118 Relationship Problems 1

"I think that's impossible, I've never done anything wrong to anyone in this school, people might want to avoid me, but I do not see any reason why someone does not like me."

"I also do not know why, I just know that when I said I wanted to introduce you to her, she said that she already knew you and did not like you very much and that's why I did not introduce her to you."

"And so that was what was so important that you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah, I do not think things can go on like this, so I want you to see what you might have done wrong and try to get on with it."

"Joseph, I think I've told you this before your friend and your girlfriend need not necessarily get along, just what needs to happen is that we do not quarrel with each other near you."

"So if you already know that she does not like me do not introduce us, I do not even want to know who your girlfriend is, just tell her that no matter what crazy reason she does not like me she will not come and talk to me."

"I'm your friend and I have no interest in being your girlfriend's friend either, so let's keep things the way they are."

In fact, Jake had found it a bit strange after all, he almost did not talk to anyone, let alone give cause for anger at him, so before Joseph had started dating Jake had said that just to reassure his friend and also because he knew he did not have any person he was particularly against.

But since it happened Jake still held the same opinion, if Joseph's girlfriend did not like him much did not matter he was a friend of Joseph and did not want to be friends with his girlfriend too, in addition, they were in school and did not have many reasons to Jake ended up getting close at the moments that Joseph was with his girlfriend after all Jake would be the one that would end up being left.

"But I wanted you two to get along, so I could rest easy."

"So I'm sorry to tell you my friend, but you're being selfish in this case, it's not just because you want something that will really happen and especially in relationships between people if your girlfriend for some reason does not like me I do not think best to force this."

"And if even after what I said you still insist on it I would recommend that you talk to your girlfriend and not me about it, after all, I said that I did nothing for anyone and also there is no one whom I do not like here, you have to convince your girlfriend to forget what she has and come and talk to me."

Jake understood why Joseph came to him today, Joseph wanted Jake to have done something wrong for him to apologize, but Jake did not do anything wrong for what he remembered and not for a friend would he recognize something he did not do and apologize to satisfy someone's madness.

So if Joseph wanted Jake to get along with his girlfriend, who would have to compromise would be his girlfriend, not Jake.

So Joseph was a little annoyed after finishing the conversation in a way different from what he expected Jake did not feel sorry for, he was a friend of Joseph, but that was not why he would do everything his friend asked.

After this Jake continued doing his usual things, in the intervals he still talked to Joseph normally and they did not touch on the subject of Joseph's girlfriend, Jake had often seen situations that a friend's girlfriend does not like the other friend, but he never thought it would happen to him.

But it was just like Jake had said, they were at school and if they did not get along, there was no reason for them to force themselves to meet.

Jake would still often go to Joseph's house to talk and play chess with Oliver, but they never talked about Joseph, just once Oliver asked Jake if there was anything wrong going on at school and Jake said he did not, should be after Oliver realized that Joseph's notes had fallen.

But Jake did not lie at all, he did not think Joseph would start dating was classified as a bad thing that happened at school, and in fact, Jake knew that Joseph was not very intelligent and so he had to study two or three times what your colleagues to get the best grades in the room.

And after starting dating, it's not as if Joseph stopped studying and rather that he went on to study the same as the others normally, so Jake thought that was right, he did not want to see his friend stressing for nothing.

Jake also sometimes talked to Emily to find out how things were, Emily said that she was still doing work normally since Jake did not need her always, Emily's father also liked Jake because Emily being Jake's assistant she could not work in any law firm.

And Emily also gained more recognition after starting to work with stocks and thus got jobs more easily, she also got more experience with these jobs too, and Emily always checked the progress of Jake's investments, so he was very pleased.

The time passed quickly and soon they were arriving at Jake's end of year vacation and his trip with Eva, Jake would go to Germany this year, and this would be the last trip of the normal script planned by him, as Jake knew it was not only late 1 year to master a language he would have to travel to another place by the end of the year.

The Tiffany and Clara companies were successful with their store openings in Spain too, they managed to open more stores in the country after that and planned to expand to the rest of Europe later.

Eva still kept going whenever she could for cooking classes, and Jake would sometimes as well and their friendship with Anna was getting deeper and deeper, Jake still hoped that Anna could discover her mother's dream, but Eva did not really count after these years.

Jake also received the news that the basketball team had won the state championship and was not too surprised, from what they knew of their former Middle School teammates it was normal that they could reach the national championship at the very least.

But Jake thought they could not win the national championship this year, after all, they are all good and with that competition had not as an incomplete team to win.

And so in this situation Jake prepared his trip to Germany with his mother, he got all the hotels again and the rest needed for the trip and the agency just prepared the tickets and made the reservations.

After that year studying Jake could finally say that he had mastered the German language, in the next few years he would try to learn the Japanese language and then the Russian language, then he had no interest in any other language.

And so Jake went on his trip with Eva, as Jake had said he learned German for liking the same language, no other reason, but the trips he made to Europe that he liked the most went to Germany.

Of course, the biggest reason was that Jake did not like to see the heritage sites or care about the sights when he was alone.

So in Germany, he paid a driver to drive for him through much of Germany, he liked the scenery very much on the trip and even as he passed through the cities he liked to have a freer trip.

Of course, now he was traveling with his mother, so he could enjoy much more of the travels of the cities in this life, yet he wanted to do the same trip he did the last time with his mother driving this time.

He started the journey through Berlin and then continued his trip to Cologne after there they went to Trier where they had some attractions that he took Eva to see.

After they went to Frankfurt, then to Heidelberg and ended their trip to Munich, Jake like the other time really enjoyed this trip where he was freer to go wherever he wanted and spend a few more days in the cities.

Jake did not ask but he thought Eva had also liked this different way of making a trip were much more relaxing, and so Jake stayed in Munich until after his fifteenth birthday.

Jake felt that these almost five years of his life on the second chance were wonderful, of all he was happiest was to have changed the life of his mother, who was previously living working stressed out at work and without friends with Jake even not talking much to her for having reached adolescence.

But Eva's life now was the complete opposite of it, actually Jake thought if she told her mother she could have lived otherwise she would not believe it herself.

His life has really changed a lot from his past life for now, but this year would be a difficult year where Jake would have to make maybe another decision that would change his life, whether or not he would change school this year.

Jake could not accept even his friend staying a third year without playing, as he knew he should do nothing about the school coach the only way for him was to change schools and cancel this contract.
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