Chapter 743

The Lucky Charm

“Wow, this school uniform has the smell of a teenage girl. I wonder how she looks like. Judging from the size of it, she probably resembles my size.” Liu Bei smelled the uniform while Ye Cang was excited that the Bad Luck Lottery Machine appeared.

“Let me smell it.” Cao Cao walked over. The two of them were predicting the girl’s personality from the smell of the uniform. Cao Cao examined the chest part of the uniform and virtually drew the size. “It must be this big.” Liu Bei shook his head, adjusted the uniform and pointed at the trace. “It’s obviously this big.” They then started an argument on someone’s mammary glands. Zhou Yu did not know whether to cry or laugh. These two bastards… If they weren’t in a battle to conquer the Han, I bet they would be best friends. One is black-hearted while the other is thick-skinned. It’s sad that Sun Ce couldn’t defeat them in battle. And Sun Quan is weaker than Sun Ce.

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Lance of Longinus!”

The Lance of Longinus - Destiny
Rank: GX
The Pierce of Destiny - Curse: This item ignores any defensive item, shield or barrier.
The Detention of Saint: The target being pierced by this lance would be sealed forever until it is pulled out.

“Congratulations! You’ve received Space Elemental Balance Wheel - Flicker!”

Space Elemental Balance Wheel Watch - Flicker
Rank: G - EX
Flicker Space: Users can move within the space by consuming spiritual energy.
The Search of Space: Users can detect hidden spaces.

“Congratulations! You’ve received a one-time use Modified Item - Fortune-telling Crystal!”

Fortune-telling Crystal: One can see a random part of his or her future.

Ye Cang carried the Holy Lance which looked like a silver fork, wore the watch and put down Ye Beibei. He turned around to grab the crystal and stared inside.

Suddenly, Ye Cang’s eyes went black. He saw Little Ye Tian crying heavily. The sky was blue and a wedding tune could be faintly heard. He lowered his head to see his old and wrinkled hands. They slowly turned into sand and got blown away by the wind. He could not hear any sound at all although he felt that words were murmured out from his mouth. Only Little Ye Tian dashed over with tears.

Ye Cang then came back to his senses and saw the crystal turning into powder. The powder slipped through the gap between his fingers. Some of it dropped to the ground while some were blown away. “Is that how the future will be like?”

“Old Zhou, why didn’t you stay together with Xiao Qiao in the realm of hero spirits? Didn’t you manage to fulfill some of your wishes over there?” Ye Cang flipped the powder away and asked.

Zhou Yu stunned for a second and smiled. “We are just repeating the process of separation and regretting endlessly. One could never find what’ve been lost. The galaxy would never be that kind to allow us to start all over again and again. It allows you to enjoy whatever happy moments but in the end, it will make you experience separation again. It’s the norm. One should learn to be grateful and cherish their happy and memorable moments. Actually, most of our souls have passed away. Those who remain in this battle, if I’m not mistaken, are the beliefs and products of the belief. As for us, the products, are individuals who have emotions and feelings of the past, existing separately. Even if we know that we are just some images, the feelings and emotions of searching for a familiar face or a regret are still undeniably real, aren’t they? Since we are currently existing in this world, we would try to think of solutions to surpass the framework to obtain a higher sense of existence and a better ‘future’.”

Staring at Ye Cang’s flashing Ocular Lens of Death, Zhou Yu patted his shoulder with a smile and carried Ye Beibei to his height to give him a kiss.

Ye Cang was inspired by Zhou Yu’s words and thought of the scenes he saw through the crystal. Overthinking is useless. I should cherish the present. Even if that day really comes, I would give my best shot and face destiny with everything I’ve got! I would never run away even if I don’t know what would happen. He once again pulled the trigger of the lottery machine.

“You’ve used the lottery machine for a large number of times. You’ve become a loyal customer of this series! Here’s a special reward! One-time use Real - God Lottery Machine! It can be used only once! Those who are running out of luck should better keep your hands away from it~”

Ye Cang’s problems immediately dematerialized as he slowly reached his hands to the trigger. I have the divine hand! Come on! The pull of the God of Super Luck!

Meanwhile, Ye Beibei was angry that Ye Cang did not let him pull the trigger. This made him dash over and fall from the table. Luckily, Ye Cang managed to grab his butt before he landed. However, the lottery machine had already started spinning. He then turned around to stare at Ye Beibei. If I have a pot, I would have cooked you up already! You damned child! My divine artifact! OMG! When would I get the God Lottery Machine again?!

Seeing Ye Cang’s fierce look, Ye Beibei felt scared and cried and Ye Cang immediately hugged her, “Alright, alright, I’m not angry. Not angry, alright.”

“Ding! Congratulations! Ye Beibei has received the one and only Modified Special Attribute - The God of Lucky Charms!”

The God of Lucky Charms: Allies of the user would have their consumption of spiritual energy reduced by half and the power caused by spiritual energy would be enhanced. Besides, allies can recover the depleted spiritual energy quickly. Those whom the aura was shared with would not die unless they receive seven instant kill damages consecutively within 10 seconds. However, the allies could only receive an attack of similar characteristics or elements once and the others would be neglected in the same 10-second period. The aura makes allies immune to all negative effects and curses.

Ye Cang then saw a halo formed by seven different colors of pearls circling on top of Ye Beibei’s hat. It was more intense when a warm flow of spiritual energy was radiating from Ye Beibei.

Zhou Yu and Cao Cao suddenly felt that their spiritual energy was replenishing and they gradually looked at the angel baby - Ye Beibei. “What an incredible recovery speed the spiritual energy has.”

“Why couldn’t I feel anything?” Liu Bei who was wearing a girl’s uniform looked left and right.

The three of them sighed.

“Told ya, this is the karma of throwing a child to the ground,” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

“He is indeed the envoy of the great Cao Mengde! Hahaha!” Cao Cao laughed.

“Looks like Beibei is as talented as I am. It’s good that he knows this Big-Eared guy is not any kind of good person. I bet he’s gonna be outstanding when he grows up.” Zhou Yu carried Ye Beibei over and kissed him. “Don’t you ever lend something to that Big-Eared… he doesn’t return what he borrows…”

Liu Bei was grinding his teeth as he stared at Ye Beibei but dared not to reveal his expressions. He then slowly pulled out Consort Yu’s corset and gave it to Ye Beibei.

Ye Beibei grabbed the corset and started swinging it around as if he just got herself a new toy and Liu Bei instantly felt the energy.

“......” The three of them stared at Liu Bei and Ye Beibei. Damn it! His bribery works!

“Even though he is young, he sure has the characteristics of a hero!” Ye Cang looked at Ye Beibei who was playing with the corset happily with his arms crossed.

“Indeed, a genius!” Zhou Yu smiled.

“This child will definitely be successful!”

“Come on, son. Let daddy hug you.” Liu Bei put on a kind look.

However, Ye Beibei stopped and gave him a stare in return. Liu Bei felt the energy was fading and he immediately took a step back. The three of them nodded gladly, expressing their satisfaction.
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