Chapter 604

Little Dream

With bitterness, CloudDragon and LordAsked left. Seeing everyone staying are the people in the team, Ye Cang took out a beautiful black crystal egg. He said with a smile. “This is what Mara Naya gave me.”

“Brother Lil’White, it is a beautiful egg! Lele also wants one!” Lin Le pouted. Yet, when Ye Cang gave it to him, he shook his head and smiled. “No, no. You take it Brother Lil’White. Lele waits for the next one.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Lin Le looked left and right where Little Ye Tian and Zhang Zhengxiong were standing. He put on a Tibetan Mastiff look and said. “Don’t try to snatch it away from each other!”

“......” The two of them were speechless.

As everyone did not have any objections, Ye Cang started to incubate and tame it. The cloudy crystal cracked a little. Ye Cang then dipped some of his fresh blood onto it, casting a small magical glow by using his taming ability. A purple light glowed out as the crystal cracked. As a tiny little hand broke out, everyone saw a white-haired, green-skinned little girl sticking her head out. As the egg continued to crack, the lower body of the girl looked like a deer spirit and centaur at the same time. Her lower body was a black deer spirit but with horseshoes. At her back and abdomen, it was covered with blue bristle. It cried upon seeing Ye Cang. “Ahh wuuu! Ahh wuuu!”

Seeing such a tiny and cute deer spirit, Wu Na immediately hugged it and reassured it as if she was its mother.

“Congratulations, you have successfully hatched and tamed a dream deer spirit. Please name it.”

“Don’t you dare to give a stupid name to such cute little baby.” Wu Na said coldly.

Just when Ye Cang was about to say ‘Little Mimi’, he stopped. He then pouted and named it. “Little Dream.”

Even though it was in Wu Na’s embrace, the little deer spirit turned to look at Ye Cang and shouted. “Papa!”

Then, it started to struggle. “Papa! Papa!”

Wu Na immediately gave it back to Ye Cang and Ye Cang hugged her. Its cute eyes were staring at him and it was smiling. “Papa! Papa!”

He felt touched and put on a cheerful smile. “Yeap. I’m papa!”

Everyone started to gather around Little Dream. Yet, Little Ye Tian was starting a fire at the other side, preparing a big pot and peeling the carrots and onions.

SpyingBlade looked at her in confusion. “What are you doing?”

Little Ye Tian did not bother about him but said to Ye Cang in a serious manner. “I saw it from the ancient books that by eating such creature we would obtain permanent increment. It said we might level up too. I’m not sure but worth a try. Let’s cook it, father.”

Suddenly, everyone broke out in cold sweat. Even though you sounded rightful, your eyes had betrayed you and told us otherwise.

Ye Cang did not say much but handed Little Dream over to Little Ye Tian. “Try and hug her.”

Little Ye Tian reluctantly took over Little Dream who was going to fight with her for her father’s pamper. However, when she saw those crystal clear eyes and the baby who was smiling at her and eating its fingers at the same time, she suddenly felt like a girl who just got her new toy. She smiled back at her. She even used some baby voice to tease her. FroenCloud, SpyingBlade, Wu Na, and the others could not help but smile when they saw such a scene.

“Okay. I’ll go to the goddesses’ shrine for a while. Nana will be taking care of Little Dream. Use these few days to do whatever you guys like and get prepared too. Those who need to change their metal equipment, can go to A’Xiong. Find me if you need something made out of leather. ThornyRose, you and Little Tian go buy some materials.” Seeing those girls were gathering around Little Dream and playing with her, Ye Cang could not help but smile too.

“I got it.” ThornyRose nodded.

“I need a better chest plate, shin pads, and shoe.” SpyingBlade said.

“I’ll prepare it for you.” Ye Cang looked at his own equipment. I need to change mine too. He then turned to look at the newly joined MaroonRed who was keeping quiet all these while. “I’ll make some for you too. As for weapons, find A’Xiong. Since you have joined Happy Frimaments, we are a family now, including you, little swordfighting. Do you have any needs?”

NalanPureSoul rolled his eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me little swordfighting. We didn’t swordfight before!”

MaroonRed nodded appreciatively. “Sorry to trouble you, team leader.”

Ye Cang frowned. FrozenCloud who was standing at the side quickly reminded her. “Don’t forget to add some adjectives. Like the greatest or whatsoever.”

MaroonRed then immediately bowed and shouted with much strength. “Thank you, the greatest team leader lord!”

Satisfied, Ye Cang patter her shoulders. “Do well. I do think highly of you.”

“But...if you do something that is bad to me…” Upon saying it, Ye Cang put on an extremely friendly smile and yet chills went down MaroonRed’s spine. That calm look of his eyes was indeed terrifying. She even swallowed when she thought of the insane things he did to the rose of Versailles.

Ye Cang glanced through everyone and FrozenCloud felt that he was staring at her. She then had goosebumps and started to pray. Please don’t let team leader knows that I lied to him before! And even more than once!

“Do you have a light armor kind of equipment that can greatly increase resistance to fire elemental damage?” NalanPureSoul asked after knowing that Ye Cang specialized in making leather.

“I’ll try my best. Okay, I gotta go now. Go do whatever you like.” After finishing the sentence, Ye Cang headed to the shrine. Outside the goddesses sleeping place, Ye Cang heard some voice as if they were doing something intense. He even heard some arguments. What are they doing? He then walked faster.

Through the plants outside the shrine, Jam felt that Ye Cang had arrived. She quickly shouted. “The sage is here!”

The three goddesses retrieved their tearing-each-other hands and pretended like they were sitting together and discussing how to perform simultaneously.

Ye Cang came in and smiled at the three goddesses. “I thought you guys were fighting or arguing.”

“No, no. We just had a little argument about the performance.” Mallow tidied her messy hair.

“That’s right. We must love our job. You guys must work even harder as goddesses. Oh yeah, I’ve decided to attack Thousand Peaks Mountain.” Ye Cang then briefly explained the benefits of doing so.

“Sir PaleSnow, we sisters would give you our full support for the decision you made. We would pray for you with all our might so that it would increase your success rate. But, if possible, I hope you would spare the life of Andon. His father was once one of the guards of my shrine. Even though it has twisted his belief, he was still once the one that protected me.” Anya said depressedly.

After knowing the name of the One-eyed Ogre, Ye Cang said. “I’ll try my best.”

“Don’t bring so much trouble to the sage. Damn it. That thing may not mean anything to us but with the sage’s strength, he is not up to the standard where he could spare him a life as he wishes to.” Mallow rolled her eyes.

“I know. So here’s my godly spike. Even though you can only use it once but it is more than enough to injure it heavily. The rest depends on you. If it is impossible, then…” Anya slowly reached out her hands and a dark green godly strength accumulated to form a dark green crystal arrowhead.

Ye Cang received it.

Anya - Assault Spike
Category: Special item
Damage: ???
It can only be used once. Limited to a special occasion.

Ye Cang knew how far he could go deep down in his heart. Having such an item to restrain it is not bad after all. He then said goodbye to the three goddesses.

Just when Ye Cang left, the three goddesses once again got together and fought.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning! You want to find some backups to threaten my position as the eldest sister huh?!”

“His father was originally my believer!”

“Bullshit! He was threatened by your powers! He wasn’t sincere!”

“You guys are just jealous of me!”

“Jealous? When none of my believers ever run away?!”

“About that, eldest sister, such a thing never happens to us. Those came as they wish to.”

“You this green tea bitch! Which side are you on?!”

“Neither sides!”

“Back to the topic, how long are you guys going to stay at my shrine?! It is about time to go back to your owns!”

“What do you mean your shrine?! The sage built it for me! I’ve said it many times! I’m the one he met first! It’s me! I’m the one who asked him to save you, you filthy bitch!”

“Cheh, if he didn’t meet you, he would meet me sooner or later. He is the hunter type. My relationship with him is closer than anyone of you two! If not, he wouldn’t choose my place to build this.”

“As the youngest, I sincerely think that he did it for me. Well, since I’m the most pretty one among us.”

“Motherf*cker! You green tea bitch! You’re so dead!”

“It is not your turn to teach her a lesson as the second eldest. It is my duty to do so as the eldest sister!”
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