109 The Second Job 4

So Jake went to Joseph's house, and when he got there the maid immediately took him to Oliver's office, it seemed that Oliver was already waiting for him.

"I was thinking about how to call you here without having to call your house, glad you came on time."

"Did you get what I asked for?"

"I have, I already talked to the accounting firm that I work with and they are already ready to work with you, it's just you take the reports on the financial transactions for them and the company solves everything."

"But I do not think I'm going to have to discuss this with you, but with your assistant, the daughter of one of my father's friends is 25 years old and just graduated and took a lawyer's license a few months ago."

"Her name is Emily, and she has quarreled with her father and mother who wants to be independent and live from her own work, but in fact, she still lives with her parents, so you just have to pay a meaningful amount to her and she goes work as your lawyer and assistant. "

"How did you get her to work for me?"

"I talked to her father, Emily has always been good at university and is very responsible so her father is afraid she will end up in a big law firm like mine and stay forever working for someone else."

"But he thinks you're just joking, so your daughter would never have thoughts of continuing to work as a lawyer with you for a few years."

"So you fooled her father? Of course, after she's worked for me for a few years she's going to be very successful, I just hope this Emily does not stop working with me after she's succeeded."

"I did not fool her father, I said that you were very responsible and that you could succeed, and he said that if you were successful it was better because your daughter would still work for one person only what is better than working for one firm."

"What her father is worried about is that her daughter who has everything she needs at home ends up working too hard for a company expecting a promotion and never has its value recognized."

So Jake understood more or less the situation, Emily's father was afraid that without needing her to end up working for others for life as Jake did in his past life if so, it was better than Emily open a law firm with his father's money.

But to open a successful firm does not only need money but also experience, so her dad wants Emily to get experience with Jake and then open a firm for her.

And if she succeeds being Jake's assistant then there would be no reason for her to stop working for him.

"When can I talk to her then?"

"Tomorrow, you can trust her and anything I keep my eye on."

Jake trusted Oliver if Oliver trusted her, so should he, Jake did not really want to waste much time before he started to invest.

So the other day a woman of 1.76 tall because of the high heel entered the restaurant, she had black eyes as well as her shoulder-length hair, a body with good proportions and beautiful glasses, she was very beautiful and had the image of a secretary in Jake's mind.

Soon this woman was taken to Jake's desk, it must have been Emily, and after a while, she arrived, Jake stood up to receive her.

"Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Emily, and I'm the lawyer Mr. Oliver has recommended to work with you as an assistant."

"Hi, Emily, my name as you should know is Jake and I wanted to know if it's okay with you to work as my assistant because if you're being forced by your father, work can be complicated in the future."

"No, although I know that my father was also very happy that I was working with you and not a firm, I accepted that job myself, after all, I heard that you intend to be a basketball player and that you already have sponsorship, and also wants to work with investments."

"So I think in a few years working with you I can get enough experience and I can also see a bit like Oliver work to learn something, I also do not want to start working in a firm where I can not do anything for years and also I do not want to depend on my father to succeed."

Jake liked Emily's honesty, he was really worried that he might have a lot of work to do during those years, so it's best if Emily really wants to work because only then can he have what he wants.

"Okay then, I liked you so you're hired, I can not pay you a high salary in the early years, then your salary will be $ 6,000 if you accept."

It was a larger salary than she expected from Jake's situation and age, Jake knew Emily did not need a high salary, but Jake would take at least 8 years until she could raise her salary, so he gave as much as he could.

"I accept."

"Okay then, get a notepad and pen and always take it with you."

So Jake gave him a notepad that looked more like a calendar and a pen and handed to Emily, he needs her to start working as soon as possible so he would not lose money after Emily picked up the notebook Jake spoke again.

"I want you to prepare a document along with Oliver so that you can open a small investment firm as my representative, put Oliver's name in addition to mine and yours."

"The name of the company will be" JK Investments "and will allow you to move the money on my behalf."

"I'm going to give you 250,000 dollars, you're going to take that money and invest everything in the Cisco company, after that you're going to send a copy of that contract and the documents of those actions to the accounting firm and another copy to Oliver."

Emily was surprised by the size of this investment, $ 250,000 worth of shares in a company show how much Jake has confidence in the growth of this company, at the same time showed that Jake really wanted to work seriously.

"After that I want you to always check the movements of these actions, I think after the whole process is complete I will not need you for a few years, so if you want to do something else you can tell me."

Emily was surprised again, but soon understood, her job is to analyze the investments, so as long as Jake did not move these actions she would have nothing to do, but even so, he needed an assistant because otherwise, he would have to spend several weeks running behind it.

So Jake went to his house after talking to Emily, working with stock seemed simple, but it was because Jake had knowledge about the future, actually it's really simple like that, you choose a company, choose the amount to be invested and pay that amount , then just know the right time to sell.

Of course as Jake said there would be other things Emily would have to do in those years, what Jake meant by assistant was forever that he needed he would have a preference.

After a week in late September of 1992, Emily appeared again to inform Jake that he had managed to buy just over 6,000 shares for $ 40 with the $ 250,000 Jake, he was very pleased.

He was in a hurry because one thing that companies did several times at this time to have more investment was to divide the shares, this did not cause any loss to those who had invested before, and as people were more uninformed in a few months the action returned to the previous value.

Jake wanted to invest before the company made too many divisions, so he could earn more.

After that, the months passed quickly and soon he was coming to Jake's vacation again, at school Jake and Joseph had the best grades in the room as ever, now Jake had to pay more attention in class because he had many things he did not know now.

Clara and Tiffany had hardly spoken to Jake these months, it seemed they had discovered several mistakes in the companies that had to be corrected when he spoke to Oliver it seemed that the companies were also preparing for future investments as well.

Jake was happy for them, Eric had also done very well in the Olympics and now he was covering the NBA, Eva was fine as always and only he who had not done many things this year, this showed him how important basketball was in his life, without playing he had nothing to do.

Of course, he always trained when he could, but without playing on the court with other people he had no way of knowing how much better.

Jake also got a little sad when he learned that the basketball team had won the state championship and would play the national championship early next year, it seemed that this year's team did not really need Jake to win the games.

So Jake was happy that the school team had won the state championship, but he was sad because with that the coach managed to show that he was right in his high rule and also that Jake was not needed in the team this year.
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