Chapter 88: Man Eating Cave Rats

Chapter 88: Man Eating Cave Rats

Wu Na knew that the symbol of LinHai was the purple begonia, XinYun’s was the spider lily, the Imperial Capital’s was the Ice Crystal Lily, the Imperial City’s was the Golden Balsam, and ShanLan’s was the black orchid.

Ye Tian took the badges and put them away. Li LiJia looked at the nearby agents from the first and second administrative building and smiled. “I’ll notify you if there’s any matters. You can conveniently pass on the message to the other 3 for me. The 2nd combat test is next month on the 9th, you can participate with them.”

Ye Tian nodded. Li LiJia finished speaking and turned to leave.

Wu Na felt ignored, so was in a rather bad mood. Thinking it over, it was expected, she was just a normal music department student. She should just focus on her band. She thought of Ye Tian graduating in a second, and smiled bitterly.

In the meantime, Ye Cang’s group was selling equipment. Under the instigation of the three, FrozenCloud became the goddess of the handcart. Her appearance while pushing the handcart and hawking equipment garnered quite a the attention, and was uploaded to the web. It received tons of clicks. They sold out very quickly, because the items were good, the prices were fair, and there was a beauty. They became quite famous in Really New Village.

ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and GreenDew watched the video and broke out in cold sweat.

“I told you your sister would be turned stupid by them.” ThornyRose murmured.

“But she looks pretty happy.” FrozenBlood smiled.

“Eh, how? Look, her smile is all stiff.” GreenDew pointed at her expression.

Ye Cang counted their earnings. About 10 gold coins. Not bad. He looked at FrozenCloud, who was on the web wanting to dig a hole for herself, and patted her shoulder gratefully. “Good job, in the future you can be in charge of pushing the handcart and selling.”

“Well done.” Lin Le said earnestly while on his tiptoes.

Zhang ZhengXiong smiled and smacked his warhammer on his shield. “I also helped.”

FrozenCloud felt like she had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. Hearing their praise, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart. Was this some sort of punishment? Acting as a spy was really not something ordinary people could handle. She sighed deeply.

Wu Na and Ye Tian returned to the apartment, and entered the game. After describing what happened, Ye Cang and the other’s froze. Ye Tian had actually become a postgraduate student. FrozenCloud was even more astonished. Was this the legendary idiot father and genius daughter? She became even more curious about their situation. It seems as if they lived and ate together.

“She really has my wisdom…” Ye Cang proudly petted Little Ye Tian’s head, and said while watching her happy expression.

“Little Tian, you’ve lived up to Brother Le’s expectations…” Lin Le proudly nodded.

Zhang ZhengXiong also couldn’t help smiling. FrozenCloud rolled her eyes. Even if their three IQs were added together, it would probably still be less than hers. She actually guessed correctly.

“Ok, after the mission, let’s celebrate! Let’s go meet up with the others.” Ye Cang indifferently smiled.

“Mm!” Little Ye Tian nodded happily. She smiled sincerely like a little girl.

Town entrance.

Ye Cang saw that SpyingBlade, ThornyRose and the girls, as well as NalanMoon were already there. He waved and called out to them.

SpyingBlade heard Ye Cang’s voice, and opened his eyes. He saw the five people had finally arrived…

“Dammit, making us wait for so long!” ThornyRose grumbled. Ye Cang smiled, embarrassed. “Sorry Madam, we had some things to take care of.”

“Everyone’s here, let’s hurry and complete this hidden quest.” NalanMoon said emotionlessly.

Ye Cang smiled and nodded. “Since everyone is ready, let’s go.”

Everyone left the village heading towards the northwest, following the old blacksmith’s directions. They arrived at a logging site with many players around. Most of them were here doing daily quests to gain experience and prestige. It was a steady and safe training area.

The party circled around the logging site and entered a hilly area. From here on, it became more dangerous. Birds of prey often appear in groups. Usually, a few parties would have to join together to handle them, but for Ye Cang’s party who were outfitted in the best equipment, it wasn’t a big deal. They saw that there wasn’t far to go. After a few more hills, the mine appeared before everyone’s eyes. It was at the bottom of a hill, and there were a few guards standing by the entrance. Seeing Ye Cang arrive, they saluted respectfully. “Sir Director!”

“We’ve come to settle the problem inside. What’s the situation?” Ye Cang inquired.

“Extremely dangerous, the workers must have dug up an underground monster nest. Sir Director, be careful. We’ll be here if you need us.” The guards parted to allow them to pass and warned them.

“I know.” Ye Cang brought everyone and directly entered. The system prompted him asking if he would like to enter the instance. Yes.

They entered, one after another, into the dusky mine tunnels. Every few meters there would be a torch on the wall. As they went deeper into the tunnel, some of the torches were unlit, which severely lowered their field of view. Ye Cang’s eye’s faintly flickered with light as he walked at the very front. They began to smell a bloody stench that got stronger the deeper they went. Everyone couldn’t help frowning.

They saw that nearby, the tunnel opened up into a room.

Ye Cang signalled that he would go in to scout first. He cautiously went in, and swept his eyes through the room. The inside was very spacious. On both the left and right were wooden stairs that lead down. In all directions, there were wooden supports and planks so that the workers could mine. At the bottom, a few rat like creatures were gnawing on a corpse. Although they looked like rats, they were as big as cows.

Man Eating Cave Rats (Beast - Elite): Often found in caves and mines. Their attacks are strong.

Ye Cang saw that the blood had yet to solidify, so the corpse should have just died recently. He slowly backed out of the room, and quietly whispered: “There are stairs leading downwards at the entrance to the left and right. The inside is very spacious, about 40 square meters. There are 5 big rats eating a corpse. Prepare for battle.”

NalanMoon raised her brows. He could see in the dark? She looked inside and couldn’t see past 5 meters. This guy could not only see so far, but could even tell the enemies appearance and numbers. Sure enough, there’s something out of the ordinary about him.

“FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, NalanMoon, and myself will take the left. Shaking Bear, Lil’Dino, Lin Le, on the right. GreenDew, Lowlife, Little Tian, provide ranged support. Later, let’s throw our torches in to increase our field of view as much as possible. Let’s go.” ThornyRose quickly directed. She brought 3 people and went down the left stairway. Zhang ZhengXiong, FrozenCloud, and Lin Le made their way to the right.

Ye Tian took a few torches and slowly entered. She observed a bit, and although she couldn’t see very far, she used Ye Cang’s description and quickly calculated, forming a map of the room in her head. She began to calculate the optimal placements for the torches in order to allow them to see as much of the room as they could. It only took her a moment, she quickly threw a few torches into the room, and a few sources of light were added to the pitch-black darkness. This allowed everyone to see, but it also alerted the large rats that were in the middle of eating. Under the torchlight, their eyes glinted ominously as they looked at the stairway and started galloping over.
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