Chapter 91: Treasurer Little Tian

Chapter 91: Treasurer Little Tian

Little Ye Tian looked at everyone’s hesitation. Her father pinched his eyebrows looked very displeased. She took a bowl, and shouted in her heart: ‘For father!!’ and began chugging it.

Everyone immediately felt ashamed. Even a little girl dared to try it.

Ye Cang and the other two watched Little Ye Tian’s bravery, and were moved. “Little Tian…”

Ye Tian finished the bowl, and stumbled towards Ye Cang with a smile. She began losing her strength, and couldn’t hold herself up anymore. She fell to her knees, one hand on her stomach, her expression one of extreme agony. She reached out her other shivering hand towards Ye Cang. As her vision became blurry, she clasped her fingers. It was like she was at death’s door and wanted to hold her father one last time. Her two eyes closed and she fell onto the ground ‘dead’.

Everyone gasped. Ye Cang’s group of 3 couldn’t help looking at Ye Tian’s ‘corpse’ and howled. “Little Tian!!!”

FrozenCloud hurried to escape, but she was grasped by Ye Cang who dragged her over. “We can’t let Little Tian die alone! As brothers, we must share happiness and sorrows!!”

“I understand! Bro!” Zhang ZhengXiong took a bowl and began eating. Lin Le also followed. Ye Cang nodded gratefully, took his own bowl, and began eating. FrozenCloud hesitated. Well dying was just dying. She pinched her nose and took the bowl Ye Cang handed her. The four of them leaned against each other. Before they fell unconscious, they seemed to have seen a hallucination and smiled.

“Good brothers.” Ye Cang said, eternally grateful.

“In this life.” Zhang ZhengXiong smiled.

“Not… What comes next?” Lin Le felt his death coming, and wanted to continue it, but couldn’t think of the next line.

“Not… In the next.1” FrozenCloud said, and collapsed.

“Lil’Dino!!” The three cried out, sorrowfully.

“Bro, I’ll be leaving first.” Zhang ZhengXiong felt his vision becoming dark and he collapsed loudly.

“A’Xiong!” “Brother Lil’Xiong!” Ye Cang and Lin Le cried out mournfully again.

At the side, the others felt a chill watching this scene. Did they have to act so sentimental? Weren’t they just in a game?

“Brother Lil’White, Lele… Lele can’t go on. Gyaaah!!” Lin Le died rather tragically. He screamed like a bad dub of a bandit who was slain in battle.

“Lele!!” Ye Cang howled and then passed out. The five of them fell in a pile. It was a rather touching scene.

The remaining 5 people looked at the contents in the pot, with no way to retreat. SpyingBlade leapt over, took a bowl and drank it. Not long after, he powerlessly fell backwards, and hit the ground. He looked up, his eyes filled with longing and unwillingness. “I think I see her.”

“Goodbye, there’s nothing more I can do…” SpyingBlade said and then closed his eyes. His expression looked serene.

“The thing in this pot should have a chance of causing hallucinations.” FrozenBlood saw that each person had reacted differently.

“Hurry and eat. I’d rather die than let those guys look down on me.” ThornyRose gnashed her teeth and said. She imagined them waking up and discovering that she hadn’t eaten it. They would definitely mock and ridicule her. Even if she had to die, she can’t let that damn lowlife look down on her. The two woman dragged GreenDew, who was crying for her mom and dad, and ate while enduring the stink.

“I’ll definitely get married before I’m 30…” ThornyRose smiled and closed her eyes.

“Ditto…” FrozenCloud raised her brows and agreed, then passed out.

“Like.” GreenDew said with lifeless eyes. She felt like a woman who had just been sexually assaulted.

All that was left was NalanMoon who didn’t know what to do. Should she eat? Not eat? It gave such a good buff, she couldn’t not eat it! Eat? Her scalp tingled, and her heart told her: ‘Cherish yourself.’ But in the end, she still took a bowl and ate it. She smiled painfull and fell to the ground. “PureSoul, sister will always protect you.”

A couple minutes later, their souls returned to their bodies. They shivered as the got up. Ye Cang put away the remaining half pot. “The system said I received some immunity. Next time it won’t be so bad.”

NalanMoon looked at the others with a complicated expression. They were too disgraceful.

ThornyRose and the others received the system message and felt a bit better. But then they broke out in cold sweat, feeling sorrow and hopelessness. Have they already fallen so low? “Let’s go while we have the buff. Hurry and loot the bodies, distributed the loot, and continue exploring.

They received 7 Excellent equipment and 3 skillbooks: Rejuvenating Light, Double Strike, Heavy Strike.

ThornyRose and NalanMoon both sighed. Instance dungeon loot were certainly generous. FrozenCloud got a pair of rat leather boots. Zhang ZhengXiong also got a new pair of boots. Ye Tian got Rejuvenating Light. Double strike that appeared again was taken by SpyingBlade. As for Heavy Strike, under Zhang ZhengXiong incessant urging, Ye Cang bought it for him. The rest of the items were distributed among the rest of the party.

Rejuvenating Light (Beginner Level): Hum a note (Almost instantaneous), and heal the target for 1 health every 2 seconds. Increases with attributes. Holy classes gain a bonus. Lasts 16 seconds. Cooldown: 8 Seconds. Cost: 5 Mana.

“Why don’t we roll?” NalanMoon asked puzzled. Every item was bid on, otherwise it was distributed to benefit the team.

“You don’t want to know.” ThornyRose smiled mysteriously.

“What’s that mean?” NalanMoon asked, still puzzled.

“It doesn’t matter. Just know there’s a reason for it.” SpyingBlade stepped up and said seriously. NalanMoon believed SpyingBlade more. Although she didn’t understand, but she continue didn’t asking. Every team had their rules.

ThornyRose didn’t care to explain. She thought of the future where PaleSnow, herself, and the Freedom Alliance would cooperate. If they had to roll for something, they could send out the humanoid dice alien Lele. This way, they could catch them off guard at least two or three times, and depress them to death. Just imagining it made her feel much better.

FrozenBlood looked at ThornyRose and couldn’t help smiling. She definitely didn’t have good intentions. She looked over and saw Ye Cang’s group was checking the ores.

“Little Tian, I’m giving you an important mission.” Ye Cang smiled as he petted her head.

“What mission?” Little Ye Tian asked happily. The earlier trial by fire was effective! Her father was giving her a mission, and it’s even an important one. She jumped for joy.

“Here, besides me, you’re the smartest. Your arithmetics, according to Nana, is also really good. But don’t become complacent, got it? Ok, this is our little team’s funds. It includes…” Ye Cang spoke till there, and looked towards the others who were listening secretly. He quickly pulled Little Ye Tian closer and whispered in her ear: “You need to keep it safe. From now on, you’re the treasurer!”

“I understand, father! Leave it to me, I won’t let you down!” Little Ye Tian said feeling extremely happy. She felt Ye Cang’s trust and felt needed. She seriously nodded her head.

FrozenCloud rolled her eyes. ‘What do you mean besides yourself, Little Tian was the smartest! The first part was unnecessary! Can you have some self awareness! Hah~’

“Brother Lil’White, I’m the smartest.” Lin Le pouted and complained.

“Whats 100 times 100!” Ye Cang shouted.

“100 times 100, let me count… One and one makes two, 10… 5… 20… So it’s 3?” Lin Le counted on his fingers, then gave his answer.

“10,000” Ye Tian finally got back some of her self-confidence after continuously losing at Ludo. However, wasn’t this too simple?

“Really?” Lin Le asked doubtfully.

FrozenCloud covered her forehead and sighed. So it seems the math levels from last time were real. Getting a treasurer was a must. But hower in the world did 100 x 100 become 3?

TN: Ye Tian, such a good girl <3. Looked like she’s turning into a support type character. Wonder what Wu Na will be then?

1: Good brothers in this life, not in the next: Means something like you should treasure your brothers while you can… I think.
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