131 A New Beginning 5

"You do not have to be so shocked, Jake, it's normal that you did not wait for this, but that was not because she'd worked in a restaurant for many years, but it sounds like something she heard from her parents when she was little."

"You know how good she is at keeping secrets, so she should never have told you anything, actually she did not tell me directly either, but she ended up letting it slip away."

"How was it?"

"Well I was telling her about some good memories that I remembered from the time I had a restaurant, so after talking about it for a long time I started to get excited and Eva was moved too and ended up talking, but she did not must have not even realized that he let slip."

"But as I tried to find out about it there was so much overrun I could not let that slip, I knew I was a lot like her mother when we met, we even liked the same things."

"Thank you so much for telling me about it, Anna, I really needed to know about it."

After Eva returned to the room the two disguised they were talking about her and returned to talk normally, but Jake was thinking a lot about how he would fulfill Eva's dream.

The biggest problem now was the money, Jake had raised almost $ 400,000 again after making that investment more than two years ago, but he wanted to re-invest that money in equity next year, he knew that money could make it 20 times over in 5 years investing, but Jake would not let Eva wait another 5 years to have his restaurant.

So he knew he did not have much to decide, between getting richer and fulfilling his mother's dream he would always choose to fulfill Eva's dream, surely many would call Jake crazy, but the greatest regret he had in his last life it was not that he did not get richer but rather let Eva suffer.

Now that Jake had decided after having his bleeding heart he would have to be sure to prepare things well so that his mother's restaurant would not close after a few years, he would have to choose the right place and also what kind of restaurant it would be.

Jake did not have to train normally after having the system with him, so he could take advantage of this time before the next championship to prepare the restaurant for Eva, the important thing was that to open a business from scratch took many months at least, so he had to start to organize this now.

So in the next few days Jake spent preparing the start of a restaurant project for Eva, he just needed to prepare the base because he would never be ready before he knew what kind of business Eva wanted to do.

It had to be decided whether it would be a high-class restaurant, a popular restaurant or even a restaurant that prepares foods from just one country, all this was very important to know before opening the restaurant, but to get a property to have the restaurant be renovated and other things could be prepared sooner.

So Jake did a good job searching for everything it would take to open this restaurant, after preparing all the basics he called Emily, it had been a long time since he had spoken to his assistant, but he needed her now.

Emily was glad to see Jake after all this time, she did various types of business work and people trusted her because she had an investment company that was Jake's.

Even after working with several people she still did not forget that she worked for Jake, and it was not just for the company or the salary, but because she saw how much the actions that Jake invested yielded in those two years.

She'd thought about investing herself, but she was too scared to lose everything, to someone as cautious as she could not work with the stock market, maybe if she could see Jake making a good profit this time she had the courage to trust Jake at the time of investing.

"Hi Emily how long, I see you look more mature and experienced after these years."

Emily was a little speechless, it was hard to hear this from someone who was only 15, but as it was true she did not say anything.

"It's good to see you again, too, Jake."

"I need you to do a very important job for me, look for some brokerage and real estate companies, and look for all the places in Miami that can open a restaurant and bring the data to me as soon as possible."

Emily knew this would be a long and difficult job, but as Jake only needed her once a year it was impossible for her to complain.

After passing on this job to Emily, Jake thought it was time to start talking to Matthew about the future, he told Oliver that he wanted to meet Matthew and that it was for him to come along.

Oliver accepted and arranged everything, after all, he knew Jake well and knew that he should be planning something important for today, in the evening Jake made that meeting in a restaurant to be more formal.

Matthew also liked Jake very much and even though he was a little busy he knew he could have some time at dinner time after they arrived they all sat down and dined together making jokes, only after dinner ended that Jake started talking.

"So Jake, as you decided to call me and my son to this restaurant I think the subject is a bit more serious than this our conversation I'm not sure."

"You're right Matthew, I called Oliver here because he knows a few things about what I'm going to talk about today, Matthew, do you have a company that has factories and several camera distributors right?"

"Yes, it is my pride that I raised this company by myself and is already worth more than 350 million nowadays."

"It's true, I think your company is an inspiration to me and Joseph who will be the heir of this company, what I want to say and Oliver here is to witness is that I studied for almost 5 years on my own and I was able to learn a little about business."

"True father, Jake has an investment firm and has made good returns so far after two years."

Oliver did not know what Jake intended with this, but he intended to help if it was just to speak the truth, Matthew was rather surprised by this, if Oliver said that the company had a good return it means that it was really good because his son was not of exaggeration.

And Oliver said that two years ago, that means Jake started this company 2 years ago at the age of 13, that's why I deserved his respect.

"And this company that I'm investing in is a technology company that has only been valuing itself so much in recent years because it is involved in this great new innovation that will be the Internet that will be used worldwide."

"You can see that in the coming years, all companies that engage with technology will be highly valued, of course, this will not be a healthy valuation and can cause problems."

"But companies that make real profits and also have well-established ones will go through these harder trials than ever before."

"Other things that are starting now, but will dominate the future of the market are computers and mobile phones, with the internet all will have one in 10 years."

Matthew and Oliver were very interested in these ideas of Jake, it was interesting to see someone at the age of 15 talking so properly about the future, but they did not understand what this had to do with them.

"It's for all this future that I ask you, Matthew if you're going to hire my company as a consultant for yours."

"Jake I did not understand, I think my company is not so involved with this innovation in technology and so I did not understand this joke about my company hiring yours."

"The fact that you have now said that your company has nothing to do with innovation in technology proves more than anything that you need to hire my company now."

Oliver, who was a bit lost in all of this, stopped to think for a while, he knew that Jake was very smart and also had business talent, so he knew Jake was not kidding about it all.

"Jake, neither I nor my dad is understanding what you're talking about, try to be clearer about where you want to go."

"He does not want to get anywhere, he's kidding is not Jake?"

"Dad, I do not think Jake is a person to call us here to play so let us listen."

"Oliver is right, I'm not joking, as I really liked Joseph and the two of you too, I would have done it as advice, but I do believe people do not believe much in the things that are for free and so I'm asking you to hire my company, so everything I say becomes official. "

So Matthew and Oliver realized that Jake was trying to emphasize how important this subject is, so they calmed down.

"Well, Jake, for me to hire your company, I need to know why the internet and this new technology is so important to my photographic company."

"Computers, cell phones, and the internet, these three things are very important to a possible future for your company, in fact, these things are fundamental to the future of fewer than 10 years for your company."

"If you accept this technology, in the next 6 years at least, your company can become one of the most valued in the country and after these 6 years if you create a good base will grow even more."

"But if you refuse this technology, your company of more than 350 million may have to be sold for half of that or open bankruptcy."
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