Chapter 668


Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul arrived at the other end of the peak located behind Dosain. Swiftly, they started to cast large area magic spells.

After receiving NalanPureSoul’s signal. LordAsked shouted. “Retreat! The Phantom’s and white-haired’s bombs are coming!”

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately activated some of his skills, preparing to withstand all the damage. This was because he knew someone must stay back. Little Ye Tian then looked at Fang Ci and Fang Ci had already been chanting the Anti-magic Shield.

Instantly, sparks glowed in Ye Cang’s hands. The light energy from the Light Strike Array surged through Dosain’s body like a fire dragon wrapping around it. Meanwhile, NalanPureSoul swung his hands down as he finished chanting. A rain of ring of flames poured. Lin Le took out his handcart and threw the molotov cocktails he had to assist.

Moments later, NalanPureSoul reached out his hand and clenched the thin air.


A huge explosion occurred on Dosain who was originally covered with flames. It was like a fire lotus blooming. On the other side, being protected by the Anti-Magic Shield and having an extremely high fire resistance, Zhang Zhengxiong was like a warrior in the flames. Yet, he did not stand there and did nothing as he was constantly damaging Dosain’s head.

Suddenly, a terrible scream shook the entire valley.

“Roar! Aja!”

“‘Go to hell!’ He said.” Ye Cang translated while NalanPureSoul was giving out signals.

“Prepare to dodge! Its ultimate is coming!” CloudDragon hid behind a huge rock, observing Dosain’s eye in which the Soul Fire glowed strongly. Usually, necromancy ultimates could be read when it’s in the Soul of Fire status. Also, black auras are surging out from the abyss.

Upon finished saying, an extremely strong evil shockwave blasted at them, knocking everyone away, including CloudDragon. In mid-air, CloudDragon saw Dosain putting its palms together and a dark energy orb was formed as it slowly moved apart its palms. The energy orb was constantly absorbing energy from the corpses. Even the Power of Vengeful Spirits from the abyss was flowing into the orb. Yet, Little Tadpole did not forget to stick its tongue out and pull Zhang Zhengxiong into its mouth. It tried very hard to flip its wings, stabilizing itself. It then grabbed the nearest cliff and spat Zhang Zhengxiong out.

“Spread out! Find cover! If things come to the worst, protect the priests nearest to you! Their lives are a priority!” Little Ye Tian ordered the long-ranged players to move back. The blast of the shockwave was so strong that her hair and dress were swaying in the wind. At this moment, AV secretly lowered down his body to peak at it.

Meanwhile, Ten-Colored Soup was blasted into numerous pieces and these small pieces turned into a mini version of Ten-Colored Soup. Yet, they were sprinting towards each other, preparing to combine again.

With the war axe stabbed to the ground, Lin Le only managed to stop himself after being knocked away tens of meters. He immediately took out his Lele’s Soldier Food No 2 and ate it. He even used the Gold Coin Regeneration Spell, recovering a certain amount of health points. Not long after, he ran to the insignificant withered tree and hid behind it.

Seeing such a messy battlefield, Little Ye Tian knew it was going to be a hard fight because they had lost half of their close-ranged combaters. Besides, they did not manage to interrupt the ultimate.

CloudDragon’s heart sank when he saw that the black orb was getting bigger and bigger. Damn it! It’s too late!

LordAsked also panicked. I’m too far from it! I can’t stop it no matter how! Suddenly, he saw a familiar shadow jumping up high. He was glad. It’s him!

After finding a cover, Lin Le dashed from its blindspot. Everyone saw how he raised his handcart high while flying towards the boss. Although Dosain swung its arms after noticing him, it could not catch him. Lin Le’s speed was too fast. Lin Le then hit the black orb with all his might while mumbling something. “It’s time to receive Lele’s punishment! I’ll crush your balls!”


The black energy orb exploded. Lin Le was instantly engulfed and the handcart was nowhere to be seen. However, the flammable items in his handcart made a second explosion. The dark energy and flames mixed together. Because of the explosion, Dosain suffered a heavy injury but Lin Le also died. LordAsked then saw how a piece of Lin Le’s ahoge flew over and stabbed into the ground. This is familiar. No doubt, it’s that mad dog’s radar on his head! “Sent another priest who has quick resurrection! Try and see whether we can revive…”

“Brother, there’s only a piece of hair left. I think we could only meet him at the reviving spot.” Seeing that ahoge rooting at the ground, Ji Xiao could not help but to touch it. “So spiky…”

LordAsked felt it was a waste. I have two lives. Obviously, if possible, it’s better for me to go and sacrifice myself. But I was really too far. I had no choice. Looks like it’s time to collect some long-distance displacement skills.

“Charge! Don’t waste the opportunity created by Mad Devil Le! We’re close to killing it! Give me your best!” CloudDragon immediately ordered to attack.

At the same time, Ye Cang arrived behind the troops. He then pointed in front, activating his tactic abilities. “Tactics! Charge! Pursuit! Powerful Attack!”

LordAsked pondered. This is one of the scariest abilities. A team tactic ability. Even more, it comes in three different kinds at once. Speed. Damage. Movement speed. All these are enhanced greatly. Besides, one obtains a one-time short-distance blink. In such great battles, it’s totally a God like skill. The true bugle call.

“Warsong Aura!” Zhang Zhengxiong also activated his ultimate. Everyone who was under his aura was as energetic as if they were being injected with steroids twice.

Little Ye Tian pondered. Luckily Lele helped us to solve the crisis. If the orb was completed, I bet all the close-ranged combaters would die. If not, then it would be the long-ranged ones. After receiving LordAsked’s signal, she let Little Ration send another priest who had quick resurrection. The priest cast resurrection at the piece of hair in the ground awkwardly. With a flash, Lin Le popped out from the ground. He spitted out the mud and looked at Dosain with his teeth grinding. “This evil bastard! How dare you kill Lele twice! I’m really mad now! Arghhhh!!!! I don’t want the money anymore!!”

“Bro, bro, calm down, calm down. It’s already at the end of its life. You will get your revenge! You can think of how to torture its corpse later! Not a problem!” LordAsked immediately reassured him. God damn it, it’s burning money that we are talking about! We aren’t burning natural gas!

Lin Le then made a ‘hmph’ sound like an angry bull. “Later on, I want to take the best equipment individually unconditionally! It’s all because of Lele!”

LordAsked hesitated a moment. Indeed, he stopped the most crucial attacks twice. Just let him take whatever he wants. I bet CloudDragon wouldn’t object either. This fella is really the nemesis for bosses. I better build a good relationship with him so that we might have a chance to cooperate in the future. It’s useless to fight now. He then nodded with a smile. “Sure, sure…”

“That’s more like it! Now, kill!” Lin Le grabbed his war axe and activated the gold coin abilities. LordAsked sighed. It’s so tiring to deal with the people in this team. One whom we need to defend against from touching the corpse, the other one is a living furnace that burns money, and the last one who is a spiky head that thinks he is right, no matter what. Upon thinking about it, he recalled something. Must not let the bastard touch the corpse again!
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