Chapter 555

Christmas War Begins

Glancing at the looks from some other big districts, FlameEmperor smirked. “A bunch of scums.”

Most of them were angry but did not dare to go against him. A blonde-haired skinny guy from the Knights of Round Table smiled. “Still such bad temper huh FlameEmperor.”

FlameEmperor frowned. It was the ChildOfLight, Cadone. He was one of China’s biggest enemies and also one of the strongest player who has the strength to stand at the top of the virtual world.

“Mind your own business, ChildOfLight.” Arrogantly, FlameEmperor glared at him.

Cadone smiled as a reply. Well, this fella does have the right to say so.

“Coming up next is China’s most popular dark horse champion! Thorns and Roses!” Ammelia’s voice filled the stadium.

“It’s our turn. Let’s go!” ThornyRose fixed her own collar and led everyone out from the lounge. Having the world’s strongest clubs staring at them, ThornyRose was nervous. Yet, Ye Cang was holding the cane and jigged about elegantly. He waved at the audience and even bowed to some of them.

Watching this from the V.I.P. seats, CloudDragon was speechless. I guess this fella will never miss out on the opportunity to act. His attacks and personality are total opposites. Recalling the fight where they died together, he clenched his fist tightly and was full of fighting spirit. VastSea was smiling faintly. He turned to see BlackIce who was holding a doll that was sticked with ‘HappyAndCheerful’ (Lele’s ID). She was using a small awl to stab the doll’s ass and was muttering something at the same time. “Lose. Lose. Lose...In the name of the great Chrysanthemum Emperor, I curse you.”

Staring at his first match’s opponents, especially Ye Cang and his brothers, Aota Hikoishi squinted.

Despite knowing Aota Hikoishi and the others were observing them, ThornyRose did not bother. Upon hearing Ammelia’s instructions, they bowed to the audience.

“It’s really surprising. Throughout the hundreds of years, Thorns and Roses had only been to the ultimate stage a few times. Most of the time, you guys came in the name of second place and usually won’t be able to pass the second round. I’ve never thought that this time, you guys did not only defeat the undefeatable club, Flame Dragon but also last year’s champion, Mad War. This has caused a big stir in China and the world. Miss Rose, could you tell me? How did you discover these legends, the Really New Village’s Three Brothers?”

“With my sincere heart of course. I also treat them like Heavenly Kings. This shows that I’m right about them. Those three, including SpyingBlade and the others, did not disappoint the club and moreover, they created many miracles. They even created three new SS rank characters.” ThornyRose smiled awkwardly. Upon recalling how they first met, she looked embarrassed. FrozenBlood and GreenDew could not resist but to laugh with their mouths covered.

“Sincere heart and treating us like Heavenly Kings...Then, how do you explain the public-toilet-like lounge?” Lin Le muttered under his breath. Unfortunately, Ammelia and ThornyRose heard it. ThornyRose was embarrassed.

“No choice. That’s what you get for a third rate club…” Little Ye Tian added in while doing some programming.

“Hey, would you guys lower down your voice. ThornyRose may be thick-skinned but she would be upset if she heard it.” FrozenBlood smiled.

“It’s okay, her back is facing us anyway. Even though the club’s conditions aren’t that good, at least get a better slogan. Look at the club’s evaluation. ‘Total insane’. What’s so good about her?” Ye Cang mumbled to FrozenBlood.

“That’s right. That’s right.” Lin Le added on.

“......” FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, FrozenCloud and the others broke out in cold sweat. You two have no rights to say this. ThornyRose was pissed off and left trembling. Knowing that she wasn’t in a good mood, Ammelia quickly lightened up the atmosphere by smiling. “Hehe, the people in Thorns and Roses are indeed interesting.”

Along with the others, ThornyRose officially entered into the preparation area. Upon hearing Flame Dragon’s slogan, she remembered. “It’s our turn to shout the slogan.”

“Umm, I don’t want to shout such an embarrassing slogan. Let’s change to another one.” FrozenBlood was cold-shouldered.

“Same here.” ElegantFragrance put her arm around Lin Le but Lin Le did not bother as he was busy thinking something. Song Xin was grinding her teeth and staring at ElegantFragrance in front of the screen. You this Wang family’s filthy b*tch. We even queued together for that limited edition handbag.

“I agree too.” With his arms crossed, Ye Cang nodded.

“Hey, stop fooling around. We are about to shout the slogan and enter the preparation area.” ThornyRose shouted.

“I thought of a slogan already! Be my fans or die!” Clapping his hands, Lin Le had a epiphany like a monk and suggested.

Everyone was stunned. Seeing Lin Le looking at them excitedly, ElegantFragrance immediately nodded. “Quite domineering. Not bad. That’s it, we are using this. Don’t change anymore.”

“I agreed.” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

“Okay, then it is decided.” Ye Cang clapped his hands, ushering them to enter the preparation area. ThornyRose quickly stopped them. “Hey, the slogan is not related to Thorns and Roses!”

“?” Ye Cang blinked.

“What’s the big deal? Just add Thorns and Roses in front of the slogan. Quick, it’s our turn!” FrozenBlood ushered them.

“Thorns Emerge! Roses Arise!”

“Be my fans or die!”

“This slogan is good. Let’s follow their account.”

“Be my fans or die. This clearly has the Three Bothers’ domineering aura. Like! Like! Like!”

The audience was discussing it. ThornyRose did not expect it would have so many good comments and Thorns and Roses fans had increased in numbers. She was speechless.

NalanPureSould smiled.

League of Tyrants’ side.

“Boss, we should change to a more domineering slogan. The Really New Village’s Three Brothers are too arrogant! They ignored our presence!” FishSeller complained to ThunderShock.

“Indeed. My beloved wife, what’s your opinion?” ThunderShock looked at the speechless ClearMoon and asked.

“Ask everyone to come over and brainstorm. It’s time to change our slogan too.” ClearMoon crossed her arms and nodded.

Upon entering the preparation area, Ye Cang and the others stared at their first opponent, Black Dragon Union.

As the leader, Aota Hikoishi walked towards them along with his teammates. “Miss Rose, looks like this is our first time battling you guys in the Great Christmas War.”

“Yeap, you’re right, Aota Hikoishi.” ThornyRose nodded.

“Never have I thought that Thorns and Roses would....” Aota was interrupted before finishing his sentence.

“God damn it, bullshit everywhere. Quickly go and prepare. There are still a lot of teams waiting for us after defeating you guys. We have no time to chit-chat with you.” Zhang Zhengxiong casually stood out and smirked.

“You annoying whiner! Who do you think you are? Some Really New Village’s Three Brothers.” Nagasawa shouted.

Zhang Zhengxiong put on an evil smile and glared at them. The sudden devilish aura frightened Aota and the others. They never thought that experiencing his aura first hand would be so different. Nagasawa stumbled backwards and Aota frowned. This fella is truly a beast. A real beast.

“You this evil woman! How dare you bully Brother Lil’Xiong! I will chop you to death! Wait for it!” Lin Le pouted, pointing the butterfly net at Nagasawa.

Ye Cang then patted on Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s shoulders and gradually walked towards Aota. He took off his top hat and smiled faintly. “Mister, it is good to have ambition but unfortunately, the reality is cruel. You guys won’t get even a point from us.”

Ye Cang’s faint smile and calm eyes were so creepy that Aota felt danger and frowned. He turned anger into laughter and swung his hand. “Not even a point? So cocky! Save the talking! See you on the battlefield, white-haired whiner.”
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