142 Time of Changes 4

In fact, Matthew planned to start moving the company to Joseph in the next few years while his grandson was in college, but after talking to Jake he understood that by the time Joseph took over the company she would be bankrupt already.

So Matthew would have to change his plans and first resolve these technology transitions and change the company before Joseph took over the company, even Matthew could not understand much about the changes in the company now.

So it would be impossible for him to teach Joseph about it now, it would be better to do that in over 6 years in the future when Joseph had finished university, but Matthew thought that if Jake worked at the company with Joseph he could pass the company into the hands of the grandson now.

But Matthew knew this was impossible, not because Jake had his own company, but because he knew Jake wanted to be a basketball player first before being a businessman, so Jake could not stay in a company solving things every day.

Thinking about it Matthew thought about how lucky Emily was to be Jake's assistant, in a few years in the future with Jake had to focus on basketball who would solve all things in the company was her, and Jake would have to teach some things to her in that time.

Even though Matthew was learning some things with Jake, Emily could learn a lot more by being his assistant.

After that Jake did not return home and took the time to see what was needed so that he could get his driver's license, Jake wanted to learn how to drive as soon as he was when he was old, Jake always thought that if he had a license and a car in his past life he might not have suffered the accident.

The process was simple and Jake already had knowledge about the theoretical part and also about the practical part, and with the current agility of Jake he could even drive a formula 1 car, much less a normal car.

So Jake could be sure to have his driver's license before school started, he did not want to have to ride the car he gave his mother, so he would have to wait a few more months to buy a car.

After that Jake returned home, now he had nothing left to do but wait for the beginning of his classes, there was still a few months left for the national championship and Jake wanted to wait until after that to see which marathon race would run.

Jake thought that before the national championship Eva's restaurant would be almost ready, but he wanted to talk to her after the national championship near Eva's birthday, Jake was sure that Emily was supervising everything so she could rest easy.

After a few days Jake's classes started again, Jake went to school normally, he talked to Joseph at the break of classes and Joseph said that he had spent the holidays very well, sometimes at home studying and sometimes going out with Liza.

Jake tried and could not find Jenny after classes were over Jake wanted to tell her about dinner to meet her parents, but he would have to wait until another day.

And so they spent Jake's early days at school, he also started training with his teammates in preparation for the national championship, the players were reassured because they trusted Jake, but Coach Mike seemed nervous every day.

Even though he knew that the team was the favorite to win this year the team still did not dare to try to calm the coach promising to win the championship, every year new players would appear, it was not something that could be said before it happened.

Even after a few more days at school Jake still could not find Jenny after school, he even asked Liza who said she did not know anything, but Jake knew she was lying.

So Jake called Jenny's house to be able to talk to her, who answered the phone was an older woman who seemed to be Eve's age, so Jake asked for Jenny, so the woman said she would call her.

"Jake, I said I was not supposed to call my house without letting me know."

"I called because I could not find you at school, we have to book some day to talk better."

"Alright then, let's meet tomorrow at that cafeteria near the school."

By the way, Jenny answered who answered the phone must have been her mother, and Jenny should not have spoken to her mother as she had promised, so Jake was not too happy either.

The next day Jake was in the cafeteria waiting, after a long time he came to think that Jenny would not come, but she arrived after a few more minutes, Jake could not even complain as they did not score a certain time.

Jake was very clever after living for many years in his past life, so he was not the type that was blinded by a relationship, so he had realized that when it came to the Jenny family was very strange.

That day at Jenny's friend Liza's restaurant was awkward as well when Jake mentioned meeting Jenny's parents, so Jake realized she might have a much bigger problem than just Jenny's brother.

Besides, Jenny had not said anything to her mother about this vacation and was running away from Jake, he could tell that Liza was helping her friend too.

Even if he thought he was not sure how to do it, Jake was thinking of using one of his second job skills to talk to Jenny in that conversation.

It was the See-Through ability that allowed Jake to know if the person he was talking to was telling the truth or lying.

"Hi Jake when did time go, how was your vacation?"

"They went very well, Brazil is a very beautiful country, you should see someday."

"Maybe we could go someday, I'd love to."

"Me too, but let's talk about now, have you been avoiding me these days?"

After asking, Jake activated the ability.

"Of course not, I just quit a little later from school these days."

So Jake saw that she was lying with the color that appeared was red, when the person said the truth was green and if the person was not sure the yellow appeared.

That meant she was actually avoiding Jake on purpose these last few days, yet he could not tell her that she was lying because she would deny it, there was no way Jake could use his ability as proof for anything.

So Jake decided to ask all the things he wanted to know and then decide what he would do when he knew the truth.

"So fine, did you tell your mother about dinner so I'd meet your parents?"

"So, about that, I talked to my mom and she told me that she thought it best if we waited a few more months before we met with my father, it's better than our relationship gets a little longer first so they can rely more on you."

Jake saw that almost everything Jenny was lying about this time meant that she had not told any of this to her mother and her parents, and she doubted it would be a good idea to tell about it in the future.

"Does it have to do with your brother?"

"No, my brother has been in a clinic since last year, let's see if he recovers from the vice there."
So Jake saw that at least the story about her brother is true, Jake found it better to clear things up at once, it was so much better than hearing some lies.

"Look, Jenny, I really like you, but if you have one thing I do not like, it's all lies, whatever you told me today besides your brother's subject I feel is a lie, and even Liza is lying trying cover you, so if you do not tell me the truth about what's going on today we'd better get it over with."

Jake told the truth and what he was feeling if he suspected that Jenny was lying all the time it was difficult to continue this relationship, and if it were not for the skill given by the system he would get out of here deceived.

Jenny was surprised by what Jake said and the certainty that he had she was lying, she always knew Jake was different from the others but did not think he could not even lie to him this time.

So she was split, she knew Jake was serious now, but she thought if she told him the truth he would end it anyway, but now she had to try at least.

"Okay Jake, I'll tell you everything, the reason why I do not want to introduce you to my parents now is that I'm sure they would be against this relationship, so I thought if we were still together until after university may be possible for things to change. "

Jake was surprised that even though he thought Jenny was lying again about it the green color that was shown said it was true, the reason he was so surprised is how without even talking about it she was sure that her parents would not accept this relationship.

After all, Jake, despite being modest, sometimes thought he was really a good boyfriend, and not many people who knew him did not like him, maybe it could be because of his high charm or charisma, but he thought that if he knew the parents of Jenny they could really like him.

"You may not even believe in why I'm so sure of it, but I've already told you about my parents once, and they did not like you that one time."
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