138 The Decision Defining the Future 7

The fourth period of the game was very rambling, Sam and his team did not try a reaction and Jake and his companions who saw that the opponents had given up did not increase much the advantage on the scoreboard.

Even though Jake had to admit that this was the most difficult game they played, so he thought about how much stronger the opponent of the final would be, even so, Jake had gotten another Triple Double and would try again in the final.

Eric was also excited about this, he wanted to see how much Jake could Triple Double in all games, had already been 9 in a row which was incredible for a player of any age.

Eric was already thinking that the title of his story about Jake if they won in the national championship had to do with how many Triple Triples he could do, he already imagined the impact that that matter would have.

After the game ended Jake went home to tell his mother about the victory, he imagined she was anxious because this game was the semifinal.

Jake was thinking about the vacation after the final already, but that does not mean that he did not think this would be an important game, but that his vacation would also be important.

After a few days of the game, Jake had a date with Jenny again, Jake had been busy these last few weeks, but even so, he would always see Jenny for a few days a week, Jenny was a little upset about it.

But she liked how Jake respected her differently than the men she had dated before, as Liza had said Jenny was a rather modern woman, but she was a family girl after all.

Even more so, her family is very conservative, it was impossible for her to take a step forward with the men before marriage, at least she knew Jake would not be that way and would respect her.

First, they went to the mall because Jenny wanted to buy some clothes, Jake did not care much about it and just waited, he even picked some clothes and gave it to her as a gift.

Before Jenny thought about choosing some clothes for Jake too, but she realized that Jake had a good taste for choosing her own clothes, she got the wrong impression the first time they met because Jake was in rather wide clothes.

After they barely passed a few shops and ended the meeting in the restaurant, they talked about many things and Jake ended up as always touched on the subject of Jenny's family.

So Jenny realized that she could not keep changing the subject because she would have to talk about it someday when Jake realized that Jenny was finally talking about her family he prepared.

"You must have realized by now that I do not like to talk a lot about my family, but since it seems like it's important to know this to continue to trust me, I'll talk."

"My parents are normal, my mother received an inheritance from her family and besides receiving a part of the inheritance in money she decided to continue with the various houses and apartments she received."

"So my mother always receives a lot of real estate money for renting these houses, as over the years the value of the houses has increased a lot it seems she made a good investment."

"My father is the director of a food company, in addition to a director he has some shares of this company, so my parents are very well."

"The reason I did not want to tell you about my family is my brother since he was a kid he was always taught to take over the family business, my father wanted him to work with him in the company and my mother wanted to leave the real estate with him."

"But my brother ended up being a great disappointment to me and my whole family, even having everything he ended up getting involved with some wrong people and became a drug addict."

"So it's always been very difficult to talk about my family, I hope you do not get a bad impression on me for it."

Jake was listening to all this quietly and when he saw that Jenny had been thrilled to talk about his brother could just get his hands on the table to show his support, if this was so you could understand why she did not want to talk much about her family.

Jake liked Jenny and did not care much about her family at the time, he just wanted to know this to increase his confidence with her, after all, Jake thought that the more a couple knew about each other, the closer they became.

"I understand what you must be going through now, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you."

After lunch, Jenny calmed down and they said goodbye, it was like Jake thought after Jenny talked about his family the relationship between them became closer, now Jake thought he knew Jenny, and Jenny knew Jake accepted everything sore her.

After that happened Jake thought he was more relaxed to play in the final in a few weeks, now his life was heading back in the right direction.

At school, Jake was getting the best grades as ever and Joseph, after learning what Jake did for his family company, seemed to have found the motivation to study more again and his grades were improving.

Even though Jake still took his economics and Japanese language books to school, he had almost no time to read the books, most of his classes now taught about things he had not learned before or did not remember.

So Jake can see how different teaching was in the best private schools that prepared students for the universities of the normal public schools.

In fact, after he got to college he would probably have time to read many books in class, after all, he studied over 10 years on various economics and business management books, so he had many things that would be taught in the lessons he taught already knew.

Yet he had to do this to fulfill his mother's dream, and also because he knew from his past life that people often respected more of a diploma than true knowledge.

In the training of the basketball team, coach Mike was passing all the plays and tactics that they trained with everyone, so the first training before the final was in a frame, the plays that had players that did not understand were trained again.

In training Jake was training a lot with Mark as always to learn moves from Center, so Jake learned a lot of how to use his strength to gain advantage and to be able to make the points in a dispute.

When he saw this even Carter gave some important advice, David and Harrison were exhausted on the training floor were impressed with Jake who still wanted to learn more things even after being such a good player.

Coach Mike also thought Jake was a great team captain and set a good example for the other players, Liza thought so too, after Jake returned to training the training environment was dozens of times better than before when Jake was out of the team.

And the days passed quietly like that, missing a few days to the final game Tiffany called Jake for lunch. He was excited because what Tiffany wanted to say probably had to do with the marathon he asked her to see.

So he went to meet her at the restaurant after he arrived at the restaurant he was taken by the receptionist to Tiffany's table.

"Hi Jake, Congratulations on having reached the state championship final, I'll be on the final day to watch, but Clara, unfortunately, will not be able to."

"Has her marriage situation got worse?"

"That's not it, she had to go to Europe again to solve the affairs of our stores that are there, if it keeps on working, we're thinking of opening some more stores there."

"So I'm happy about this, I expect business will continue to improve there."

"Thanks, I got to see what you asked me, you can really compete professionally at age 16, so next year you can compete, our companies will always support you in everything you need."

"Thank you very much, when you have an official competition next year you can let me know that if it is not the same day as the basketball games I will attend."

"It will be good if you participate in this, as you said sports-related companies usually sponsor some athletes in these competitions, but our companies have no one in these competitions, you can represent us."

"Of course, you can count on me, I'll try to win to put the name of your companies on the podium with me."

Tiffany just laughed, she did not think Jake at the age of 16 could finish the test the more he won, but as Jake said that he loved running he had no problem with him at least participating in the competition.

"I wanted to talk about something else with you Jake after you win the next national high school championship my company and Clara's company are thinking of increasing the value of the sponsorship we give you every month."

"Our companies want to continue the contract with you until after university, so we thought to increase the value now and if you win the championship in college the value may increase again."

Jake hoped Tiffany would bring this subject of sponsorship at some point, but he hoped it would be after the national championship, of course, he did not know it was also because his television commercial was successful, Jake's value as a face of a company rose without him knowing.
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