120 Relationship Problems 3

"I know this, I wanted you to know first, if you would accept that, my father should also accept since you are alike, and also I can tell my father that you thought she was good, so he who trusts you will accept."

"Her parents have known for some time, I even talked to them before, they accepted the dating too well."

Jake did not mind being tested by his friend, he wanted all the people closest to him to be happy, Jake knew that Oliver would accept this relationship, Oliver would be very happy that his son was becoming a man.

After a while, Liza came back, and this time it was Joseph who went to the bathroom, maybe the restaurant's food had not fallen well for the couple, Jake who had a body improved by the system had an iron health and a digestive system functioning as a Swiss clock, so he was quiet.

But it looked like it was Liza now who wanted to talk to Jake by herself if Jake did not know that Joseph had actually gone to the bathroom he might think they had arranged this before.

"I know I was childish of going mad at you before, but you know what made me realize it at once?"

Jake did not care much, but as his friend wanted him to be friendlier to Liza he had to continue the conversation.

"What made you realize that?"

"The current situation of the basketball team, now I realized that you were right a few years ago when said that coach Philips did not care about the players and only with the victory."

"But now I realize that the situation is more serious than you said, he cares not for victory but for his authority."

So Jake realized that this story was really his interest, after all even if he was no longer on the basketball team his teammates were still.

"What happened?"

"After you left the team, your old colleagues never got on very well with coach Philips, it was a little bit about you and another reason was this restriction of height, many were dissatisfied that they did not even have the opportunity to play."

"Even though no one left the team like you after the gaming season started last year your old teammates could see that the players who were the starters had not been champions for anything and really played very well."

"When they realized that even without the height restriction they would not have a chance to get a place on the team they stopped playing all the blame on the Philips coach."

"So coach Philips really was a good and experienced coach and gave many councils and taught a few things that improved the techniques of his former teammates, how they could play in the training with the champion team they improved a lot."

"After the season ended our school was the national champion again, Carter and Mark reached the minimum height and entered the starting team, and so they continued training quietly, after the regional championship vacation apart from Carter and Mark the other three were players who would graduate this year."

"They were elite school students before and they were not hired so even after training for three years with coach Philips they were not stars, but they played more or less so they could easily win the regional championship."

"The state championship was a bit tougher with these weaker players, but in the middle of the state championship David reached the minimum height and could take on the responsibility to get the team to win the state championship, but after that things got worse."

"On this vacation, everyone was training normally but everyone including the coach knew that the team was not strong enough to win the national championship that way so everyone was reasonable in suggesting that Harrison who could not reach the minimum height this year played to have a chance."

"I also found it reasonable because the coach only created that high rule to make the team stronger, but now he was making the team weaker without Harrison."

"But the coach did not want to hear and said he would not go back on his word and break his own rules, he said that players should not try to override their authority and even said in the end that it was Harrison's fault for not growing up."

"After seeing this I remembered what you said and realized that you were right all the time, and if it were not for the coach's absurdities you would be on the team too, with you there I'm sure we would win."

Jake agreed with Liza too, the coach had some problems because he was so obsessed with authority, the important thing in Jake's opinion was victory, not at any cost, but choosing a rule he created himself than winning is ridiculous.

"If the coach let me play again as a PG and with the height I have I would go back without any problem, but I'm not the one to decide this, so I can not do anything about it."

Liza knew that Jake was right if it was another player would not accept back after the coach does, but Jake did not care about it, again Liza realized how had been childish before.

After Joseph came back from the bathroom, the three of them talked for a while, and then Jake got up to leave, but before he left Liza called him.

"Jake since both of us will be in Joseph's life now I hope we can be friends too."

"Of course, I think so too."

"Well, next week I'm going to have a little party at a club to celebrate my birthday and I wanted you to go too."

Jake was surprised by this and Joseph was happy, this shows that Liza is really being sincere and wanting to be friends with Jake, Jake who had nothing to do accepted and left.

"I'm very happy that you two are getting along now, I talked to Jake and next week after your birthday I'm going to tell Dad about us."

"That's great, I did not like having to date hidden from your family, but why did you decide now?"

"Because Jake knew and accepted you, now is the time."

"But what does Jake have to do with your father?"

"It has a lot to do, you know how I am, I like to do things only when I'm sure it will work out, and my father is very restricted to me so I feared he would not accept our relationship."

"But my father is very close to Jake and he totally trusts him, so if I say that Jake agreed and approved you, he would certainly approve as well."

Liza knew that Joseph was doing it for both of them and so she was not upset over her boyfriend's overcare, but if she knew Jake was the key to everything, she would have forgotten it and apologized to him a year ago.

But she knew that Joseph did not say this so as not to pressure her, so she was happy to have a considerate boyfriend.

"But you know you did not have to invite Jake to your birthday, I know you invited a few people, just the ones closest to you to this party."

"No problem, I know he's cool, in addition, you said Jake is very close to his mother and also single is not he?"

"Yes, it's true, why?"

"I remember that my grandmother once told me that people who treat their mothers well tend to treat their girlfriends well, so I wanted to introduce them to a close friend of mine."

"And you think it will work?"

"I think she's going, my friend is very modern, her I say I think Jake is good for her and she likes him herself can ask to date his friend, my friend already had many boyfriends but nobody was worth it, so I think Jake would be the right type for her."

"But will your friend be the right person for Jake, as you said she's dated several men did not give me the impression that she's a good person."

"It's because you have a dirty mind when I said dating I mean going out a few times and giving a few kisses at the most and not what you're thinking."

Even so, Joseph did not think Liza's friend was supposed to be the right person, but because he did not want to argue he was quiet, after all, it was Jake himself who would have to decide when the time came.

Jake returned home not knowing he was being taken into a trap in a week, he spent some time talking to his mother and then went up to his room.

Jake was still thinking about what Liza said about the basketball team, it seemed like the team was no longer so sure of winning the coach's personality became a problem if even Liza realized this the whole team must be in trouble.

Mostly David who is the hottest team can end up fighting with the coach but Jake did not think he would have much chance to play this year anyway if the team did not win the blame it could end up being awarded to the coach who did not put the best staff that could.

Jake was worried about his former teammates, but he was also hopeful that this could cause some change in the team that makes him play for at least the next year.

So now everything was in the hands of the coach as always if he had a change of attitude the team could even win this year and if not, would be in the hands of the director.
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