126 Change in Situation 4

In fact Jake had already thought that when he was younger to play 1 against 1 it was easier than 3 against 3, but now it seemed that it was different when he was getting older, this is because the opponents scored better and even if you had more skill was not so easy to make the points.

But in the 3 against 3, you could use the help of your teammates to disengage from your opponents to make the points, as Jake had to whom to pass the ball the opponent could not score much over and Jake had space to do the dribble or the shot from outside.

Jake passed to David and when his defender distracted he ran into the inside area, David saw this and passed the ball back, Jake received and ran alone to make the 2 points with a dunk.

After Jake's dunk the crowd started to cheer more, Mark who was the top of the team got excited too and after Jake passed the ball he ran and did the dunk too.

Jake looked at David as if asking if he wanted to try as well, but David shook his head, it seemed David did not want to try too, after a few more plays Jake's team won and went to the final.

After the game was over he asked David why he did not want to try it either.

"It's not everyone who knows how to do everything just like you, I can not get the time to do the dunk and mistake often."

"Do not worry about it, it's just you train for longer and you'll be able to make the dunk better and better."

"I hope you're right, but it's not like I play less for not being able to do the dunk, so I do not care that much either."

Jake realized that David just said it because he was being proud, but he could not do anything to help his friend, many things in basketball have no way to be trained and the player has to be born with this talent.

The teams had a chance to take a break before the final game, many were tired of playing all day, but Jake's team was relaxed because, in addition to being more accustomed to longer games, their tournament matches ended faster than others.

After half an hour the game of the final would finally begin this time the ball started in the possession of the opponents of Jake's team, their point guard passed the ball to the player who was being defended by David, David had been much better in defense after two years of training.

So this player had difficulty passing through David, Jake approached him discreetly and when he saw a chance he stole the ball behind the player who was focused on David.

So Jake returned to arm the attack, he passed the ball to Mark who was freer than David, Mark went to make the points but his opponents came in two to stop him, so Mark passed the ball to David who had been alone, David made the mid-range shot and scored 2 points for his team.

After playing for a while without Jake the players got used to not being so dependent on a PG and passing the ball to the other players as well, Jake thought this was a good thing because it made the team more dynamic.

In another attack, Jake made a step back and made the shot from outside to make 3 more points for his team, in another move Jake passed to Mark and received back to do the dunk, and in another, he passed to Mark to do the dunk and plus 2 points for staff.

They played a lot of games together so the moves were easier, David was better scored so he did not receive many passes from Jake, within minutes they made the 21 points more easily and won the game.

Even though they won this championship they were not so happy after all these games were defeated very easily, but still had some fun and see how they were to the skills of their teammates.

They received the trophy and took some pictures, but this tournament was not very big and would not be published in the newspaper and did not even appear on television, which is why Clara said she did not need Jake to wear the uniform with the sponsorship.

The three of them were happy to have won after having stayed so long without playing together, it was a good memory these photos and this trophy.

Jake came home after that and told Eva that he had won the tournament and she was happy as always for her son, so Jake smiled too, Eva did not care if the tournament had been difficult or easy she liked to see Jake winning.

Jake rested after a long day with a smile on his face.

After playing this tournament Jake thought about retaking his vacation when he decided to take a walk in the mall to get distracted a bit, after walking for a while and buy a box of chocolate for his mother he stopped at a snack bar before going to House.

After picking up his lunch he searched for a place to sit and saw only one table at the back of the diner, but when he got there he saw that there was someone he knew sitting near that table and decided to greet.

"Hi Jenny, how long have not we seen each other."

"Jake, I did not think I'd see you around here, we just stayed a long time without seeing you because you did not call me as you promised."

"I'm sorry for that, many things happened in that time and I forgot when I remembered I thought I was already very late and decided not to call."

"You should, you could call and apologize."

"I've never been good at thinking about what people feel, so I do not have many friends."

"Well this is over and I do not like being too stuck in the past."

"You're right, so I'll sit here on the side, we'll talk again."

"You can sit with me since we met, it would be weirder for you to eat at a side table while pretending not to meet."

"You're right, so I'll sit here."

Jake sat down and just started eating normally, Jenny stared at him expecting him to start talking about something, but Jake just ate normally and quiet as if he were alone.

"Are you really going to just be eating there and not talking to me?"

So Jake stopped eating and looked at Jenny. "Honestly I think this situation is a bit strange, so since I'm not sure what to say I decided to just be quiet."

So Jenny realized that Jake was being honest and instead of getting angry started laughing, Jake looked at her as if he thought she was strange and Jenny finally stopped laughing.

"I was just thinking that you're really different from the other men I've met, it's different to meet someone who is as sincere as you."

"I think everyone has their own way that makes it seem like everyone is unique, it just happens that it's hard for people to show their true personalities out of fear of being rejected."

"I agree, I also pretend to be somebody else because I'm afraid people do not like who I really am."

"So I hope someday I can see how you really are."

After meeting several times, Jake and Jenny finally began to try to get to know each other better, not just out of obligation because they were introduced by Liza, and so a different relationship began to happen.

Jake was now at peace, he felt that again he did not have many problems to worry about and so can open the normal conversation with Jenny.

So on vacation, Jake left home more often, sometimes he would go out with Jenny and sometimes he would go out with Eva, Joseph was going out with Liza longer, so Jake did not want to bother his friend.

When the vacation was over Jake had done a lot of things and was completely rested and excited to get back to training at school, after another day of school Jake returned to school after so much time.

He met with his old teammates and talked to them a while before the coach arrived, Harrison was excited by the change in the situation, but felt that those two years were for nothing, because he was training and still can not play as well Jake.

The funny thing about this situation was that now that coach Philips had left the team, all 5 had reached the minimum height that was the rule that was made, this means that this year he could count on the team with full force if not fight with Jake.

Liza arrived too and greeted all the players, it seemed that after these two years she was dearer to all players, she sent some strange looks to Jake, Jenny must have told her that they had met a few times on vacation.

But Jake did not intend to thank Liza for that since she did not do it for him, Jake wanted to avoid as much as possible to be close to Liza, he sincerely hoped that when she got older she would improve that way, but he did not have much hope of it.

After a while the new trainer who was a former acquaintance of Jake and his teammates stepped onto the court, coach Mike did not need to perform because everyone on that team knew him.

Jake was excited, his life playing basketball in high school had finally begun.
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