124 Change in Situation 2

As soon as Eric was gone the angry president threw a glass vase that was on his desk on the wall, he was very annoyed by the incompetence of the people who worked for him, he had to stay almost three years busy and traveling everywhere to convince partners and major shareholders that the situation at school was improving.

After all, many of these shareholders were unsure after the scandal a few years ago, but now because of the mistake of someone else everything he did was downwind, he was lucky that after he visited these partners and shareholders he got a big investment for the school.

So, for now, these people will not think about giving up their investments and selling their shares, so the president called his secretary and asked her to have someone do an investigation on the subject, and he wanted a result the same day.

After a few hours the secretary entered the president's office and did not even have the guts to look into the president's eyes, she handed them all out and left the room as if she were running away.

The president needed less than half an hour to read all the information in the document, the secretariat was even efficient and even showed a complete result about everything that happened in the team's training in the last three years, so the president knew that what Eric said it was true.

He even saw that the coach put Jake who was one of his favorite players out of the team for a stupid reason, he agreed that size was important to winning games, but that was only if the taller players were more skilled than the minors, after all, have to have good skills to play basketball.

So the president was sure that tomorrow he would meet what he said and send the coach away and an employee of the school that hired him, then he sent the information to Eric to put in his story.

After Eric received the call from the president he was glad that everything went well, so he decided to call Jake to give the good news.

"Hi Jake, I have good news for you."

"I hope it's good for you to call me at this time of night."

"When you told me the name of your coach I remembered a rumor I heard from a coach who had beaten one of his players."

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"After I went to do an investigation and this coach who assaulted a student is the same that is in his school, so I talked to the president of his school and he assured me that tomorrow his coach will be fired, that is to say that in the year next you can go back to the basketball team."

Jake was very happy with this, finally, he could return to play after 2 years, sorry that the team had already been eliminated this year but next year he was sure they would be better and more mature to be able to win another championship national.

"Thank you so much for Eric, now I forgive you for staying 2 years without giving news."

"Hahaha, now you forgive me is, well next year I want some exclusive MVP interviews okay."

"You can let me assure you, thank you very much, you helped me with a subject that was bothering me for many years."

"I enjoyed listening to this, but it's true that if I was following the games I would have found out about this coach before, I'm ashamed of my co-workers who do not know how to do their job properly."

After this Jake ran to tell the good news to his mother, Eva was very happy to hear that her son could play again next year, so it seems that Jake was rewarded for waiting in school for 2 years without playing, after all, he would still be in the same school as his friend and would not have missed much.

After Jake told the news to Oliver, Joseph, and Anna that they were the people most concerned about him in this situation, then Jake had to call Liza although he did not want to, but as she always told the news of the team for him, Jake thought he had the obligation to tell it to her.

"Hi Liza, it's me, Jake."

"Jake, what a surprise you call me, I thought you had lost my number, but this is not a good time to call."

"I know, I would not have called if it was not for important news, the coach of our team will be fired tomorrow, so everything will probably focus well on the team next year, warn the players not to go training tomorrow."

"There will be no more games this year, tell them to wait until the coach leaves school to go back to training, and you do not go there either."

"That's really great news, Jake, so you can all play normally next semester, I'm happy, but how do you know that? Can you tell me the details?"

"It'll be in the paper in the next few days, so good night."

Jake did not want to get too involved in the call because he still had to call Clara and Tiffany, but after some thought, he thought it would be best to call tomorrow morning.

So Jake went to sleep well and relaxed after hearing this news.

The other day Jake called Tiffany and Clara to tell them about the good news the two said that after Jake called they could see the news in the paper as well, it seems that Eric had already done his job.

Jake decided not to go to school today, he would probably be a mess at school today, he told Joseph not to go too, and Joseph told Liza.

Who did not have a good day today was the Philips coach, he first knew about the newspaper that he would be fired, as soon as he saw the news he knew it was over, he hoped the school would find out about him, but then he thought they would fire him in private.

So he could look for another place to work, but with this news, he had no choice, as he knew this could happen he had already saved good money this year, now he was thinking of going out of the country to train a basketball team somewhere else.

Along with him, his wife was also sent away because it was she who recommended the husband even knowing he had this problem, of course, the coach would never know that if he had not gotten involved with Jake he would probably have this job for many years still.

As Jake hoped the school was a mess the other day, some parents came to complain and also had reporters at school, so some classes were canceled in the afternoon, luckily the president had been quick and settled it in just one day.

After everything was settled before the day was over the president decided to call Jake so he could talk to him privately, seeing the reports of the trainer he realized that Jake had been harmed even more had not left school, so he decided to call Jake to talk.

Jake did not know what it was, but it was the same way the president was the one in charge at school, so it was the president who paid his salary for those two years.

"Jake, it's been a while since I've met you in person."

"It's my pleasure to meet you, Mr. President."

"Well Jake, I called you here first to apologize on behalf of the school, I know that coach Philips has hurt you and some of your teammates a lot, and I would also like to thank you for not leaving this school."

Jake found it a bit strange why a president at such a great school would apologize to him that he was just a student, and Jake was paid and had many benefits for coming to this school.

"You must be wondering why I myself being the president of a school apologize to a student right?"

"I'll tell you why I was there watching the game that you were a state championship champion in Middle School sophomore year and you know what I realized in that game? I realized that you could become an NBA player in the future."

"I did not know if you could be a star, but a professional player for sure you would be, so I did not hesitate to pay you to play in Middle School, to show my sincerity I do not even include high school in the contract."

"That was because I thought as you loved basketball you would play naturally and try to win without needing a contract, of course, I would never imagine there would be a coach crazy enough to get you off the team."

"I know now you no longer need sponsorship from the school, and you can also go to a university without help, but you still chose to stay in that school and wait and that's why I think I need to thank you."

"For me, it's very important to have a player who will be from the NBA having played so many years in my school and you are that player."

So Jake understood that the president was betting on his future, and Jake thought it nice to be recognized, so he did not regret having stayed in that school.

"Well now I wanted to know if you have any requests to make, or any suggestions, I will do my best to do what you need."

So Jake started to wonder if he had anything he wanted to ask the president for, it could not be too absurd, or the president certainly would not, so after thinking for a while Jake had a pretty good idea.
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