Chapter 85: Emergency at the Mines - Smithing

Chapter 85: Emergency at the Mines - Smithing

Ye Tian brought everyone through the streets and to a smithy. A young blacksmith was hammering down on an anvil, sending Ding~ Dang~ sounds echoing through the room.

“Little girl, you’ve arrived.” He saw Ye Cang behind her, and quickly dropped his hammer to perform a salute. “Sir Director!”

Ye Cang vainly waved his hand, feeling satisfied. “At ease.”

A grizzly haired old man came down from the 2nd floor. He saw Ye Tian and smiled. “Little girl, are these the ones you said could help with the crisis at the mines?”

He saw Ye Cang and his expression immediately became respectful. “So it’s sir director. Sorry to have disturbed you with these trifling matters. This old man is the foreman - Wales.”

“No matter, no matter. Elder Wales, I’ve come to help you deal with the problem. As Really New Village’s Vice Director, it is my duty.” Ye Cang once again revelled in their respect until he was satisfied, then quickly patted his chest and spoke modestly. ThornyRose’s girls all sighed. The title of Really New Village’s second in command has been taken by a scumbag. It felt as if all the good vegetables had been dug up by a pig.

After some hesitation, the old blacksmith sighed. “Then I’ll trouble sir director. Originally we were supplying equipment to the guards, however recently problems have arisen in the northwest mines. We don’t know how, but cave rats, lizards, and other creatures began continuously rushing out. The mayor is already so busy with the blue scaled fishmen alliance and the black werewolves, I really didn’t want to disturb him. Since you’re here, I hope you’ll gather some brave warriors and eradicate all those pests so that the all the blacksmiths and miners can continue working.”

“I understand, I’ll take care of it.” Ye Cang nodded with the temperament of a leader.

“Once things are settled, I will personally create some superior equipment for all of you. Please.” The old blacksmith Wales said respectfully.

“You’re too kind.” Ye Cang felt his back was so straight! So straight, so pleasurable! Lin Le pouted enviously from the side, his right foot constantly rubbing the ground.

FrozenCloud arrived beside Ye Cang and whispered in his ear: “Team leader, ask if he can teach smithing.”

Right, smithing!

“Right. Elder Wales, can you teach smithing?” Ye Cang asked, waving his feathery robe and flinging his short white hair. ThornyRose and the others were all speechless. ‘You don’t have the looks! Although you’re face isn’t bad, you’re just a damn lowlife.’ she thought.

ThornyRose really wanted smithing, but that bastard probably wouldn’t let her be the one to learn it. Looking around, it could be any of Lele, Shaking Bear, or FrozenCloud. She wished in her heart that it would be FrozenCloud that learned it.

“I could, however this old man can only teach one student. Sir director, this old man doesn’t mean to offend, but your physique is not suited to it. This young man however has the perfect body for learning smithing. It’s the young commander.” Old Wales pointed at Zhang ZhengXiong. He arrived beside him and started pinching and squeezing all over the place, while nodding. Then he smiled with a glint in his eyes.

Zhang ZhengXiong had a bad premonition. He looked at the old blacksmith and got goosebumps all over.

ThornyRose sighed but didn’t speak.

“A’Xiong, go ahead. We’ll wait for you outside.” Ye Cang nodded, hinting Zhang ZhengXiong to go learn.

“Ok. Bro, I’m going.” Zhang ZhengXiong followed the old blacksmith into the smithy. The young blacksmith clenched his fist and smiled gratefully. “Finally, someone to share the suffering. Junior brother, good luck.”

After a few minutes, Zhang ZhengXiong’s scream arrived from inside the smithy, followed by old Wales’ abnormal laugh. “Young commander! Why are you running! The art of smithing lies in carefully smelting and rhythmically pounding…”

“Bro, save me!! This old man’s a pervert!!” Zhang ZhengXiong wailed.

“…” Everyone outside the smithy broke out in cold sweat. They couldn’t help shivering as they imagined what was happening inside. They all pretended to not hear anything. Ye Cang crossed his arms and sighed. “A’Xiong, it’s not that I don’t want to save you. Hardship makes you stronger” then he also turned and pretended not to hear. The screams only became louder and louder.

“Brother Lil’Xiong, you can do it…” Lin Le prayed. Little Ye Tian celebrated that it wasn’t her, otherwise she would have embarrassed herself in front of her father.

“The art of mining! Lies in your eyes and hands becoming one. Feel the minerals with your body!” Old Wales’ voice continued to arrive. Zhang ZhengXiong’s screams had become a bit hoarse. Everyone was curious about what was happening.

Half an hour later.

Zhang ZhengXiong came out half naked, showing off his matchless muscle, wearing only his underpants. In one hand was a smithing hammer, the other, a miner’s pick. His two eyes appeared spiritless, and his voice was full of sorrow. “Bro… I’ve learned smithing, mining and smelting.”

“Good. A’Xiong, I’m proud of you!” Ye Cang throw an arm around the despondent Zhang ZhengXiong and said full of pride.

“Brother Lil’Xiong, I knew you could do it!” Lin Le smiled naively. Ye Tian stood on the side and agreed: “Mm!”

ThornyRose and the other looked at Zhang ZhengXiong’s appearance, and broke out in cold sweat. Good thing it wasn’t them. As for smithing, there would be more chances in the future.

Old Wales slowly walked out, looking refreshed. He stretched and smiled. “This young commander is not bad! His physique is wonderful and he’s very talented. However, I’ve already taught you all I could, now it’s all up to your own luck. Afterall, a teacher can only show you the way. Having raised a dependable disciple, this old man can finally retire, and wait for sir director’s good news.”

Seeing the old blacksmith leave, everyone formed a circle, and began to gossip. “What happened?”

Zhang ZhengXiong thought of the things that had just happened to him. He had been burned, tormented, and that perverted laughter… He suddenly began shivering and quickly put on his equipment while putting away his excellent quality hammer and pick. He looked at the curious people that encircled him and shouted: “Go away! Bad luck! F**k! Bro, let’s go do the quest.”

Saying that, he carried his warhammer, put his crystal shield on his back, and immediately walked away.

“I saw it, it was splendid.” A familiar voice murmured. Everyone turned and saw a black clothed man. SpyingBlade!? When did he come?

“What!?” Ye Cang was also curious and quickly inquired. He acted like SpyingBlade’s sudden appearance wasn’t strange at all.

SpyingBlade showed everyone the video he had taken. Everyone gasped, that old man was really a pervert. They all looked at Zhang ZhengXiong’s rear view, then looked back to the video of him tied above the furnace and being roasted like food. On the side, old Wales was masterfully pumping the bellows and roaring: “Feel the heat! Appreciate the heat! This is smithing!! Carefully appreciate it! Ahaha~! Hahaha~!”

“What are you all doing here?” SpyingBlade took back the video and asked them curiously. He had rushed over after hearing Zhang ZhengXiong’s screaming and had no idea what happened before.

“A hidden quest, interested?” Ye Cang who had a good laugh watching the video, returned to his indifferent smile and asked. Little Ye Tian looked at SpyingBlade, analyzing him. This guy was amazing, appearing and disappearing as he pleased.

SpyingBlade slowly nodded. ThornyRose and the others didn’t have any great reaction to SpyingBlade joining. It was just one more familiar expert, and a bit more assurance. Moreover, that guy’s character and reputation were very well known.
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