133 The Decision Defining the Future 2

Soon the two teams were on the court, the Elite team players were more relaxed and the opponents were treating this game as a final after all the Elite team had won the state championship for 3 years in a row.

Jake still wanted to try the Triple Double in this game, it was impossible for the Elite team to not underestimate their opponents as everyone knew their abilities, even Jake could not avoid doing so, so Jake thought that having a goal like this could make him play more Really.

The game began and Mark won the ball possession for the Elite team, Jake received the ball and began to organize the game calmly when he reached the three-point line he passed the ball to Carter who was freer.

Carter managed to do the layup and the first 2 points before the opponent arrived when the teams had a lot of skill difference the game was so if it had a small space the player would make the points.

Jake and his team-mates returned to defense and their opponents quickly reached the three-point line, Jake was ahead to defend a possible shot from outside, but the opposing PG decided to pass to the SG of his team.

David who was on the defense pressed to disrupt the SG, but the SG still managed a small space and made the mid-range shot to make 2 points, Jake picked up the ball and began to organize another attack.

Arriving at the court of attack he passed the ball to David, David was now much more mature than before and was not nervous with the ordinary moves and so made the shot from outside to make 3 more points for the Elite team.

So the opposing PG started the attack for his team and in the three-point line tried to make the shot from outside, but Jake also went up together and got the block, so Jake got the ball and ran alone to the attacking block and only stopped after to cross the entire block and do the dunk.

When Jake stole a ball and ran for the attack the teammates did not even try to keep up and stay on the defense because they knew Jake would score.

The mistake this time was of the opponent PG who underestimated Jake who was close in defense after Jake had his growth spurt that year, he had no more flaws in his game, neither attack nor defense.

Of course Jake was not perfect, that means he had mastered the basics if a player with better ability than Jake attacked he could not defend, but he was on the right track.

After that move the Elite team played calmly and managed to increase their lead, by the end of the first period Jake had achieved 4 steals and already made 6 points, the Elite team had an advantage of 8 points.

In the second period, the opposing team's PG seemed to be running away from Jake giving hasty passes to his teammates without a PG the opposing team could no longer attack well, and Jake was more likely to get the steals intercepting the rushed passes.

So at the end of the second period, the advantage was 20 points for the Elite team, Jake had already made 6 assists and more than 10 points with 7 steals, this gave even more confidence for the Elite team to win.

In the third period the opposing team seemed to have given up on the game and Jake could make his Triple Double, and tried harder to get the points out, and the game continued like this until the end, the Elite team won with 34 points difference.

Mark and Carter were only thinking about how this game was different from last year, they also won, but the game was much more disputed, that year the Elite team was much better and defended well too.

Proof of this was that even Harrison having improved greatly in defense he was still the weakest in the defense, in the training of the team the 1 to 1 were much more exciting than the training of the team.

Less when 1 on 1 was with Jake, then training was not fun, Jake had both the dribble and steal in the SS rank, so the game was unilateral.

After the game Jake went home to tell his mother about the victory, Jake was confident in winning this state championship also after today, after celebrating a little with his mother Jake went to his room.

There was one thing that had not gone out of his head since he spoke to the system a few months ago, that's what the system said about his being able to play other sports with his stats.

Before Jake had even thought about it, but he would not think of actually doing, first because his stats should not be currently stronger than the best of many sports, he was not currently stronger either than NBA players how much of the other sports.

Maybe as the system said five years ago when his stats reached 40 he could even do other sports, but at that time he would have to play basketball when he was 20 he would be in his third year of university yet.

And he would still have to learn some techniques to participate in these competitions, but after thinking for a few months on this he realized that he had some sports that he could perhaps attend and win now.

And it was something he always loved to do, that idea did not leave Jake's head and he wanted more and more to try it, it would be an incredible thing if he could participate in the Olympics in 2 years, Jake knew that to participate in he would only have to qualify and qualify for the position.

"And Fate, do you think I can really do that?"

[I really did not think you could think of it, after you stopped thinking that using the system was a form of cheating your mind really developed into the bad, but I think this is entirely possible, if it is with this sport you may be able to win even a gold medal in the Olympics.]

"I know I can win a gold medal, but I can do it, do not you think wrong?"

[I do not think it's wrong, it's a sport and if you have more ability to win than your opponents you should try to win, I've never seen an athlete who is much better than others and wins very easy to give up because he thought it would be very unfair with others.]

[But I would still recommend you to participate first in the longest competition and so after another 6 years you would try the shorter competitions.]

So with the system saying that everything was fine Jake was more determined to do this, what Jake was thinking was to be a professional runner, he always loved to run and before was just to relax.

But after hearing the system saying that he could participate in another sport Jake thought that if it was to run he wanted so the system that knew what he was thinking recommended that Jake only participated in the marathon for a while and then participated in athletics in general and to win more medals.

But Jake did not know if he could do that in 6 years because of basketball, but two years from now he could certainly, in order to compete in the competitions he just had to sign up.

And if he could win a marathon or get at least the required time in an accredited test he could attend the Olympics, of course, he would still have to research more to be sure, but it should not be that much different.

But with his current physical stats, it was impossible for Jake to normally win a marathon of more than 40 kilometers without much training or many points of resistance, which is why the system said that Jake was having the wrong thoughts.

To win the marathon Jake was thinking of using the Barra Stamina to compete, so after running for many miles he would eat a Stamina bar and recover the energy to run, so it would be in the view of the system to steal.

So Jake could certainly win a marathon, so the system recommended that Jake first participate in the marathon and then try out competitions with fewer distances as his stamina and agility stats increase further.

So Jake stumbles thinking about it as he prepares for the second state championship game, after all, even though he really could do it could not be done without any preparation first, Jake would also have to make sure he could participate even though he was 15 now.

After a few days the second game of the state championship happened, the Elite team won again with 36 points of advantage and Jake managed to make another triple Double in that game, in fact, that second opponent was of the same level of the first game.

Eric was very excited about this after he realized Jake's intent he started to hope that Jake could triple-double and not just the victory, so Jake came home to tell his mother everything.

Jake talked to Oliver during the week and it seems Matthew did some research and actually figured out what Jake said was going on, so he realized that if everything Jake said would happen this could be an incredible opportunity for the company.

So Matthew was already starting to look for some people to start developing the technology to be able to manufacture his first digital camera in a few years, and Matthew was already thinking about continuing to develop the technologies while paying attention to the market.

If Matthew noticed some rumor that Microsoft or the cell phone companies were behind the technology he wanted to be the first to get in touch with them.
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