129 A New Beginning 3

A few days after the game Jake had already gone to school and talked a lot with his friend Joseph and also sometimes went out with his new girlfriend, sometimes Jake only stayed in homes with his mother, could say that he was having a few peaceful days again.

Jake can also train a lot in school, coach Mike decided to pass some new plays that had not passed in the Middle School period for the team, Jake as always picked up all the moves easily, after training a lot with his team Jake was not about to do anymore the signs during the game.

The team trained everything they needed during the week and in the game, it was easier to perform, Jake was also afraid that his opponents could get used to their signals and the plays would turn out to be more wrong than right.

The days went by and the day of the fourth regional championship game arrived, even though it was the semifinal Jake's team players were relaxed, they were just on the court waiting for the opposing team to enter.

The opponents also did not seem to be afraid, as they had reached the regional championship semifinal they had confidence in their abilities, yet they were concentrated because they knew that the opponents were the champions for 3 years in a row.

The game started with the ball in possession of the Elite team, Jake received the ball and started the attack calmly, Jake reached the line of three points and the team was all positioned in the attack, Jake passed the ball to Harrison who disengaged from the opponent.

Harrison got a space and threatened to give the shot, the opponent got in the way and Harrison could dribble more easily, then Harrison made the mid-range shot to make the first 2 points for the Elite team.

Everyone returned to the defense and waited for the attack, Jake was the one who was ahead to defend first off the line of three points, that prevented the little actions of the PG of the opposing team.

In high school almost all teams had a player who was skillful in shots from outside, so now the Elite team could no longer give so much space on the defense.

The opposing team can still tie the game in this move, so Jake was to start a new attack, reaching the three-point line Jake passed to David who was with space, David received the pass and shot the outside to score another 3 points.

So the game continued in this way, the Elite team erred far less than the opponents in the games and so could be able to increase the advantage in the score in all periods of the game, Jake and David could also make the shot from outside with confidence because Mark and Carter took the rebound.

Jake had every confidence that never again would happen what happened in the final of the National Middle School Championship with his team again.

And so Jake always tried the steal when he had the opportunity and sometimes he could do 10 steals before making 10 assists for his teammates, by the end of that fourth game they had easily won by 30 points on the scoreboard.

Eric who followed all the games finally realized that Jake was trying to make a Triple Double in every game, so he smiled and knew he could have an interesting story at the end of the national championship.

In fact, Mark was also featured by doing a Double Double in every game taking the rebounds, it was normal when he thought his position was still an incredible result.

Jake could also fight for the rebound, but found it unnecessary to dispute with a teammate, after that game ended the final would be in a few weeks, Jake said goodbye to everyone and went home to tell the good news to his mother.

So Jake was prepared to play in the final of the regional championship that would be in a few weeks, although this was not a difficult game, it was important for Jake to win a championship after all this time, and Eva as always would be there.

During the training Jake already treated Liza normally, although Jake did not want to be friends with Liza he did not see problems in treating her well, after all, she helped the basketball team and was a friend of both his girlfriend and his friend, it was impossible that Jake ignored her.

As Jake had always been very sincere he also told Joseph and Jenny about why he did not like Liza very much, and he even told him about what his co-worker did with him in his past life, but he said it happened to someone else.

After that Jake even told Joseph and Jenny that they did not take what Liza seriously did, they realized how bad it might be in the future and so they tried to talk to Liza, after all, Liza was still young and could change her personality in time before becoming an adult.

After that Jake even realized that Liza had improved a lot and it weighed that if she continued like this he could become her friend in the future, Jake also during the week took Jenny to a restaurant to go out with her during the week.

Jake felt that in those weeks after they started dating their relationship was getting better, and he was also getting to know her much better, and Jenny was also learning more about Jake.

But one thing Jake did not like was that even though Jake talked a lot about his mother and even told about his father that he had died, Jenny did not say anything about his family in their conversations, Jake wanted to know more about it, but for now, he decided to make room for Jenny.

Before that game Jake also ended up talking to Tiffany, Jake had asked how the companies were going and Tiffany said that everything was going well and then called Jake to have lunch.

Since Jake did not really talk to Tiffany despite being sponsored by her company, he also accepted it, after all, it was important for him to talk to her as well as talk to Clara more often.

Arriving at the restaurant Jake saw that Tiffany was wearing a very nice feminine suit, now that Jake had grown up that year his clothes were just a little larger than his size when he saw that Joseph and Eve who rebuked him were surprised by Jake's prediction.

"Hi, Jake, how long have not we talked to each other in person and that alone?"

"It's true, I know you're very busy, after all, you besides having your own company are still shareholders of Clara's company."

"It's true, I was very lucky, although at first, I trusted Clara's talents and I even invested in the company because I wanted to help her raise capital and she could keep control of the company."

"But I did not imagine that my investment would bring me so much return, besides, it's thanks to Clara that I had the courage to start my own company after I received all this inheritance 10 years ago I honestly did not know what to do with so much money."

"I really admire you and Clara too, I know how hard it is for women to be so successful over the years with an economy that sometimes favors men so much, so I think it's inspiring."

"You are also inspiring Jake, at your age I still had to suffer to study, but you already have a career ahead of you in basketball playing so well, still get good grades and spoke some languages, I wanted to have a child like you in the future."

"I also have a lot of flaws, but I try to do my best, I also appreciate the confidence that you and Clara put into me at the time I was out of the basketball team."

"We believe in your future too, as now you are going to another final and next year you will also win the national championship in high school, with what many can not do in a lifetime is worth waiting for."

"I hope you're right."

"Actually I called you here because I'm very worried about something Jake, Clara, and her husband are practically making a civil war at their house."

"What happened?"

"Clara found out that Robert was cheating on her all this time, she already suspected it, but it seems that the situation is even worse than she imagined, Robert is not only cheating on passing women, he got a woman he says he loves. "

"And why does not she end up with Robert right away?"

"Because Robert's father is still sick, and the truth is, I've heard that Robert has never touched Clara since they were married, so even if Clara gets angry, she's not been so harmed, and even Robert only expects father his death to separate from Clara."

"The situation seems to be complicated then, but Robert could at least expect them to separate before finding a new woman."

"I also think, but it looks like the woman did not want to wait and said she would find another man so he did what he did."

So Jake felt that this situation could get worse in the future, but even if he could talk to Tiffany about it it would seem that Clara would have to suffer until Robert's father died, only after that could a solution be found.

Another thing Jake thought was what would happen to Clara's company after she broke up with her husband, after all, Robert had 10 percent of the company, and only normally should it be obvious for him to continue with these actions as the company. Clara was succeeding. Jake felt something different might happen.

Even though this was something that would only be resolved in the future, so Jake went home because he had to prepare to play the final that would happen in a few days.
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