu Na and the others were relieved. Seeing himself getting further from the corpse and Lin Le reaching his hand to loot it, Ye Cang shouted. “My divine artifact!”

“Brother Lil’White, we got an accessory and a shoulder guard! Both of them are dark gold ones!” Ye Cang was shocked upon hearing what Lin Le said. He then turned to smile at little tadpole. The smile caused chills to little tadpole and it immediately let go of him.

“Your reaction was not bad, Lil’Tad. But still, there is space for improvement, you have to get more nutrients…” Ye Cang talked to little tadpole as if a strict teacher was talking to his students. He then took out the grill. Watching Ye Cang pouring out the leftover food, everyone broke out in cold sweat. Especially FrozenCloud, as she saw the wicked smile on Ye Cang’s face and she swallowed.

Ye Cang let go of little tadpole and started to walk around the worm man and the other corpses to harvest them. He took out its heart and then distributed the equipment. The design of the shoulder guard was unique as the coral-polyps-like tentacles were all over it and they were still moving. It was scary.

Worm Man’s Mouth (Dark gold - Uncommon)
Category: Living Creature Shoulder Guard
Requirements: 165 Intelligence, 150 Wisdom
+26 Intelligence
+25 Wisdom
+45 Defence
+6% Intelligence
+4% Wisdom
+40 Mana
+18 Spell Power
-10 Fire Resistance
Recover 1.5% of health every 10 seconds.

Worm Man Sucking: When the target is near, it will activate the tentacles sucking ability. Once hit, a part of the target’s health will be absorbed and it will cause temporary paralyzation. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Worm Man’s Skull (Dark gold - Uncommon)
Category: Accessory
Requirements: None
+35 Intelligence
+30 Wisdom
+7% Intelligence
+5% Wisdom
+28 Spell Power

Breath of the Worm Man: When wearing this accessory, one will not be easily attacked by deep swamp ambushers and other worm men. It acts as a deterrence.

“Apart from its design, the shoulder guard is definitely a caster’s precious item. Its defence is high. It also provides self-regeneration and high intelligence. Even its skill is a self-protection control skill which greatly increases one’s surviving ability. Nana, this suits you…” Looking at the attributes of the shoulder guard, SpyingBlade was shocked by the ‘+45 defence’ as its defence was even higher than heavy armor shoulder guards.

“No, no, give it to the others. I’ll wait for the next one. Imagining myself wearing this is disgusting enough.” Wu Na quickly shook her head.

“Since I’m single, I still have to hook up with girls. If I wear this, no one would even want to get close to me.” OldWangFromNextDoor said with pity.

“Same for me.” AV added on.

Upon listening to OldWangFromNextDoor’s and AV’s reasons, Ye Cang shook his head. “It’s going to be one of you guys. The one who rolls the highest will have to take it. Quick. Then, we’ll move on to the next equipment.”

Ye Cang seemed like he was not planning on joining so Wu Na asked. “What about you?”

“As the team leader, my image affects the team’s fate. Besides, I already have some of the good equipment, it’s time for you guys to have some dark gold equipment.” Ye Cang said in a serious manner.

Wu Na rolled her eyes. However, his words indeed tricked quite a number of people to work for him. Although she was not resigned, she did not argue back and rolled the dice. 9. She was relieved. OldWangFromNextDoor got a 3 while AV got a 7. Suddenly, Wu Na was shocked. You guys are really badass! Little Ye Tian also rolled the dice and she got a 2. Upon seeing that, Wu Na immediately turned to look at her last hope, Fang Ci. Dealing with Wu Na’s gaze, Fang Ci touched his nose and then rolled it. 8.

Wu Na gasped while listening to Little Ye Tian’s sarcastic words. “Actually I really wanted that shoulder guard, but rules are meant to be followed. Since we said that the highest one will take it, then we can’t change the rules. Sister Nana, go ahead and wear it.”

Trembling, Wu Na received the mouth full with tentacles and put it on her shoulder. Chills went down her spine and she was shivering. She felt that the thing seemed to connect to her body and could even feel and control the movements of the tentacles.

FrozenCloud pitied Wu Na. Luckily I’m a grappler.

“Accessory, this is obviously a caster item too…” Ye Cang took out the brain from the worm man’s skull.

“I think you should take it, the effect of the accessory should be very useful in this swamp. It should not be given to others.” Everyone agreed on SpyingBlade’s suggestion. Without much hesitation, Ye Cang straight away wore the equipment. His accessory space was now full.
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