130 A New Beginning 4

As the days went by and the day of the regional championship final arrived, Jake woke up well and Eve had already cooked breakfast, Jake wondered if Jenny would make breakfast in the future in the future.

Jake just erased that thought, he thought maybe no one in his life would treat him as well as his mother treated him, and if he could, Jake intended to take Eva to live with him after he got married.

After all, Jake did not think Eva was going to marry again, and he would never let her live alone, besides, he thought either Jenny or another woman could not possibly have Eva as his mother-in-law, so Jake started to think that.

Thinking of living alone he remembered Anna who lived alone now, after building a large family like Anna did, in an accident everything fell apart, Jake remembered a bit of his story when he remembered the story of Anna, so Jake thought of visit her the other day, so he could celebrate after he won today.

So Jake went to the place of the game with his mother, this time they went by car, Jake could not wait to get his driver's license for another year to be able to drive as well.

When they arrived at the place Jake's teammates and opponents had not yet arrived, only a few had arrived, Jake got ready in the corner while Eve went to the bleachers.

Liza had also come to see the game and was preparing some towels and water bottles to deliver in the game, Jake looked at the best stands and was a bit sad not to see Jenny anywhere.

If Jenny did not want to see his games, Jake would not ask for it either, but he was a bit sad about it, Joseph was not coming to the games even though he was a friend, but Jake thought it would be nice to see Jenny from time to time.

So the time passed and everyone finally arrived and the game was about to start, the opponent was the team of the Spiders, they had as highlight the PG and the Center of the team, the PG was called Joe and the Center was called Juan.

Jake wanted to try to triple-double once again, but this was an important game so he would focus more on the victory than on his personal performance, the game began Mark got the ball to the Elite team.

Jake received the ball and started a fast attack for his team, Jake saw that the Spiders defense left Harrison cleared and passed the ball to him, so Harrison received the ball and ran to make the first two points of the final with a layup.

The opponents also tried to respond quickly as Joe advanced to the Elite team's defense court, Jake followed closely at close range, Joe saw that the SF team managed to infiltrate the Elite team defense and passed it to him.

But Jake also realized this and so he stepped up to intercept the pass and steal the ball, after his agility went up a lot Jake realized that it was true that he had increased his reaction rate a lot, so after training a few dozen times in his Imagine training Jake was good at getting ahead and intercepting passes.

So the fast attack of the team Spiders failed and Jake advanced quickly to the attack, Joe tried to follow and realized that Jake was much faster than him, so in a few seconds Jake made the dunk and 2 more points for his team.

The crowd was excited by this fast-paced start and the Elite team already had a 4-point advantage in less than 30 seconds of play, after Joe was more careful with his passes, but even so Elite team defense was very difficult and the times they had to make a quick pass or a shot anyway because the ball possession time was over.

The Spiders' defense tried to do the same, but the elite team had a lot of skillful players, as the games got harder Jake and David shot the ball out and hit most of the time with 3 points, but even when they were missing Mark was there to catch the offensive rebound.

Jake could also always count on Mark and Carter to attack internally, so at the end of the first period the Elite team won by 8 points of difference, Jake had already managed to steal 3 balls, but still, he was not satisfied.

In the second period of play, it looked like another shot competition from outside the two teams, but the Elite team was more than double what the opponent, and with both defensive and offensive rebounds that Mark and Carter took the Elite team won this competition.

At the end of the third period of the game the Elite team won by 30 points of difference and Jake finally managed to make the 10 steals in the game, so he managed to make a Triple Double in all regional championship games.

Mark also had an incredible performance and got a defensive triple-double making more than 10 points, taking 10 rebounds and making 10 blocks in the game, with that performance was impossible for the Elite team to lose.

Even Juan being one of the top Spiders players was completely nullified in this game by Mark, and Joe was having problems with Jake too, Jake did not make such a tight defense like that, but he got 6 of the steals in Joe.

But even though they knew they had lost that final, the Spiders continued to work hard in the fourth quarter of the final, so the elite team won by 34 points and still greeted the Spiders for their bravery in that game.

The whole team celebrated this championship trophy moreover and Jake was also thrilled to win for the first time after two years without playing, Eva was crying with happiness also to see her son win again.

Eric took many pictures of all this, he was also happy to have helped, so the Elite team won and Jake who had returned to be the captain raised the champion trophy again.

Then Jake received the regional championship MVP award and everyone thought it was more deserved, so everyone was happy to have started this season with a good result.

Then no one interviewed this time because it was the regional championship and the fourth time the Elite team won, so no one cared much about an expected victory.

So Jake and Eva went home, Jake may feel that he had recovered something he had lost after that victory, so soon it would be the state championship.

Just as she had thought before the other day Jake and Eva went to Anna's house, Anna was very happy to see them when it was neither class day, Jake came into the room and Anna came back with an apple pie she had made and served both.

"I knew we should have come today mother if we would not miss that delicious cake."

"I thought you had come to visit and not to eat."

"I can do both, I'm sure Anna agrees."

"He's right Eva, I actually woke up early today thinking about making this pie, I have not done that in years, I'm glad you came while the pie is fresh."

"Jake wanted to see up here to celebrate a little because his team won the regional championship yesterday, as this is the first trophy he has won in over two years he was very happy."

"Congratulations Jake, if I had known I would have gone to watch as well."

"Alright, you can watch when it's the national championship final, so I get more excited."

After talking for a while Eve went to the bathroom and Anna took the opportunity to talk to Jake alone.

"I heard you got a girlfriend, eh, Jake, congratulations."

"That's right, we're getting to know each other better now and I'm really enjoying it, but she does not tell me much about her family, I wanted to know about it too, but she seems to be avoiding it."

"I'm sure she has her motives, sometimes it's hard to talk about the family so give her some time."

"I think so too, but for me, if she does not talk about family to me it will be a wall that keeps our relationship from getting more serious, I do not expect her to introduce me to her parents, but that's the least."

"I understand, you're really different Jake, but I think you're right, besides, you're still young so you have plenty of time to talk about serious things."

"But changing the subject, I think I have something you're going to like to know, Jake."

"Which is?"

"I finally figured out what your mother's dream is, I also did not imagine it would be that after all you told me, but it seems like it is."

So Jake was really happy to hear this, he was even doubting whether or not Eva actually had a dream as he thought, but after more than two years she finally opened it and told Anna.

"So what is my mother's dream?"

"Eva's dream is to have a restaurant of hers."


"That's right you heard, Eva's dream is to have a restaurant like you told me she's endured for many years being a waitress I never thought it could be this, but it seems that's it."

So Jake was really shocked, he thought he knew his mother very well, but the last thing he hoped turned out to be the truth.
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