Red Hell

In the wee hours of the morning.

Ye Cang and the others boarded a fishing boat after sending Liu Bei and Sun Quan to work. Cao Cao, Zhao Xiangyu, and Fang Tong were left in the house.

As Cao Cao could not stand Zhao Xiangyu's hesitated expression, he went out to the beach with a cigar in his mouth while seeing Liu Bei and Sun Quan going up the stairs to Beach Route, he thought. Am I, Cao Mengde useless when I become an ordinary person?! Impossible!

"Zhongmou, what time do you finish work?"

"At 12midnight I think."

"The bar usually opens in the evening, right? An envoy brought me there once."

"The place I work at is a cafe during the day and a bar at night. The salary is doubled if I work both shifts."

"Sounds good. My work ends at 9 p.m. I'll come to your place to have some fun."

"Wait a minute. Let's get something straight. If you ever do any weird or insane stuff in my place, don't blame me for the consequences."

"For example?"

"Like you having sex with my boss or colleagues…"

"Sun Zhongmou! Am I really that kind of a person?! I, Emperor Liu is never a man like that!"

"You?! Don't bullshit!"

"F*ck off! Stop it already. The train is here. This is our shop's busniess card. Please remember to call us if you need any food delivery.

Reluctantly, Sun Quan took the card.

After they boarded the train, Cao Cao sat down as he came to the open-air platform. He started to think about what he should be doing. Brother Lele told me there is a KenJJ fast food restaurant that hires employees who don't have educational backgrounds. But, am I, the Emperor of Wu, going to serve burgers, french fries, and coke?! What a joke?! But coke is definitely a nice thing to drink… so working there will mean being able to drink it more often.

Upon thinking about it, the Dragon Group sent him a message.

"A mutant assault ranked ‘A’ occurred on Morning Breeze Street, South District, Lin Hai! Assistance is required. Be there ASAP!"

Cao Cao was reluctant to go but he was so bored that he had nothing else to do. With a sigh, he pinned the location and got onto the train. I hate battling and killing the most!

Lin Hai. South District. Morning Breeze Street.

Qing Yun almost died as she never thought that such a serious incident would happen during her plastic surgery. Aren't the backups here yet?! Where's that pervert?!

The banner of Nini's Beauty Salon had been engulfed by a big fire. A blood-red creature was swallowing every living being nearby. Qing Yun could only ask the illusionists to secure the area with the warning thread. Just then, a middle-aged man with a short ponytail and a leopard skin jacket pulled the magic warning thread and walked in. "This is the one?!"

"Don't get close! It's too dangerous!" A member of the Dragon Group shoulders the responsibility of protecting normal citizens. With a body full of wounds, Qing Yun rushed over, wanting to pull Cao Cao away. Seeing Qing Yun coming at him furiously, he almost slashed her into halves with his Heavenly Sword but was stopped by a fading voice asking him to retreat. It should be from her. I think she’s from the Dragon Group too. He reached out to grab her hands, pulled her over and showed her the badge. With a smile, he asked, "Is this the one? Should I kill it or catch it alive? I'm not too sure about it since it is my first mission."

Kill it or catch it alive? Qing Yun's jaw agaped in bewilderment as she stared at the heroic man who had a goat-like beard. She did not know what to reply.

"Then, I'll just kill it." Cao Cao let go of Qing Yun, drew his sword and casually slashed. A red light flashed and the creature's skin was filled with marks that looked like eight-edged stars. Thereafter, Cao Cao kept his sword, smoked a breath of cigarette and left.

As the red light faded, only flesh and ashes were left.

"Qing Yun, hold it another five more minutes! PeerlessNight is having a karaoke session in another city nearby. She’ll be here shortly."

"It’s alright, the creature has been killed. By the way, is this man a member of the Dragon Group? He has a Group 7 honorable member badge."

Staring at the image Qing Yun sent, Ren Long was stunned. Isn't this one of the white-haired cousins? What's his name again? Is he Cao Cao? "How did he kill it?"

"I couldn’t see clearly. I think he just gave a flick of his sword and a bright red light just blinded everyone."

"......" Ren Long was shocked. So that fella has been speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. Even I struggled to go against it. Looks like this lad Cao Cao's capability is better than mine. Where did that fella find such an incredible person? If this man is that strong, doesn't that mean the other two cousins are as powerful?! Damn! Just where the heck are they from?!

Cao Cao got himself on another train journey. Staring at the scenery through the window, he pondered. I should focus on finding a job. I've no other choice. I'll just go to KenJJ. With my ability, it shouldn't be hard.

A message was sent to his phone and he opened it.

"Thank you, Mr. Cao Cao for your assistance. Due to your performance in the mission, here are 10 million federal coins as your allowance. For completing your first mission, you've received a title - Red Hell."

Cao Cao spoke to himself. So, this is what 10 million federal coins look like. I must not let Liu Bei and Sun Quan know about this or else they will look down on me. We agreed on earning money the correct way and not through battling. But still, it's not like I can't use the money. I'll just go to KenJJ to work and go to the places in the North and South District that Brother Lil'White mentioned to have some fun…

Meanwhile, Liu Bei was on his way delivering food with a scooter. Being used to fast motorbike rides in battles, he felt that this was too slow for him so he decided to get down and walk instead.

"Hello? Is this SellMore? I would like to order two medium-well steaks and a bottle of red wine that is of above-average level…" The man hung up and told his girlfriend. "Let's take a shower first."

Just when they had removed their clothes…

"Ding. Ding," the doorbell rang.

"Your delivery is here!" Liu Bei shouted.

"Do you guys deliver instantly?! It's so fast!" The man shouted as he experienced a shock of his life. This is too fast, isn't it?! It’s not even 10 minutes have passed! You need at least a few minutes to cook the steak, don’t you?!

They put their clothes back on in a hurry.

"Our customers’ satisfaction is equivalent to our speed!" Liu Bei served the food professionally. The man stared at Liu Bei's bathrobe. Food delivery men are so into fashion now?! This person is around 30 and above, right? He then quickly gave him a 10-star rating and made him leave.

A random hotel.

Lin Liang who had fulfilled his wish felt empty inside as he had no grudges left. Oh yeah, I haven't had my dinner yet. Staring at SellMore's advertisement on television, Lin Liang picked up the phone and rang the hotline. He simply ordered stuff to fill his stomach and suddenly recalled the battle with Cthulu in the Battle of Holy Spirits. He stood up, walked to the refrigerator while flapping his fan and fetched himself a glass of red wine. Just when the doorbell rang, Lin Liang thought to himself. So fast? His heart sank a little when he opened to see the man in a bathrobe.

When Liu Bei saw the man who opened the door, he was shocked. With a gentle smile, he walked in and locked the door, "Haha. isn't this Kongming?! I can ‘gank’ you… *cough* I meant I've finally met you…"

"Emperor Liu, my lord, let's have a chat…"

"Of course, of course. We'll have a chat. For example, that time when you were an envoy and asked me to defend you from Xiang Yu and Achilles… Come on, let's eat something first. Yo, you look like you're drinking some good stuff that I’ve never tried before… Come on, let's talk it out as we have a glass… "
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