122 Relationship Problems 5

"Jenny, I did not expect to see you again to tell you the truth."

"You're honest as always, I thought that after we talked for so long that day we'd become friends, I even thought you'd forgotten if you asked for my home phone number."

"To be honest I was still angry that day and I thought it was not a very nice company, besides, I thought you did not like what Liza did."

"Actually she had already told me about you before the party, and I said before that I would introduce you to the party, but she never said you did not know anything."

"Well I think it's best if we do not continue talking here on the way, what you think of talking more in the cafeteria near here, they have a very good cake."

"Sure, let's go."

Jake was being polite to Jenny because he was accustomed to treating people like that, but to Jenny who always dated with more ignorant men what Jake did made her more interested in him.

So Jake talked for some time with Jenny in the cafeteria, and then Jenny practically demanded that they pass the phone numbers on to each other.

As Liza had told Joseph, her friend was a bit more modern and liked to take action, and Jake, who came from a time where almost all women were like that, found Jenny's way normal.

Even though it was a bit different Jenny still wanted to wait for Jake to call her out first, but she was bound to be disappointed because Jake would have more agitated time soon.

Before the week ended, Clara called back to Jake to ask about Jake's situation with his school staff, and Jake said he thought he would not play this semester yet.

So Tiffany and Clara were thinking of finally making a normal advert after so many years, although being more expensive can bring better results for a brand to become popular.

She did not try to make a regular announcement before because Jake brought many new customers and free publicity to the company and also because they thought Jake was still too young to do that, after all, it's a bit strange to see a child representing some sports company anywhere.

But now Jake already looked like an adult and a lot of people still remembered him in the Miami area at least, so they both decided it was a good time to do that.

So they started to organize things, after thinking long Tiffany who was responsible for organizing things this time decided to work with a well-known advertising company instead of just taking the photos on a block.

This was a company that used to make magazines and television ads for big companies on the market, so they had a lot of experience and even worked with big music and movie stars.

They talked to Tiffany about what kind of trades they would have to do with Jake, it had to be something that would look good on both the TV and the pictures for the magazine, Tiffany who did not know asked Jake's opinion who would be who had to do the commercial.

Jake thought for a while and said he had an idea about a commercial that would show a lot to two brands of companies, but he did not know if the public would like it.

Once they heard the idea of ​​Jake, both Tiffany and the advertising company staff thought it would be a good idea, even if the audience did not find the commercial interesting, they would remember the brand.

Even though trading was a good idea for television, the pictures for the magazine had to be made in the studio, when Jake went there he thought he might get to meet some movie stars or some musician there.

They said there really was a singer who just started to get famous and could be a big star in the future, Jake got curious and went to see who the singer was, if it were to be famous in the future he would know.

But the woman he saw taking the pictures was not someone famous in the future and seemed to be the same age as him now, as it was already there and his photos would be delayed. Jake sat down to see the photos being taken.

He had to say that even if the woman was not going to become famous as a singer she was very pretty, had short black hair and beautiful green eyes, she had a very beautiful body too.

The singer also saw Jake sitting looking at her from a distance and found it a bit odd why no one asked him to leave, she thought he should be there to take pictures too, but she did not care because she saw that Jake was looking at her usually and not in a disrespectful way.

Jake realized that the singer was also looking at him and just looked directly into her eyes, he thought that if you looked away you would seem more guilty.

After the photos were over Jake just got up and left, he did not want to bother the singer any further and also had to prepare to take the pictures of him.

The singer thought Jake was coming to greet her or to try to pull off a conversation and did not think he would just leave, so she went to get ready to leave.

After that Jake first went to take his pictures and then later in the afternoon he would go to a nearby gym to shoot the scenes for the television commercial.

The photos would be of Jake in a uniform with the marks of both companies and taking a bottle of sports drink from Tiffany's company, Tiffany's company was now selling both the bottles with the drinks and cans as well.

When the singer who was taking the photos before was thinking of leaving, she saw that Jake was taking the pictures, so she gave a smile and decided to sit to see the photos as revenge for before.

After the photos were all gone straight to the court to film the commercial when the singer heard that a commercial would be filmed she became curious and decided to go along to see how she was free for the rest of the day.

Arriving on the court still in uniform Jake started running around the court, he ran very fast it was to start sweating so the commercial looked more real.

Jake's idea that Tiffany and the company agreed that Jake looked like he was training very hard and during training he would drink two cans of Tiffany's sports drink, then he would put the two cans in the corner of the block one away from the other on top of a pair of sneakers with Clara's company brand underneath each can.

So he would appear sitting on a bench and from afar trying to knead the cans, after he could knead the cans he would say 'workout of the day finished' so it would make him look like he drank the sports drink from that company every day and had to knead the cans to be able to finish.

It would not be so interesting, but it would show a lot to the brands of the companies.

The singer was in the corner following the whole recording, as Jake knew what had to do well since the idea was his recording was fast, they would have to see if it would look good after the final edition.

After exchanging Jake saw that the singer was still there and decided to greet her this time, the singer realized that Jake was coming and thought to leave, but realized that it was too late.

"Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Jake."

"My name is Kate, nice to meet you too."

"I really liked your photos before Kate, I wanted to learn a bit so I did not do it wrong after my turn."

"It was my first time too so you were lucky not to learn anything wrong."

"I heard you were a singer, what style do you sing?"

"I sing pop music, I started only a few years, I hope to be successful in the future."
"I'm going to cheer for you, I hope you succeed, but this is a very competitive market, is not it?"

"It's true, but this is my dream so I can not give up just because it's difficult, and you're a basketball player or an actor?"

"I play basketball, but not as a professional, maybe in the future."

"I'll cheer for you too, I think you have talent, it must be difficult to hit so many shots from the outside followed to be wrong."

"I expect too."

"I have to leave now, it was good to meet you, maybe we'll see each other again in the future."

"I expect too."

So Kate left, Jake realized that she was feeling uncomfortable with the conversation and so he let her go without disturbing him, but he liked her a lot, it was a shame he knew she would not be very famous in the future, he decided to buy some CDs from her in the future.

What Jake did not know was that this little conversation they had changed Kate's future forever, but that he would only know more in the future.

Jake asked the people who did the commercial if they would need him for anything, and then went home too, coming home he saw that Eva was waiting for him.

"And son, how was the commercial recording?"

"It was okay mom."

"And when do you think I'll be able to see you on television?"

"That I do not know, they still have to buy a space with the channels to be able to start to pass the commercial, but the photos in the magazine you'll be able to see next month already."

"When you find out when the commercial is going to go on television you let me know."

Jake smiled after seeing how his mother was excited to see the commercial that Jake appeared on television.
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