Chapter 99: Skillbook - Rock Spikes

Chapter 99: Skillbook - Rock Spikes

SpyingBlade again stuck to the lizard boss, his hooked blade flashing like a shadow. Ye Cang’s precise shot along with GreenDew’s magic missiles whistled through the air and ended its life.

“Congratulations. You’ve slain the Rock Lizard Boss - Olamus. Received 960 experience.”

Hearing the system message, everyone sighed in relief. The nearby FrozenCloud quickly intercepted Ye Cang who was making a break for the lizard bosses. FrozenBlood thought not good and also ran over. SpyingBlade was like a goalkeeper watching over the lizard corpses, he sheathed his weapon and made a Taichi gesture. “Come!”

“Humph~.” Ye Cang suddenly bypassed FrozenCloud’s charge and jumped over FrozenBlood’s sliding tackle. He sneered, I won’t be intercepted every time. He looked at SpyingBlade. This will decide victory or defeat!!!

A silhouette flew over. ThornyRose had charged over to intercept him, and tackled Ye Cang who was still in the air from jumping over FrozenBlood. She held onto him tightly as they hit the ground. SpyingBlade sighed in relief. The evil aura that guy had when he wanted to loot corpses was not normal. That sort of abnormal attachment, it made people break out in cold sweat.

NalanMoon stood in place, her head full of questions. What happened? What are they doing? She was unable to understand.

Little Ye Tian looked over and sighed. Father has been intercepted, looks like his divine hand has been sealed again. Due to Ye Cang’s brainwashing, she believed him without a doubt.

“Crazy old lady, release me!!” Ye Cang said looking at Lin Le who was running to the corpses. He reached out his hand trying to reach them.

ThornyRose was prepared this time. She tightly held onto his waist. However even like this, Ye Cang’s butt was like a worm, squirming around in her face.

NalanMoon sighed. Did they have to be so crazy every time. Zhang ZhengXiong looked at his own hand, why didn’t he inherit the curse. He looked over at GreenDew. “I’m going to go loot the queen! You’re not going to go stop me!? I won’t lose to my bro when to comes to being unlucky! I’m really going to loot it!!!”

“…” GreenDew glared at him. Pitiful playboy. Then she looked away, not giving him anymore attention.

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed. He looked into the light of the crystals, in thought. Where are my lucky encounters…

Lin Le indifferently looted the lizard boss’s corpse, grabbing a few things. Then he turned to the queen and looted a few more things. The whole thing seemed as leisurely as if he was taking a walk to second base, and then due to there being no third base, he went directly to home - in front of Ye Cang and ThornyRose. “Brother Lil’White, Sister Rose, we got a heavy shoulder plate, a heavy belt, light leather gloves, a longsword, as well as a skillbook.”

ThornyRose released Ye Cang and took the equipment. The heavy shoulder, belt and longsword; three items which she really wanted, but she knew she could only have one of either the shoulder or belt. She decided to let him pick first. She looked towards Zhang ZhengXiong. “The shoulders or the belt, which one do you pick?”

Zhang ZhengXiong decisively chose the shoulder plate, since he didn’t have one yet. ThornyRose nodded, he didn’t have one yet, while she had an excellent one. She swapped her belt with the new one she could barely equip. FrozenCloud didn’t participate because she already had a masterwork quality belt.

Olamus’ Back (Masterwork - Rare)

Category: Heavy Shoulder

Requirements: 30 Constitution, 20 Strength

+6 Defence

+5 Constitution

+3 Strength

Olamus’ Rock Skin: Activate to reduce the damage of the next incoming attack by 20%. Cooldown: 1 hour.

ThornyRose sighed, it was really a top quality shoulder plate. It even had a damage reduction ability. However, this belt was also good, it had a fixed damage reduction. It couldn’t even be compared to her old belt.

“I currently don’t need the gloves.” Ye Cang sighed. He failed to loot again.

ThornyRose nodded. She let NalanMoon, FrozenCloud, FrozenBlood, and SpyingBlade roll for it. Lin Le currently didn’t need new gloves, so he didn’t even consider it. Moreover it would be a bit of a waste to give it to him. In the end, FrozenCloud got it.

All that was left was the longsword and the skillbook. They examined the skillbook.

Rock Spikes (2nd rank magic - Rare): Chant 3 lines (3 seconds), and cause three rock spikes to emerge in a target area. Each dealing 25 damage. Has a chance to knock up or stun on hit. Cose: 12 mana. Cooldown: 1 minute.

“This skillbook…” ThornyRose looked between GreenDew and Ye Cang, then sighed. “Let’s bid. Start at 3 gold.”

“3 gold.” NalanMoon was bidding for NalanBeauty who was a mage. Moreover, control skills were always in demand.

“4 gold.” ThornyRose wanted to get it for GreenDew. Afterall, she was a core member of her guild who was in the same town as her.

“6 gold.” Ye Cang directly and tyranically jumped the price.

“Can we pay in real money?” NalanMoon asked with a frown.

“For items like this, it’s best to stick to using gold. After all, we’re not companions and we’re all from different backgrounds. Moreover, you’re not a mage, we can’t give you priority.” ThornyRose also really wanted to pay in real money, but even then she might not be able to get it. That guy had too much gold. To bleed too much to get this, it wasn’t practical nor was it worth it.

“Pass.” NalanMoon nodded. She didn’t complain. Not to mention that she wasn’t a mage, this party had two spellcasters. Well one of them was a spellcaster that wasn’t really a spellcaster.

“7 gold.” ThornyRose continued bidding.

“8 gold.” Ye Cang said, not letting up.

“9 gold.” ThornyRose said, clenching her teeth.

“10 gold.” Ye Cang shrugged indifferently. Afterall, he had money.

Little Ye Tian leaned over and whispered. “Father, go directly to 20 gold. After distributing the money, we’ll only have pay 10 gold. If she can still bid after that, then let her have it. After all, if we pay out more than that, it won’t be worth it. There will be many skillbooks in the future. Although we have a lot, there will be a lot of uses for it in the next town. We should conserve as much as possible.”

Ye Cang thought of Little Ye Tian’s words, and faintly nodded.

ThornyRose furrowed her brows. She didn’t know what that girl said. She had probably analyzed this skillbook’s market value, and had given him an accurate limit. She continued to bid. “11 gold.”

“20 gold.” Ye Cang retaliated. What you get for biting my butt!

“You!” ThornyRose resisted the urge to slap him. “Pass.”

Ye Cang took the skillbook and gave her 10 gold to distribute to everyone. He only needed a few strong magics, after all, he wasn’t an orthodox spellcaster. Moreover, magic to him was just a way to increase the number of things he could do in battle. Although this skill was not bad, but it would be better to save it for Nana, otherwise she’d complain when she arrives. He put it away with a smile.

ThornyRose saw that he didn’t immediately learn it. What was he saving it for? But she didn’t ask. Finally, they bid for the brown longsword. In the end, she won it for 6 gold, and equipped it. Although it hurt her wallet, she was still somewhat satisfied. Mainly because this sword had a pretty good passive petrification ability, and it even gave defence. It was a rare defensive weapon.

TN: That battle took forever…
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