Chapter 71: Artificial Experiment

Chapter 71: Artificial Experiment

TianXing city, in some research lab.

“Eve-C-19325. psychological response normal. No abnormalities with the 37 pairs of chromosomes. No rejection of Adam-01’s genes! IQ estimated to be at least 390. Super power currently unknown. Teacher! We did it!” A man who looked like a researcher excitedly looked at a culture pod. Inside was a 10 year old girl, about 1 meter and 3 centimeters tall. She had short hair that was a little long going just past her chin. Her bare naked body floated in the liquid, fast asleep. The little girl looked really similar to Ye Cang.

“Yeah, our research is finally successful! This is the beginning of a new age! Quickly notify the head!” The old man also had a look of rapture.

The creepy part was that not far away from them, a big hole was filled with newborns. The corpses of numerous children. They were the result of the many failures. Every child in the hole had the exact same face as the little girl in the pod.

At this moment the old man took out a communication device and suddenly felt like he couldn’t move his body. The researcher was floating in the air. Slash~ Slash~ Slash~ He was ripped apart piece by piece and scattered around the room. The little girl slowly opened her clear and sharp eyes. Her face was expressionless as she murmured: “Father…”

LinHai City, College City’s Night Market.

The originally gloomy Ye Cang’s heart suddenly trembled and he got up to look into the distance. He frowned, his brows wrinkling tightly. He slowly relaxed and murmured: “Perhaps I’m being oversensitive.”

“Bro, what’s up!?” Zhang ZhengXiong noticed and asked.

“Nothing…” Ye Cang shook his head and continued to chat with the others.

That night, in the quiet apartment, Ye Cang was tossing and turning, unable to sleep. He was recalling some old memories that he didn’t want to remember. A big fire, culture pod, research institution, a woman’s complaint, all those things that happened after QinXue’s death. Those memories he had tried so hard to forget.

“Failure! It’s a another failure! We failed again! Continue! We must achieve the fusion of Adam-01 and the alien life’s genes to create a new human! We’ll leave our mark on the evolution of mankind!”

“Doctor! Let’s stop! These children are too pitiful. This is already the 20000th failure. I can’t stand to see those children we personally bred being treated like this. Don’t tell me you don’t feel anything?”

“Forget that motherly instinct of yours, they are just experimental materials that will advance mankind. They should thank us for letting them come into the world and contributing to humanity.”

“Hah~ I got happy for nothing, I thought we succeeded! Turns out it’s just another defective one! It’s intelligence is insufficient, get rid of it.

“Sorry teacher, we must atone for our crimes.”


The doctor fell unwillingly in front of the laser. The laboratory was set ablaze by the woman and the whole research institution burned. Ye Cang remembered her holding him, her guilty yet loving face.

“Sorry child, I also have to atone for what I’ve done. Farewell…” With a relieved smile, she gently pushed the cradle into the river. Then she turned and walked into the fire. In the flames, she turned her head to watch him drift gently down the river. His hair slowly turned white, and the burns on his body rapidly healed. She absentmindedly said: “Who would have thought that teacher’s final creation managed to successfully mutate. Child! Don’t grow up to hate! Survive, and live well…”

Everything was reduced to ashes under the flames.

Ye Cang slowly got up and arrived at the balcony. His eyes were full of sorrow. The fact he came about due to a human experiment, he couldn’t tell anyone. He reached out his hand grabbing towards the moon, and blocked it’s gentle light. Looking at his white hand, he quietly asked himself: “Am I a human? Really? Granny, QinXue, what am I?”

The scene returned to TianXing City’s Research Institution. At this moment, the floor was covered in flesh as if it was hell on earth. A lanky man with a short professional hairstyle wearing a black jacket and a beautiful woman with a white jacket were looking at the scene.

“Hunting Flame, destroy this place and bring all the data to the boss.” The white clothed woman said then vanished like the wind.

“Ardent wind! Remember to catch it alive.” The man called Hunting Flame turned and shouted towards the wind.

On a hovering train going towards LinHai, the little girl was wearing clothes that were much too big for her. She looked out the window and happily murmured: “Father, I’m coming…”

The noisy crowd made her frown, but she shook her head, she couldn’t cause too big of a ruckus. She continued to calmly look out the window, but what everyone didn’t know was that a single word from the little girl could suddenly end all their lives.

Ardent Wind followed the trail to the train station and sensed the surroundings. Her breath stopped. Not good, she’s already left TianXing City! It seems to be heading towards LinHai, she quickly caught the next train.

Early morning.

The agitated Ye Cang chose to go to that familiar river to relieve his boredom.

The apartment doorbell rang. Lin Le quickly opened it and saw a little girl that looked really similar to his brother Lil’White.

Zhang ZhengXiong peered at her and thought: “She looks exactly like my bro when he was young.”

Wu Na asked doubtfully: “Little sister, you are?”

“Is father not here?” The little girl calmly said.

Father!? That scoundrel had a daughter!? Wu Na’s mouth hung wide open but she quickly pulled the child in in. “You can wait here, he should be back soon.”

Zhang ZhengXiong looked at the girl doubtfully but shook his head. They could discuss it when he came back.

Ye Cang felt the resonance in his heart becoming even stronger. He unhurriedly left the riverside and went back up to his apartment. He took a deep breath and opened the door. He saw three people all playing with a little girl in silver clothes and his pupils rapidly shrunk. He released a terrifying killing intent.

“Don’t move, otherwise I will kill them.” The girl turned to look at Ye Cang with a bloodthirsty smile. “Father…”

Wu Na and Lin Le immediately felt something grab at their throats and they couldn’t make a sound. Zhang ZhengXiong wanted to resist but was worried about Wu Na and Lin Le, so he didn’t dare to act recklessly. The three of them looked towards him shocked. The little sister that was just laughing and playing with them had suddenly become someone who could immediately kill them. Just what kind of relationship did those two have!? Why did she call him father?

“What do you want from me?” Ye Cang said coldly, his face full of indifference.

“Father, we’re just like close relatives aren’t we?” The little girl slowly got up and asked him. She thought of the things the three of them had told her, and her heart felt an unspeakable pain. Why were they so happy? When she recalled the killing intent in his eyes the moment he opened the door, her heart trembled. Why was it like this? They should be like family.

“Let them go and I can let you go without killing you… Eve.” Ye Cang continued to treat her coldly.

“Why!? Why do you treat them so well! You and I are the same! Father, we’re both created from lab experiments. Existences that shouldn’t be accepted amongst humans. Only you and me can accept eachother! Why do you treat me like this!? Why!?” The little girl, Eve, began to madly shout those frail words.
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