110 The Time Goes 1

Of course, Jake knew that this year's Elite team was always a favorite to start with as the current champions of the national championship, but even so, he was sad about it.

Jake also knew that although the team is doing well this year, next year this team of champions will graduate this year, and for the next year the Elite team will not have a good base, so Jake saw in training the players who should be the surrogates of this champion team are his former Middle School classmates.

But Jake did not remember seeing any good PG among the players in training, and even if the coach called Jake he would have to go back on his word since he said that Jake would not play on his team in any position other than SG that the coach wanted.

So Jake thought that this success was temporary, but even if the team was going badly he still would not have room for him with this coach, so Jake was waiting to see if something changed in those years and if nothing changed he would cancel the contract he had to stay in school until college and move to another school.

Jake did not want to do this, after all, it would be a lot of disregard for Joseph who followed him to study at this school, he could not be dragging his friend around changing schools just because a problem arose.

So Jake just had to see how things would develop over the next few years to make his decision, now that the holidays were over, it was time for Jake to have his annual trip with his mother.

This year they would travel to Italy, Jake called in advance this year to the travel agency since he was in the freest time, as always Jake already told the phones of the hotels to the agency and they only needed to prepare the tickets and reservations , and so the agency got from Jake another travel script.

So when Jake's vacation came he warned all his acquaintances that they would be out of the country for a few weeks, everyone was already accustomed to it, only Emily who was a little surprised.

Eva was also used to it, she was happy when Jake said they would go to Italy this year, despite being a simple woman and not having many different experiences in life, Eva easily got used to this annual routine of world travel.

After all things like that mark a person's life, now Eva did not even remember that in the beginning, she accepted these trips just so that Jake would master the language she was studying, she only liked the trips.

As Jake had thought after a few years not having to worry too much about things and getting rid of the depression that had affected her life for years, Eva was now slowly changing her perspective on life and personality, now she tended more to accept the things without caring so much about the consequences.

The trip began with them going to Milan which was the world's fashion city, Jake had not visited Milan in his past life, but he wanted to show this city to his mother.

There they visited the Duomo which is the third largest church in the world in Gothic style, after which they saw the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery which was a nearby attraction.

But Jake did not want to go to Milan so much for the attractions and took the time to stroll around the city with Eva, in places like this just to be in the city where you heard so many times already brings joy to people.

The next city they visited was Verona, which was the city where Romeo and Juliet's story was going. Jake recalled that his mother was very fond of reading this story.

Afterwards, they went to Venice where they saw several incredible places, it was different to see a city where people thought about boats, Jake and Eva took a boat trip through the rivers of the city as well.

After Jake took Eva to Bologna, there is no way to travel around Italy and not enjoy the wonderful food of that country.

Afterwards, they went to Florence which was a city in which just walking along the streets you can breathe art, so also know one of the great historical cities of Italy.

Then they passed quickly to see the tower of Pisa and soon they went to Rome where they would be until the end of the trip after all Rome was a place where one could stay several days quietly.

First, they went to the Colosseum where they saw one of the most famous places in the world, Jake did not even find anything interesting in the place beyond history, but Eva found everything incredible, so it was worth visiting those places.

Then they went to the Vatican where they were fascinated by the grandeur of the place, especially the Basilica of St. Peter, a place that deserved reverence.

Then they just strolled through the city for the rest of the holiday, then it was Jake's birthday day when he was 14, now Jake felt that his second phase of childhood and adolescence was faster than in his previous life.

But Jake had to admit that he preferred these little more than 3 years of living in this life which was his second chance than the 40 years of his past life, though one might say that Jake had some success in his past life and did what wanted.

Without a family and people, you like to share make it all feel empty and meaningless, now Jake had a lot more people who cared about him than in his entire life.

In addition, Jake could also feel that his mother was having the life he always deserved, sometimes Jake thought that his second chance was also the chance that Jake wanted to correct his mistakes and give a good life to his mother and the people with which he cared.

After a nice trip, it was time for Jake to come home, he had to go back to school and also keep training for when he could play again, he could be on the same level as the best high school players.

But Jake could feel that he was improving much slower now, so he could tell that it was crazy his thinking that at the age of 16 he could have the ability to play in the NBA.

He was a real person and could see that his only and greatest talent for being a professional player was his 2 and 3 shots, but Jake still doubted if that would be enough to be an NBA player.

After all, he has a skill that is superior to his age in the shots out because he trained more than 10 years in his past life, and even then he did not think he was any better than any NBA player.

[You're charging too much Jake, maybe if you did not have me you would not be the biggest star in the NBA with just your talent, but you have to remember that there's no such thing in this world as you missed the chance to play in his past life even with his talent.]

[Many people could also have a talent for being the best basketball player of all time, but they chose to have another profession in life, anything can happen, so there are many who have been lucky enough to become stars because they have been trained by excellent coaches.]

[You were not fortunate enough to have a great coach, too, but you've had more than 10 years of training in your past life, so Jake takes that chance and become the great player you've always wanted to be.]

[As for the subject of your skills I'll tell you one more thing, even if you had the same skills and the same physical stats as an NBA player you could not do the same as that player.]

[Your body is not yet fully developed, so even with your physical statistics you are still a child, so do not think too much about it, it is only after your 16 years that you can begin to compare yourself to a professional player, developed, but its height will continue to increase.]

[So to know what your 3-point shot will look like, you have to wait a few more years, after all, you will have to adjust many things in those two years to create your own style.]

After hearing this from the system he felt better, really the world has never been fair to everyone, to begin with, many people with lousy personalities are born into wealthy families and face no difficulties in life while other people starve to death every day.

Many of these people who die every day unfairly could have made the world better if they had the right opportunities, so Jake stopped feeling inferior and promised himself once again that he will be a great basketball player in the future.

Without Jake knowing the system was analyzing his body and mentality all this time to help Jake improve, so the system knew that Jake had released a kind of blockage that had in his mind at that time that prevented him from improving quickly.

The mind of a human is something incredible, even with Jake having everything to improve and become an incredible player if his mind thought otherwise would prevent him from improving in the future.

And Jake felt inferior to other players he knew he could face in the future, and also felt guilty for playing better than the others now just because he had the help of the system, now that Jake had freed himself from that thought he was free to explore the potential.
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